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How Effective an Anti Spatter Spray Can Be

Weld spatter is always a problem among welders that’s why the anti spatter spray products are also becoming popular because of the convenience it offers in preventing spatter. Spatter are small molten metal particles that splash around your welding work while welding. Because certain things can create irregularities either on the plasma or with the wire or weld pool, the effect is like dropping a ping-pong ball on a small puddle of water and the momentum creates an impact that forces some of the water to splash out. Anti Spatter Spray

Weld spatter are generally produced by MIG welding and can be caused by  many factors. It could be due to low amperage or voltage setting, thermal or magnetic arc blow, wrong wire size, the wrong mixture of gas, lengthy wire, dirty metal surface, or due to draft that contaminates the weld pool. But in any way, spatter would always need to be cleaned up which could be bothersome for any welder. Removing a large amount of spatter manually can take a lot of time and the result would always appear to be a messed up cleaning job.  Anti Spatter Spray

If you ever have problems cleaning up spatters every after work using tools, then you better consider taking on a preventive measure which our best suggestion is using welding anti spatter spray products. If you have questions about how these products work, what chemicals are they made of, how do you use them, and how or which products to choose, then better read on because you will never weld without one near you after reading this. 

What is a Welding Anti

An anti spatter spray can act as a barrier against sparks and spatter not only during welding but also during cutting and grinding of metals. This barrier serves as a protective layer against molten metals by keeping it from adhering and damaging the metal it lands on. Some of these products can contain silicone and comes in water or petroleum-based including some solvents. Take note that any anti spatter product should be applied before the welding process and when the metal is cold. They also come in the form of gel or dip and you only need to dip the torch nozzle before welding to avoid spatter from sticking in.  Anti Spatter Spray

Application is easy using the spray. Shake the can thoroughly and spray a light coat on the work area to where the spatter you think might reach. You can also spray your welding project a little to prevent weld splatter from sticking to the hardened weld. Splatter are those that look like carbon deposits on top of the weld which look like scars and should be removed.  Anti Spatter Spray

After spraying the area, you can lay down your work and start to weld. When you’re done, let the metal cool off and wipe off the liquid that contains the slags and spatter deposits with a clean rag and you’re good to go for another spray and welding job. Remember not to spray your welding project too much with the chemicals because experts said the chemical components of the anti spatter spray for mig welding can also cause porosity on your weld. You must also spray the nozzle of your torch but avoid wetting it too much to prevent it from dripping liquid into your weld pool. After welding, wipe off the tip of the nozzle and spray again before use. Anti Spatter Spray

Components of Anti Spatter Spray

The latest form of anti spatter spray for mig welding is available in liquid and spray form. These products contain soy lecithin and n-propyl bromide (NPB). The soy component prevents the adhesion of the spatter while the NPB serves as the organic solvent in dissolving and emulsifying the soy component. The liquid form can be applied by brushing, sponging, swabbing and the spray is for spraying around the welding spot and also on the nozzle of the torch. This mixture is rendered safe, non-toxic and doesn’t contribute to the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer.Anti Spatter Spray

Lecithin comes from the fats of animals and plants’ tissues including egg yolk that contains a lot of natural fatty acids. But to derive lecithin easily, it is the soybeans that is now the main source for lecithin oil and is utilized in the formulation of protective products including products against weld spatter.  Unfortunately, lecithin based anti spatter products are not very much available in today’s market.  Anti Spatter Spray

On the other hand, what we can find today are those that are water-based and contain methylene chloride. Yet, according to studies, methylene chloride can be toxic to humans while it can also contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Nevertheless, we should advise you to wear protective masks when using anti spatter spray with methylene chloride and as much as possible use these on cold metals to avoid the formation of bead-like droplets that could render the liquid ineffective.

Some Disadvantages

When it comes to products that are made to improve your work, you may find that there are also some bits of disadvantages in using it. This includes the products for anti spatter spray for mig welding. So here are things you should know to avoid overusing them. 

Most of these products can be harmful to your health  and to the environment especially those that contain methylene chloride. So always wear a respirator to avoid inhaling the fumes. Also, avoid those that contain silicone because these might contaminate your work.

Some of them can leave greasy residues that may need another use of chemicals to completely clean the grease out from the surface of the welding table. If applied on metal that needs to be painted later on the grease can pose a problem.  

Some types can stain or darken metals like those with harsh chemical contents. 

Can cause porosity on the weld if applied too much especially on joints where the liquid can get trapped. So don’t ever try spraying joints with any of these products.Anti Spatter Spray

 Water-based anti spatter spray products when used in humid environments can induce rusting of metals.  

To help you find the right anti spatter spray products and avoid getting those that could bring some negative results on your work, we have reviewed a number of them and we’ve found two welding anti spatter spray items that are worth keeping in your garage together with your MIG. 

Best Welding

Forney 37030 Welders Anti Spatter, 16-Ounce

This welding anti spatter spray product comes in an easy-to-use spray can that is imported from China. It is silicone-free so no worries about contaminating your weld with chemicals and tested to prevent weld spatter from sticking into your weld area and also on your MIG nozzles and contact tips. Very affordable and very easy to use, this is one of the favorites among welders who are looking for cheaper products but with an effective result in their work.

The nice thing about the Forney 37030 is that unlike some products that leave out a greasy film on the surface, this product can be easily wiped off without the need to use detergents to completely clean it out from the metal surface. So if you want to paint the metal, this product offers this advantage. 

It also contains methylene chloride so you still have to use protective gear like a respirator or a face mask and make sure the can is far away from the face when using it. Also, use it in a well-ventilated area. Avoid spraying too much on your welding project or better not to spray it at all to avoid possible contamination.


Very easy to use. Shake the can for around 30 seconds and spray away 


Easy to clean by wiping it off with a clean cloth

Doesn’t leave an oily residue on the surface 

Formulated specifically as an anti spatter spray for mig welding  

Very affordable and getting popular in the US  


Contains methylene chloride

Won’t work if sprayed on hot metal 

Hot Max 23000 Anti-Spatter Spray, Silicone Free, 16 oz

This heavy-duty anti spatter spray is not only best for shielding the metal work surfaces but also for protecting the nozzle and contact tip of your torch. It is also solvent-based, non-flammable and silicone-free so this is good to use if you need to paint the sprayed area after welding. It won’t contaminate also your torch consumables when sprayed it on the nozzle.

However, this also contains methylene chloride which acts as the active ingredient to prevent spatter from sticking to the metal so use it on a well-ventilated area and wear a respirator as prescribed. A bit expensive from our first product, this product remains one of the trusted names among those who are looking for welding anti spatter spray products that have good records for performing its job well.


Silicone-free so it’s good to use for metals that require painting

Solvent-based that makes it easy to clean out using only a clean cloth 

Can effectively protect nozzle and contact tips

Good choice for heavy-duty welding jobs to ensure a spatter-free work


Contains methylene chloride so care in using it must be observed  


We tried to find the old reliable welding anti spatter spray products we normally found on the web but these have been replaced today by the cheaper ones like the ones above which are mostly imported. Yet, we were surprised at their effectiveness and found them to be reliable but affordable so we won’t be asking for more. Axes for Splitting Wood

 Anti spatter spray products can help you lessen your work by eliminating the extra job you need for cleaning out your welding space from possible spatter. It can also protect your torch and its consumables which when they get damaged, there’s no other thing to do but to replace it.

So if you need a hassle-free welding job using your MIG welders, don’t hesitate to use any of these products. And what you only need is a clean cloth to wipe off those metal chips which is a breeze. Rather than welding on without the spray but need to take the spatter off manually using tools, this is not only tedious but can be dangerous to your eyes.

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