Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

Best 20 Inch Chainsaw – How You Benefit From It?

When it comes to chainsaws, size also matters and that’s why we want to show you what the best 20 inch chainsaw can do if you need a reliable chainsaw for your work or home use. The 20-inch chainsaws are specifically useful because they can be more versatile than the best 18 inch chainsaws which are known to be homeowners’ best friends for personal use. But did you know that even an inch longer with chainsaw bars can make a lot of difference to its usage? best 20 inch chainsaw

If you have to cut trees that are 30 inches in diameter, an 18-inch chainsaw would work but it would take some circular chain sawing process to cut the logs completely. But with a 20-inch, cutting would be faster and with fewer passes it can quickly cut down even up to 36-inch in diameter. Another example of the importance of the 20-inch is for chainsaw milling. Again, if you have to chainsaw mill a log for lumber, the length of the bar should always be at least 2-inch longer than the diameter of the log and that’s because you could only do a single pass with your chainsaw. So chainsaw milling a log should always be done with a chainsaw with a longer bar.   Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

The 20-inch chainsaws are bulkier and have more power and they are designed for heavier and larger loads. To show you how the 20-inch chainsaws could  help you a lot with your cutting needs, we have reviewed three of the best gas-powered chainsaws which we’ve found to be among the best budget chainsaw models that are worth buying. Take a lot at these branded units.    

Best Budget Chainsaw Units That Work Like Heavy-Duty Chainsaws


Makita 20" 56 cc Chainsaw

This 2-stroke robustly-built, powerful chainsaw is made by the world-renown Makita, a Japanese company that has been in existence since the late 1960s. Makita is known for producing quality power and rechargeable tools. Today, its chainsaws are becoming popular due to their durability, efficiency and reliability. This best 20 inch chainsaw has a 56cc air stratified scavenging engine that can put up a powerful 4.1 hp so it can always deliver excellent cutting performance while maintaining a fuel-efficient operation.  Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

It is also loaded with a heavy-duty cartridge air filter system that can last longer than ordinary air filters while its spring-assisted pull cord will let you start the machine with easy pulls. Weighing only 12.8 lbs, this machine has an amazing 13,800 RPM so imagine how fast its chain can go and how it can do quick cutting regardless of the wood type you are cutting. For easy control, there is also its Touch & Stop single lever control for a quick shutdown of the engine in case of emergency while its two-point inertia brake system can prevent accidental injury during kickbacks.   Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

As for chain tensioning, yes, you still have to use tools to tighten the chain but the bar nuts are exposed for quick and easy adjustment. On the positive side, this even makes cleaning the chain compartment easy without the need to remove any cap. For vibration control, this unit also has a vibration dampening system to block and absorb shocks during operation. This best 20 inch chainsaw is best for trimming off tree branches, cutting trees and logs and even for light chainsaw milling. Users say this is also an ideal equipment for farm and ranch work environments.  Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

Pros and Features:

56 cc engine with a power rating of 4.1 HP/3kW

 Heavy-duty air filtering system

13,800 RPM

20-inch standard guide bar

Only weighs 12.8 lbs. Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

Touch & Stop control for quick engine stop

Two-point inertia/mechanical chain brake

Open lateral chain tensioning for easy tightening and cleaning of the chain

With vibration dampening and spring-assisted starter Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

Best use for farm, ranch and orchard maintenance

Efficient, durable, high performing and easy to use

Can be used for light chainsaw milling

Fuel tank capacity: 19.3 oz.

Oil tank capacity: 10.8 oz.


Expensive but can serve as a good investment


Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

We won’t say much about the qualities of the Huskies because this brand doesn’t need much introduction when it comes to quality, durability and performance. But for this best budget chainsaw, we need to say this could be your best 20 inch chainsaw that will worth your money. As a heavy-duty compact machine, this is equipped with an X-Torque 55.5 cc engine with a power rating of 3.49 HP so this machine can be used for larger cutting jobs and even for light chainsaw milling tasks while maintaining a fuel-efficient operation. Safety is of course a priority with the Huskies so this one has an inertia activated chain brake that serves as an auto-brake in case of chain 20 inch chainsaw

The automatic chain oiler system is also a good feature that can maintain the health of both the bar and the chain while prolonging their life. For its chain tensioning system, there are the side-mounted bar nuts to allow quick chain adjustment even while the engine is running. Another excellent feature is the quick release air filter that will let you clean and replace the air filter without removing any cap. With a maximum power rating of 9000 RPM and an engine that is supported by an anti-vibration system, this unit is very easy to use and very safe.

To keep the engine healthy, the air injection centrifugal air cleaning system will help maintain the air filter from dust and debris that come from sawdust. Weighing a little more than 13 pounds, it also comes with a chainsaw bar cover and a 2.6-ounce bottle of already mixed fuel. To unit is best to keep in a ranch or orchard where trees abound. And for cutting logs up to 36 inches in diameter, or producing firewood or for small-scale chainsaw milling, this unit can also be 20 inch chainsaw

Pros and Features:

X-Torque 55.5 cc engine with 3.48 HP power rating 

9000 RPM maximum chain speed

13 to 20-inch bar ( replaceable)Best 18 Inch Chainsaw

Inertia auto-chain brake

Automatic bar and chain oiler system

Quick-release air filter

Best to keep for landowners and homeowners

Easy to maintainbest chainsaw for milling

12.8 lbs.

Well-balanced and heavy-duty made

Warranty: 4 years


6-month warranty only if registered as a commercial type

Expensive in the small category class but worth its price

Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020

Poulan chainsaws have been proven to be some of the most dependable chainsaws in the area of logging and with their smaller versions, these are best owned by homeowners, farmers, landscapers and chainsaw millers. Poulan also belongs to the Husqvarna family so these are also made in Europe particularly in Sweden and we know that European machines are equally tough just like the American and Japan-made machines and equipment.

For this machine, this carries a powerful 50cc 2-cycle engine and uses OxyPower technology which puts more power to the engine while reducing the emission to up to 70% while minimizing fuel consumption by almost 20%. It is also designed to be 30% more efficient in starting the engine due to its spring-assisted pull starting system that if without it, having a hard start can quickly wear out the starter mechanism of the unit. This best budget chainsaw is only at below the $300 price tag but with lots of special features so it’s worth checking out.

To keep your tools within your reach, this unit also has a combi tool storage system that is integrated onto the handle so it can hold small tools necessary for adjusting the parts of the machine including the chain. A purge bulb is also integrated for providing the carburetor with fuel to assist easy start while a combined choke/stop control can reduce the risk of flooding the engine with fuel. This best 20 inch chainsaw is technically a heavy-duty type but compacted to make it easy for operators to use it for smaller jobs. It also has a bar nut lateral adjustment chain tensioning system for quick chain adjustment even when the machine is in use.


50cc engine with OxyPower technology for less fuel consumption, less emission but can put up powerful torque

User-friendly features – purge bulb, choke/stop control, combi tool, spring-assisted pull cord

Heavy-duty type but compact

Efficient air-filtering system for longer-lasting air cleaning and in reducing fuel consumption

Best for tree felling, firewood cutting, light chainsaw milling, landscaping, and maintenance

Open lateral chain adjustment for quick chain tensioning

Backed by a 2-year limited warrantyBest 18 Inch Chainsaw


Heavy at 17 pounds

Who Can Benefit From The Best 20 Inch Chainsaws

Going back to the chainsaw bar on how its length can affect the performance of the machine. With chainsaws, the longer the bar, the better it can afford to cut larger trees. And with the gas-powered chainsaws, the best 20 inch chainsaw can be used effectively in cutting down huge hardwood trees like spruce, beech, oak, birch, and hemlock varieties. Most of these trees can become giants and can reach 36 inches in diameter with their trunks’ thickness. But if your 20-inch chainsaw is a heavy-duty type just like the ones we have shown you, there is no problem cutting these kinds of trees down.  best 20 inch chainsaw

Aside from tree felling, there are also other things that we can do with the best budget chainsaw types and below are good examples: 

For Foresters and Loggers

The 20-inch chainsaws can be their best alternatives for larger, commercial type chainsaws when it comes to cutting smaller trees and chopping them down into smaller pieces since these are smaller, lighter but powerful. Commercial Log Splitter

For Homeowners

The best 20 inch chainsaw can be a lifesaver in case of emergency when there’s the need for an efficient but small cutting machine. These are very effective especially during storms where trees can fall, break and damage your properties. These machines can also help you produce firewood quickly especially during winter when you cannot effectively chop logs with an ax outdoors. If you own large land properties planted with trees, this chainsaw size is best to keep and you probably know where to use it. Keep it in your truck or garage and you always get yourself a reliable cutting machine. Axes for Splitting Wood

For DIYers

If you want to produce your lumber out of logs that are up to 18 inches in diameter, you can also use the 20-inch for chainsaw milling and there are a lot of portable sawmills you can buy online that can turn your best budget chainsaw into a mini-sawmill. Maul vs axe

For Maintenance Workers

Landscapers, loggers, foresters, park maintenance personnel and all people who are involved in tree cutting and tree maintenance can benefit much from having a small, compact and powerful 20-inch chainsaw and what we have shown you above are only some of the best examples of such machines.forestry mulching

Reminders Before Buying Your Best Budget Chainsaw

Anyone can buy his or her best budget chainsaw especially if you are a homeowner who wants to have a reliable cutting machine to keep in your garage. But you have to consider that if you do not have experience in using a chainsaw, you have to opt first for a smaller unit like the 12 or 18-inch chainsaws.  Why do we say this is because chainsaws are powerful and therefore can also be dangerous to those who are not familiar with using them. These sizes are smaller, lightweight and therefore are easy for you to practice on. Even women can use 18-inch chainsaws effectively. Lightweight Weed Eater

But if you want to go directly to the slightly larger types such as the 20-inch types, be extra careful in your first use. If the machine comes to you un-assembled, read the manual carefully and understand it fully, especially the chain tensioning process. If the machine comes to you already set-up, read the user’s manual as well and memorize the maintenance system needed. We also have to mention that prior to buying, you must have a plan where to use the chainsaw. If you need it only for cutting branches off the trees, you won’t need a bigger machine but only the handy 18 or 20-inch units. Best Electric Log Splitters

Another thing to consider is the type of chainsaws you need. Will it be electric, cordless or gas-powered. Most of the electric types come in shorter bar lengths such as the 12 and 18 inches as well as the cordless types. These are best for home use and also efficient for producing firewood and for DIY. The gas-powered chainsaws are ideal for outdoor use. They are louder, produce fumes but are more powerful and you’ll need their muscles to deal with larger trees.   Best Chainsaws For Women

Features to Consider When Buying the Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

Here are what you should look for to get your money’s worth with your 20-inch chainsaw: 

Go for a chainsaw with no less than having a 46cc engine. CC means cubic centimeter and in chainsaws, this is the size of an engine that corresponds to the volume of fuel and air that are being pushed inside the combustion chamber to be burned. Therefore, the larger the volume in the displacement of fuel and air, the more powerful the engine can become. As we have good examples above, these all have the 50cc engine types and we chose these because these can be used also for heavy-duty cutting jobs.  Best Chainsaw Under 400

Choose a unit with features that you will find convenient for your needs. If you need the best 20 inch chainsaw with a replaceable bar length such as having the capability of changing the bar length from the 18 – 20-inch bar, this would give you the freedom to where and how you can use this on different sizes of logs. Other features you may want to check on are the automatic systems such as brake, chain tensioning and oil lubrication.

You can also check the air-filtering, oil and gas level indicator as well as the maintenance required. Most of the best budget chainsaw units are easy to maintain although the cordless and the electric chainsaws don’t require regular maintenance.  Lightweight Weed Eater

Don’t forget to check the warranty also because this will cover the machine’s performance and health which also indicates your protection against the defective and malfunctioning products. If you have problems with your chainsaw, its warranty can protect your purchase. So before buying your unit, discuss with your seller about the warranty.mower for wet grass


Chainsaws can never be replaced by any machine with regards to their handiness and portability in cutting wood. But if you need a chainsaw, you better think about not only its power and performance but also the length of its bar. The best 20 inch chainsaw can fall into two categories. If it has a powerful engine and durable construction like the branded ones we’ve shown you, it can be considered the smallest among the heavy-duty chainsaw types. Best Chainsaw Under 400

But if the engine power is just enough for basic cutting use like the 40ccs in the gas-powered types, we should say that this could be categorized among the best budget chainsaw units for lighter use only.

On our next blog, we shall emphasize the best chain files and their sizes which you need to know if you own a chainsaw that basically will require sharpening.

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