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When it comes to dealing with leaves that have been littering your grounds almost endlessly, there is only one solution you can do to deal with it and that is to have the best backpack leaf blower. Leaf blowers are designed to produce powerful bursts of air to blow out leaves and other debris without the need to manually rake them from the ground. Manually clearing the leaves is basically a back-breaking task using a rake. But if you have the best backpack blower, gathering up leaves would not be a problem. Leaves are also good materials for composting and mulching so if you also have the best leaf mulcher, you have good garden soil coming.  lawn mower with mulching blade

There are 2 main types of power units with regards to backpack leaf blowers: gas-powered and cordless. And yes, we did not find any corded backpack units but mostly these are hand-held so we will not include these in our discussion. The cordless are ideal for outdoor use like your garden, porch, driveway and they are also environment-friendly while also quiet. But then, they have a limited source of power.

The gas-powered leaf blowers are more powerful and more mobile and without limit with their reach. The only problem is their smoke emission or fumes and they are also quite heavier than the cordless types. So ideally, when you want to have your best blower backpack, consider first where to use it. In this blog, we are going to identify the qualities of the best backpack leaf blower, what you need to know about the cordless and the gas-powered and we will now make some reviews about the 3 units we chose for you. 

 Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews – Which is Best For You?


EGO Power 600 CFM Backpack Blower

This powerful battery-powered unit has a variable speed from 320 to 600 CFM. For this feature, you get a very good offer as it has a variable airspeed control. If you only need a good amount of air to clear out your driveway with grass clippings and some leaves, you can switch to low CFM. But if you have some big piles of leaves and debris already, you can now switch to maximum CFM. Also, its velocity capacity is 145 MPH which is pretty powerful that can blow away even the densest packed leaves on the grass. What makes this unit very powerful is because of its brushless motor and turbine fan engineering design to produce that strong amount of CFM and MPH.  Also, this was made to be weather resistant.  Best Backpack Leaf Blower

If you are not familiar with what a brushless motor is, this is the modern type of motor that is more powerful than the old brushed type motors that can overheat if used for many hours. Now, for the usage, if you are a bit taller, this unit also has an adjustable tube. The noise level? It was tested and proven to be 8 times quieter than the gasoline-powered backpack leaf blowers and specifically is at 64 decibels only.Best Backpack Leaf Blower

Why we choose this unit to be among the list of our backpack leaf blower reviews is because of its unbelievable features: 56V ARC Lithium battery that can last 3 hours, turbo boost to vary the power of its air, and weather-resistant construction. People also like it because of its futuristic appeal with a combination of green and black making it an attractive unit for nature use.  The only bummer you can find in this unit is it doesn’t come with its own battery and charger which you must buy separately. Yet, this unit is capable of loading 2 batteries at the same time. Best Backpack Leaf Blower


Greenworks 145 MPH Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower

This unit also runs on batteries but it can produce up to 580 CFM and 145 MPH bursts of air that even wet leaves that get stuck on the ground or grass can be cleared out. It is also packed with a brushless motor and has a variable speed that can be triggered with a click of a button located on the handle. Boasting of its cruise control which means speed control, you can easily adjust the speed of its impeller (fan) thanks to its fan axial design which can create a high airflow better than the standard centrifugal fans. So for the dry leaves, this is where the high  CFM comes to play. Best Backpack Leaf Blower

Now, what we like about this unit is its high-voltage 80V battery that has a capacity of 2.5 aH which helps in delivering very powerful air. The tube also has a spring-like structure so it’s very flexible. You don’t have to step back to blow out the leaves you have missed. Lightweight at only 14.60 pounds,  everything about its harness is padded and highly adjustable which enables the user to adjust it for comfort while wearing it. MIG Welding Without Gas (10) 

The machine itself has a 4-year warranty while the battery has 2 years and already included in the package are the battery and the battery charger. Because we don’t see any flaws with this unit, we must say this could be your best blower backpack you can afford to buy

Husqvarna 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

The Husqvarna leaf blowers are part of the brand’s flag bearers because they are always reliable and durable but still affordable. Being the Swedish company that exists since the 1600s that started out creating muskets, it has now branched out to multiple companies but still bearing the company name and maintaining the quality of its products including the leaf blowers. Best Backpack Leaf Blower

This is why we have included this unit among the best backpack leaf blower reviews because we can’t help it as it offers really useful features. First, this 350BT model is among the latest of Husqvarna’s offerings and seen as an improved version of the 150BT. It is also loaded with a 50.2cc X-torque engine that can generate 2.1 hp. And even though this is a 2-cycle unit, it can reduce toxic emission by up to 60% while increasing fuel efficiency by up to 20%. Second, it is proud of its powerful 692.17 CFM and 180 MPH wind force capacity which is only common among the heavy-duty leaf blowers. Best Backpack Leaf Blower

Third, it also has a cruise control which means it has a variable speed which you can control right at the tip of your finger. And lastly, it also has very amazing features that you cannot find on some of the best backpack leaf blower units like padded harness and hip belt, anti-vibration dampener, adjustable tube length and a primer bulb. With all these features, these minimize the risk of developing arm strain and making leaf blowing a very easy job. Still quiet at 71 dB, it is also easy to start and can clear large areas off the leaves quickly. We don’t see any flaw with this unit so we gave this a thumbs up.

Qualities of the Best Backpack Blower

For us to better choose the best product, the most practical and quickest approach is to read backpack leaf blower reviews because you will initially know the qualities of a unit while you can learn from users’ experience about the good and bad qualities of the machine. But here are some general pointers on how to choose the best backpack leaf blower to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth with it. Some of these features are not present among the machines we have reviewed but no machine is perfect.

Best Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower

Motor and Engine capacity

 Motors are for the cordless backpack units while the engines are for the gas-powered. Motors’ power is measured in amp while the engines are in cc or horsepower. Nonetheless, the engine-type leaf blowers will always be more powerful than the cordless although there are large versions of them that can equal the blowing power of some of the engine types. 

Some experts say that the ideal engine power of the backpack-types should be at least 40cc or more. For the cordless, it should have at least 2.0 aH (amp-hour) motor capacity to deliver strong airflow.  


 CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute or simply means “airflow”. MPH is Miles Per Hour or better known as “airspeed”. These are the two most important capabilities that the best backpack leaf blower should have.  The higher these can become, the more powerful your machine can blow piles of leaves and the quicker the job can be done. We will talk more about these below. 

Weight of the machine

The gas-powered types, as we have said, are the heaviest among all the types of leaf blowers because of their engines and metal hardware. If you need one for outdoor use like for cabins, streets, driveways, and parks, you have to choose a unit with an ergonomic harness to help spread the weight of the unit on your back, arms, shoulders and hands. Or choose the smaller one for residential use. 

Nozzle. Would you prefer to blow leaves in a sweeping motion? Then the flat nozzle is good for this job. Rounded nozzles are best for loosening up leaves and debris. 

Air adjustable speed or cruise control. The variable speed will allow you to reduce speed on areas where you don’t want to disturb other plants such as your flower beds while you can top up the speed when clearing out thick piles of leaves on lawns. 

Air intake. We suggest that you look for a unit with a bottom-mounted air intake and not the side because with the side intake as the machine sucks air you also become a hindrance and can prevent the machine from sucking adequate air.  

Primer bulb for the gasoline engine. The primer bulb or air purge is one of the best qualities among the best backpack blower units for the gas-type because this makes it easy for you to start the machine with just one pull.  

Clear fuel tank for the gas-type. Most gas type leaf blowers have colorful plastic gas tanks which stops you from checking the amount of gas that remains in the tank. A clear fuel tank made of high-density plastic can let you monitor your remaining fuel quickly. 

Battery charge indicator for rechargeable types

 If you prefer the best blower backpack rechargeable type, make sure to choose a unit with a battery charge indicator to allow you to estimate the amount of time you can use your machine. For most rechargeable batteries with 20V capacity, their average operation time is about 30 minutes but full recharging time takes about an hour or more.  

battery weed eater

Vacuum/Shredder Mode

Do you want to mulch or add to your compost the leaves that you have gathered? Well, there are a lot of the best mulchers for leaves leaf blowers that you can have for multi-purpose use and most of these are cordless. These units can suck up leaves and the impeller will shred the leaves as it passes through it. The gas-types are not the best choice for vacuuming and shredding.   

Some units of leaf blowers like the branded ones require that you should replace their air filters with the same brand as the unit. For some, this is a good option since the capacity of the machine is ensured. But some people prefer using the standard replacement filters which are also efficient but cheaper.  

Why CFM and MPH Are Important Qualities of the Best Blower Backpack

So here is the best explanation we can give you why CFM and MPH are crucial considerations when purchasing your best blower backpack. We are also often asked which is better to consider, CFM or MPH rating. So take note that if a leaf blower is packed with a powerful motor or engine, it should also have a high CFM and MPH rating.

CFM is the capacity of the machine to blow volumes of air so you can clear out lots of leaves with high CFM in sweeping motions. An ideal rating both for the cordless and the gas-powered best backpack leaf blower is 350 CFM while the  best commercial backpack leaf blower type can reach up to 600 to 700 CFM rating.  

MPH is like the speed of the air that goes out of the tube. The stronger the airspeed the farther the machine can blow debris. With leaf blowers, the ideal MPH rating should be 130 MPH or more. Some heavy-duty backpack units can reach up to 250 MPH. Some people use leaf blowers to blow light layers of snow or grass clippings after their lawn mowing jobs. So what affects the CFM and the MPH of the machine? It is the motor or engine and also the type of impeller it is installed with.  

A Rundown on the Types of Backpack Leaf Blowers

Here is a quick review of the two types of backpack leaf blowers so that you’ll know where they are best used for. 

Gasoline type backpack leaf blowers are best for loosening stubborn leaves or densely packed leaves and debris. You can use them anywhere but preferably away from the neighbors. They are powerful but more expensive. Cons: They are loud, often with fumes, heavy (about 10 lbs. average), require high-maintenance and produce vibrations. They also have limited power with vacuuming and shredding but will always be dependable when it comes to all-around leaf blowing. mowing brush

Backpack cordless types are the best choices for blowing leaves on the yard. Weighing about 8-15 pounds, its pros include easy-start, emission-free, lightweight, low maintenance, quiet operation, more affordable, and no cord to limit reach and movements. Cons: Best for residential use only, needs to be recharged every 30 to 45 minutes depending on the capacity of the battery.Battery Weed Eater

My Conclusion

If you are planning to buy any type of leaf blower, we suggest not to overlook the CFM and the MPH rating because this is the power that will enable the machine to work efficiently. So we suggest that if you need the best backpack leaf blower for driveway, decks, patios, or porch, you can opt for a unit with a CFM that ranges from 200-400. If you will need a  for medium-sized locations like your farm with about an acre wide, the CFM you must look for must be between the 400 – 700 rating. But for larger areas like roads, reserve parks, or ranches, you will need a heavy-duty commercial backpack leaf blower that can have CFM ratings ranging from 600-700. 

Still contemplating which one to buy: gas-powered or rechargeable backpack leaf blower? The quick answer is, when clearing huge areas, you will need the gas-powered type. For residential use, the rechargeable unit with a strong and powerful motor would be suitable. 

In our next article, we will be discussing the commercial backpack leaf blower units and how these can make your life easier in terms of clearing out wide open spaces off the pesky leaves.

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