The Best Axe Handle Wood

When looking for the best axe handle wood you should know the type of wood the handle is made from. Why? Because not all axe wood handles can be resilient and not every good-looking wood handle will be durable and can endure the impact you’ll be doing with your axe. Particularly if you chose the wrong type of wood and you are in the wilderness and your axe handle broke, this would be a big hassle on your part. Best Axe Handle Wood

Generally, people in the European countries prefer handles made from birch wood families which are fine-grained, light but strong like the ash. In the US, however, people are very particular with the type of wood they want to use for their axes and so they rely heavily on seasoned hickory wood which is heavier, impact resistant, durable and easily available. 

Essentially, we have to put an emphasis on the weight, grain, and density of the wood when choosing handles before we put them up for good use. And today, we will be talking about the most popular axe wood handles in the market that are made from hickory and ash.

Here are the 5 different axe handles that can hold your axe securely and can stand the wear and tear style that you usually do with your axes.

Best Wood Axe Handles

Replacement Hickory Handle

Hickory woods are some of the most common replacements for axe handles in the US because they have long fibers, are stiffer and denser. This is why they are seen as the type of hardwood that can absorb impact the most. They are also very strong and durable and very easy to handle. Best Axe Handle Wood

This Truper 30819 hickory replacement handle is best suited for double bit axes (double-edged) and has a length of 35-inches. Tested for strength and handling comfort, it has this natural wood feel and grain that offers a sure and easy grip. 

The Truper company has been manufacturing hand tools for more than 40 years in Mexico that’s why this company has already earned vast experience in choosing the right type of axe handle wood for their axes. And because Truper always relies on the use of modern technology, the axe handles it creates are guaranteed for world-class quality and performance.   Best Axe Handle Wood

Just a reminder, some people buy this handle as a replacement handle for their mattocks, mauls or picks. Unfortunately, this handle would not fit perfectly on these types of tools. But if you have a double bit axe that needs the 35-inch wood handle, this one would be just perfect.

Best Axe Handle Wood

Best Axe Handle Wood

This ash wood replacement handle has just the right length of 36 inches that will rightfully fit an ax head with a dimension of 2.5-inches x 7/8-inch. Made of ash wood which is very popular among European lumberjacks, this is a very flexible type of wood but with amazing strength. Ash woods have long, strong fibers and can absorb impact very well.

If you’ll be using your axe outdoors, however, make sure you don’t leave it outside because ash wood tends to absorb moisture especially if it’s not treated well with the right elements. So always keep your axe safe after use so that its wood handle can be preserved and retain its durability for a very long time. 

Ash wood is a bit softer than hickory but many people still prefer this wood as the perfect axe handle wood for log splitting axes. Those who have this handle say this handle has a straight grain and without the knots, which means it is not brittle and will not easily break even with hard use.

Best Axe Handle Wood



Throwing tomahawks are some of the most favorite utility tools among the younger generations because they not only provide entertainment value but they are also very useful tools for outdoor activities. However, because you usually throw them up or sometimes use them to cut big trunks, that makes their handles vulnerable to cracks and breakage.

More so, this Tomahawk axe handle wood is made of hickory wood which as we have mentioned is a kind of wood that is generally strong, stiff and dense with a straight grain. And what can you say if we say this is definitely a made in the USA axe handle.

Well, from the time you get this one, it may need some sanding and maybe a bit of the waxing process for aesthetic value. Although this is already sanded and coated with beeswax to make it last and stay protected, some people find this handle pretty handsome once properly treated and accordingly once you are done furnishing it, you will really love the outcome. 

However, be reminded also that because this is a thick piece of wood this would only fit the 19-inch standard throwing tomahawks.  


For 14-inch hatchets, you need this Seymour wood axe handle which according to reviews is heavyweight, fine-grained and has a shock absorbing hickory construction that’s just right for hacking use. It comes with a natural wax finish and has a hang-up hook if you want to display your hatchet on your pegboard. 

Not only that this also comes with a single wood wedge and a metal wedge to ensure that the hold of the wood in your hatchet would be extra durable and solid. This is also a very versatile axe handle wood because it can fit with #2 shingling hatchet, claw hatchet, half and the broad hatchets.

As long as this 14-inch hickory wood handle can fit into any of the hatchets mentioned, you sure are a winner in having a very tough and dependable handle for your hatchet. If you have a precious hatchet that you want to display with a nice-looking handle, you can check this one first.


Looking for the traditional wood axe handle that’s also made of ash with the best quality for the axe used in splitting logs? This Bahco replacement handle is very popular in Europe and it’s not only made of high-quality ash wood but it also consists of 2 more components that make it super strong and yet effortless to handle.

First, it has the plastic head that will not break unlike wood when fitting the axe head in. Plastic is very flexible so once you put a metal wedge in it, it will be there solidly fixed. Second, the handle is a fiberglass piece which enhances the durability of the whole structure of the handle. And third, the body of this handle is mainly made of ash wood. 

So basically, this is a very durable and very-well structured axe handle wood that is fabricated with two extra components to provide the handle the shock absorbency it needs and also the strength, the durability, and flexibility which every large axe for wood splitting requires. Best Axe Handle Wood

This handle is about 70cm long or 27 inches and though it is mainly sold in the European market, you can now order it from Amazon. Bahco is an old Swedish company brand that made its name in producing world-class tools and now part of the SNA Europe.



How to choose an axe handle wood can make or break the usefulness of your axe. But one thing is for sure. That if you know what’s good for your axe, how you feel the wood, how the grain is lined up and how dense the wood is, then there’s the greatest chance that you’ll find the right wood handle for your axe no matter its style and design. Best Axe Handle Wood

But then, it could be hard to choose when you cannot even touch the handle physically and just check them online. This is why we always look for review sites that have high trust ratings where reviewers are verified purchasers. 

Good reviews make us feel confident about the products we see. reviews can help us choose which products would be best for us. And in this case, all the axe handles we have shown you here have the best reviews. Best Axe Handle Wood

So far, we’ve found that the hickory wood and the ash wood handles are dominating the sales . So to complete your buy for the best axe handle wood, we also suggest that you check on the best axe handle wedge to absolutely complete your axe handle replacement.

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