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Modernization has a lot to do with how we live comfortably in our homes. Especially in winter when the heaters are essential, it still brings comfort when you use firewood on your furnace. Wood is more economical to buy than electricity and by modernization, we also mean the use of machines to create firewood out of logs. Actually, we specifically pertain to the use of the best log splitters.

Log splitters come in the forms of electric log splitters, gas-powered log splitters and PTO log splitters for tractor hydraulic systems. However, although these machines can make log splitting a breeze, we cannot deny the fact that these can cost you some money and require energy to run. Axes for Splitting Wood

In this case, we still need the old reliable best axe for splitting wood to produce us the wood for our furnaces. Regardless if you live in the woods, farm, and ranch or as long as there’s the availability of wood, an ax can always be an essential life-saver. Actually a primitive tool, an axe can still be the handiest tool we can have to help us produce the firewood we need in keeping us warm.   best electric log splitters

There are lots of varieties of axes you can buy anywhere. But we asked people who have axes why there’s the need to choose only the quality axes even though they may cost a bit more than the ordinary ones. The answers we got are very interesting but eye-openers. So here is what we have.Kinetic Log Splitters

Why We Need Only

We need good quality axe for a number of reasons: 

  • So that we could produce firewood at the most convenient  time using the best axe for splitting wood. A good quality axe should be versatile. You can cut and chop any kind of wood with it. From chopping down a tree to trimming off unnecessary branches we need its head to be heavy and made of solid steel or carbon steel like the quality of metals which the splitting mauls possess. Axes for Splitting Wood
  • So we can swing the axe at the farthest point and can deliver the utmost force to crack open a log or bury its blade deep into a tree trunk with every single swing. Therefore, if you are splitting a large log, the length of the axe handle should be long enough for your arms to stretch out and be able to swing the axe with full force.  Axes for Splitting Wood

So that we could easily sharpen the metal regardless if it is carbon steel or wrought iron and once the blade gets honed up, we can easily control the direction of the head. It is necessary, therefore, that we must choose the best axe sharpener for our axes so that precise cuts can always be achieved. Axes for Splitting Wood

  • Lastly, we need a quality axe because we want to have them for the longest time and serve their purpose even for our next generations to utilize. Even then, we still need the ones that we can afford to buy and yet everything about them must be quality made, from the axe head to the handle. 

But how do you recognize a quality-made axe? Here, we have found five of the most popular high-quality made axes that you can depend on for many years and they all possess the things that you should look for the best axe for splitting wood. Axes for Splitting Wood

We also chose them not only because of their excellent qualities but also for their affordable prices and values. To know them better, we compiled their reviews and summarized them for our readers.


One of the problems of  tall people when choosing axes is not only how to find the right axe with the best quality but also how to choose the right one with the right length handle so that they can swing the axe accordingly. Axes for Splitting Wood

This Fiskars X27 is rightfully for tall people’s choice with long hands and thanks to its 36-inches length, tall people can now be able to swing this tool with full force and produce that nasty cut on the wood. 

Now, if you are not that tall, you can also have an option to choose the 17-inch, 23.5-inch, and the 28-inch Fiskars of the same model and that option can be seen once you check this product out at Amazon. Why we choose this product is because it is designed to be your best axe for splitting wood specifically for splitting logs. Best Electric Log Splitters

But what other qualities does this splitting axe have? 

First, its blade is made of hardened forged steel and stays sharp even with hardcore use. The whole axe head is also solidly made and heavy that it can pack so much energy whenever you make that full swing. 

Second, the handle is a trademarked FiberComp material that is light but even stronger than steel so there’s no possibility of breaking it even if you accidentally hit a rock with it.  Axes for Splitting Wood

Third, the handgrip is covered with a textured, non-slip rubberized material to avoid hand strain and slips while improving your grip for better handling control. And lastly, the blade is powder-coated to prevent the axe blade from getting stuck into the wood. Axes for Splitting Wood


According to Fiskars, this axe is designed as a one-swing-per-split tool due to its bevel convex shape blade that enables it to go deep down the wood fiber as long as it packs the energy coming from the user’s hands. 


What Do the Reviews

Based on the reviews we’ve gathered, this axe has a perfect balance that gives it the power to split even the toughest of wood.  And because this is crafted by Fiskars which company is based in Finland, its blade was specially ground using the company’s technology and technique that makes the blade to stay hard and sharp.  Axes for Splitting Wood

The blade design is also accordingly fantastic and doesn’t get stuck on wood due to its unique coating all over the axe head.  The total weight of this axe is 5.85 lbs which is just enough for anyone to swing it with full force and yet it is literally unbreakable. These qualities are what enable the users to like this axe very much.  Axes for Splitting Wood

Some say although this is not a splitting maul but shaped like one, for others, it’s more like it’s packing the force of log splitter wedge because of its strength and power. The only thing that few reviewers whine about is that although the blade can stay sharp for long, you need to sharpen it constantly to maintain its splitting efficiency. 

By the way, this axe also comes with a lifetime warranty.


Fireside Friend Axe

Wood splitting doesn’t always need to be done standing up. Sometimes when you need to split up short pieces of wood, it’s better to do it sitting up. But what is the best axe for splitting wood that is perfect while near the ground? Well, this American-made Estwing Fireside Friend Axe 14-inch will offer you your needs.Commercial Log Splitter

As you can see, the 14-inch handle is just short enough and heavy that’s right for a half-swing split. Either way, you can use this axe in chopping off large tree branches while standing up or splitting up small logs for firewood while sitting on a short stool. Axes for Splitting Wood

As usual, it’s a splitting axe so it’s also shaped like a maul for which it is designed with a thick head to pack force. And because of its maul head shape, the other side of the blade can also be used as a hammer or a sledgehammer and has the weight that you can stake even metal rods into the ground. 

Because this axe is forged in one piece, it is unbelievably solid and heavy-duty made. The wedge is solidly weighted which makes chopping and chipping logs easy on your arms and hands. With it, it would make your wood splitting very easy. Axes for Splitting Wood

The grip handle itself has a genuine leather grip to absorb shock and can reduce 70% of the impact while the solid handle stem is hand sanded and lacquered to add to its attractive and durable finish. To protect your hands when carrying this axe, it also comes with a nylon sheath. 

If you are looking for an American made wood splitting axe with a short handle, this is the one you should have. Crafted in Rockford, Illinois, it is equipped with an axe head made of the finest American steel. And with its weight and design overall, this can complete your search for a maul and axe in one.Axes for Splitting Wood


What Do the Reviews

   People particularly like the overall weight and structure of this axe. The handle design is proven to absorb impacts even when chopping large hardwood logs. Constructed with very strong steel, this US-made tool accordingly deserves to be called the best axe for splitting wood on the short handle category.

Moreover, the most common appreciation that people give to this axe is its solid one-piece construction which eliminates the worry of breaking it while using it outdoors. Also, it is manufactured in the USA and we all know that tools manufactured in the US always meet the American standards for quality and durability. 



Double Bit Axe Forged Steel Construction

This is another Estwing axe but a double bit axe to serve as your best axe for splitting wood for dual purpose use. People said it can also be an ideal hatchet for producing kindling, wood scraps for bonfires and for cutting out small branches of trees. Therefore, with a lot of uses, we should say that this will be a perfect tool to carry on to your camping trips.

Double bit axes are axes with two blades. The one edge can be used for chopping up the wood so it must stay sharp while the other blade can be used in breaking up rocks or for digging up dirt. Moreover, lumberjacks, forest rangers, sportsmen and landowners love to have both sides of the blades to stay sharp so that they can always have an extra sharp blade ready to work and no need for constantly sharpening a single blade.

This axe can be used for cutting lumber, chopping firewood, and even for shaping up wood like making an axe handle. It’s a Made in USA axe that has forged steel construction for maximum durability and for lifetime use. It is designed for outdoor use and perfect for almost every need for an axe. With a patented shock reduction grip, your hands won’t get the blisters as it reduces the impact of vibration away from your hands by almost 70%.

It also comes with a heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath to protect your skin when carrying it up in the mountains while hooked on your belt. But if you want it more secure, you better have it protected by a leather sheath and slip it on your firefighter axe belt.  

What Do the Reviews

As expected, people are very impressed with this kind of hatchet-tomahawk kind of axe so some of them keep it as a throwing axe. They like its sturdy built, solid single construction, perfect balance and love how it cuts. They use this axe mainly for producing kindling, cutting off tree branches, felling small trees and many more that it’s best considered as a very fine and useful utility tool for outdoor use. Commercial Log Splitter

About how it performs, accordingly, it packs plenty of power with every swing because of the double bit feature that makes the blade heavy but solid. Easy to sharpen with an axe sharpener especially with a whetstone, the blades can stay sharp even with heavy use. 

The free sheath has also impressed a lot of people as it fits perfectly well to the blades and it snaps and fastens and is basically solidly made right for this axe. They know that finding sheaths for double bit axes is a difficult  that’s why  people are happy the axe comes with a snappy and durable nylon sheath and are ready to go for camping work.

They also like the concept that because this is an American-made tool, it will stay reliable and may even outlast the owner provided that it will not be used beyond its designed physical features. This axe offers a lifetime limited warranty. 


Gerber 36-Inch Power Splitting Axe

This splitting axe also has a 36-inch composite handle that can absorb shock and vibrations and can protect your hands from developing cramps and stress. A heavy-duty in its class, its blade is coated with PTFE materials which is a Teflon type of element that could serve as a non-stick material for anything it is applied on. Thus, the blade of this axe won’t stick to wood by reducing friction which is an essential feature of the best axe for splitting wood.

Another good contribution of PTFE on axes’ blades is it allows the blade to go through wood easily and come out clean even if the wood has sap in it. As this axe’s blade is created from fully forged steel, this will stay solid even for decades and become useful for anyone who will own it. 

Actually, the major positive feature of this axe is its heavy-duty and durable attributes. Once you hold it in your hand you can feel the firmness and its solid build. Weighing 8 pounds, it is packed with power while the 36-inch handle allows you to deliver more force on every swing you make. Axes for Splitting Wood

What Do the Reviews

There are  many people that we’ve found enjoying this axe’ lightweight but great splitting features. Its sharpness, according to them, is very amazing and does not require too frequent sharpening. With a solid feel and good weight of the head even though the handle is a bit hollow, it is still packed with power that can equal the might of a wood splitting maul. Maul vs axe

Splitting logs with this axe is more enjoyable because it gives the users the opportunities to extend their arms and pack the head of the axe with more control. It also offers 4 different lengths for the handle (9, 14, 17.5, and 23.5-inches) other than this product’s 36-inch length handle.

But then, this 36-inch long axe is more appreciated not only because of its length that enables even large and tall people to use it extensively but it has also the heft, built, and weight that exactly gives the users enough power and freedom to use it as their best axe for splitting wood especially in producing firewood.   

This product comes with a plastic cover but not leather sheath.


Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe 19 Inch

If you prefer an axe for splitting wood that can also absorb shock and would be very resilient to stress, then we have the Gransfors Bruks 19-inch for you to ponder on. This axe comes with the real Gransfors “Axe-book” features and you can see in it the actual Gransfors’ logo embedded on the axe head and right on the handle.

Weighing 2 pounds, this flat head axe can be the perfect tool for splitting wood for kindling, chopping up small branches, shaping up woods and you can even use it as a felling axe for small to medium size trees.  Even though this axe has a short stature, the head is still packed with the weight that you could double or even triple the power depending on how you swing the axe.

On the other hand, we think that the most appreciative thing about this product is its razor blade sharpness and you can instantly experience it even after taking it out of its box. Some users agree that the blade does not require frequent sharpening even with axe’ regular use.


For easy carry, this comes with a free vegetable tanned leather sheath which is not only very attractive but really made of tough leather with the company’s logo indented on it. Now, you don’t have to worry about taking this axe anywhere and putting it inside your backpack or hooking it up on your belt for easy access.

What Do the Reviews

People who own this axe really like the way this axe is made. The wood handle is pretty good-looking and smooth. But if you look at it carefully, you’ll notice that it’s made of hickory wood which, by the way, is one of the toughest kinds of wood that furniture makers use because of its resiliency, flexibility, and durability.

And going back on the axe head, this accordingly is made of recycled steel-crafted metal that is fully forged and hardened to achieve the hardness that contributes to the sharpness and easy sharpening feature of the blade.

In essence, reviews generally say this axe remains to be a tough contender among the world’s best axes for splitting woods but still serve as one of the most reliable tools for trimming branches, felling trees, and all other things you can do with a reliable short wood-handled axe. 

Highly recommended by professional outdoor enthusiasts, it has a great balance and a perfect handle design as well as the right size to keep it in your car, backpack or among your tools which you can carry wherever you want to stay outdoors for a day or so.

This axe is a bit expensive because it carries a quality brand known internationally and which you can depend on your life with as it offers the durability, efficiency, and sharpness you need for an axe with a classic brand. 

By the way, for those who are still not familiar with the brand Gransfors Bruks, this is a Swedish company that is popularly known in the US and Europe in creating handcrafted axes and hatchets so every product the company makes will be perfect and possesses world-class quality.  



What we have presented to you in this blog are actually some of the best axes that carry world-class brands. People put their trust in them because they have the actual experience using them. So we should say that they really get their moneys’ worth with them. 

And true enough, we have found so many great reviews for these axes and this is why we are sure that these axes won’t also fail your expectations and you may even recommend them to your friends or give them as gifts with pride.  Commercial Log Splitter

Finally, we know that most of us have axes in our sheds, garage, and homes. So we know what quality axes should be. These axes are all quality made and therefore got our approval and of course our recommendations.   

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