Best Chainsaw For Milling

Best Chainsaw for Milling

How Having the Best Chainsaw for Milling Gives You Utmost Advantage

If you live near woody areas where cut logs are common and can be bought cheaply, you’re lucky if you have the best chainsaw for milling. By acquiring a freshly cut log, you can easily produce your own lumber without having to haul it to a sawmilling factory. So imagine how much money you can save from renting a truck and paying the wood miller to produce you the lumber you want when you can do it on your own? By having a chainsaw with the right size and the best chainsaw mill, you can have the slabs of wood with the size and dimension you want.  best chainsaw for milling

Chainsaws are very important tools if you live in the countryside or near forest areas where logging sites are common. These sites can be your goldmine for wood sources like firewood. But thanks to the ingenuity of some people, they came up with the chainsaw mills.  We can now cut our own wood boards on-site and produce lumber for building our homes and cabins. Before, chainsaws are used mainly for one purpose and that is to cut trees to get logs out of it. These logs go primarily to large-scale wood millers for processing. But with the invention of the chainsaw mills, we can now produce our lumber right where the logs are. best chainsaw for milling

Chainsaws come in different sizes, types and features. We have the manual/pocket chainsaws, battery-powered, corded-electric, pole chainsaws, pneumatic for industrial use and the gas-powered chainsaws which are used basically for logging. So not all chainsaws are used for logging as well as not all gas-powered chainsaws are fit for wood milling. So what are the qualities of a chainsaw that is best for chainsaw milling? 

Here are good examples of the best chainsaws for milling logs 


Best Chainsaws for Milling Reviews

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

This is a professional grade 2-cycle chainsaw that is built robustly and mostly preferred by arborists, foresters and loggers. Now you can have this for chainsaw milling because it is loaded with a powerful 60.3 cc engine (3.62 hp) that can put up a maximum torque of 3.4 Nm (Newton-metre). And with its 20-inch bar guide, you can easily slice logs that are 18 inches in diameter. best chainsaw for milling

Why we consider this as the best chainsaw for milling is because of its power and brand name which translates to reliability. Husqvarna chainsaws are recognized all over the world to be some of the toughest and most reliable wood cutting tools designed for hard work. So with this Rancher gas-powered unit, you are assured of an easy, flawless job with your wood milling every time. It also has an automatic chain oiler that can provide a steady supply of oil to its bar and 3/8 pitch chain.  best chainsaw for milling

Able to deliver a maximum speed of 9000 rpm wherein the traditional chainsaw units are only capable of 7000 rpm, this machine also has a side-mounted adjustment for chain tensioning. And for quick air filter cleaning, it has a quick-release cover to facilitate air filter replacement. Most heavy-duty, 2-cycle machines vibrate a lot but not with the Husqvarna 460 Rancher because it is built with an anti-vibration system to cushion up its motor and chain for strain-free use. Weighing only 12.3 lbs and with an easy start recoil and a chain break this should be paired with the best chainsaw mill and you got yourself a professional-grade wood miller. The warranty offer is 4 years for service and parts. The flaw? Maybe the chain tensioning which needs a tool unlike with other brands that are tool-less.   


ECHO 20 in. 59.8 cc Gas Chain Saw

This is another 2-stroke chainsaw that fits perfectly for sawmilling jobs. Packed with a 59.8 cc engine which equals 3.9 hp, it also has a 20-inch bar that some professional wood millers prefer. According to Echo, this is by far their largest unit for logging so it should be the best chainsaw for milling as well. Weighing only 17 lbs which we consider to be in the mid-weight range category, we also see this machine as a must-have for commercial and personal wood milling use.  best chainsaw for milling

For its features, it has an anti-vibration handle to prevent operator’s fatigue, an automatic oiler and a decompression  valve to allow quick starting. Also, its patented G-Force Engine air cleaner will ensure excellent airflow throughout the engine for a quick start and cleaner operation. This is a good choice if you are looking for an affordable unit that will last long in your possession. best chainsaw for milling

 And while some people get frustrated about their chainsaws requiring the use of tools, this unit is proud of its tool-less access for more convenient and hassle-free wood milling work.  Echo offers a 5-year warranty for this and with its balanced weight-to-power ratio, this unit would surely fit for wood milling. Any issue? Some people have trouble pull starting this but according to the manufacturer, this was adjusted to operate only below 1,100 below sea level to which this can be fixed by adjusting the intake of fuel in the carburetor. 

Now that we’ve shown you good examples of chainsaws fit for milling, the following tips will specify what to look for when searching for the best chainsaw for milling. 

Choose The Right Chainsaw That Fits With the Best Chainsaw Mill

Chainsaw size

If you want to invest for a saw that would be excellent for milling, look for something big that you are comfortable using. You must also consider the size of the logs you intend to saw. If you choose the largest and heaviest but your logs are not that huge, you may find your machine too heavy for comfortable use. So include in your plans the average diameter of the trees you want to cut and mill along with the size of the chainsaw you wanted to buy. Also, always add additional length consideration with the bar to ensure the length of the chainsaw exceeds the diameter of the logs.

 Power of the engine 


The best chainsaw for milling should always have a powerful engine and we see this as the most important factor when choosing a chainsaw either for milling or logging. Regular chainsaws with 3hp or below may not be suitable for milling because they are not powerful enough to cut continuously on thick logs. That’s why you need a powerful chainsaw that you can push in a straight line and continuously cut without pulling it back. Best Chainsaw For Milling

The power of the engine is also crucial because this will determine how much effort you have to put up to finish the job and how long the milling job could last. Using a chainsaw with an engine power that goes below the recommended power, your machine will experience stalling or may overheat in the middle of its job. The cutting time will also take longer compared to using more powerful machines. So our suggestion is not to go below the 50cc engine if you are into milling small to medium size logs and more power if you are into larger logs and large-scale milling. Best Chainsaw For Milling

Length of the saw.

The best chainsaw for milling should always have an adequate length that must be longer compared to the diameter of the logs you intend to cut. So if your usual logs are regular size like 15 inches in diameter, your chainsaw bar should be 20 inches or longer. But if you have to mill larger logs like 30 inches in diameter, choosing a more powerful chainsaw with a cutting bar of 36 inches is a good option.

Best Chainsaw For Milling


Advantages Having the Best Chainsaw Mill

A chainsaw mill is a portable type of a cutting guide made of metal bars and rods joined together to produce a chainsaw holder and a log guide. It is used to support chainsaws to mill logs into lumber and is usually operated by one or two persons. Chainsaw mills come in a variety of designs and sizes from the most portable one foot long for indoor use to the largest that can carry 36-inch long chainsaws.  Best Chainsaw For Milling

So here are their advantages –  

Best for DIYers.

By your own hands and using the best chainsaw for milling and a chainsaw mill, you can produce refined cut lumbers which you can use for crafting up furniture, wood décor, building up your home and anything you can do from wood. Saves you money from commercial milling.

Rather than renting a truck to take your logs and paying the wood milling station to get lumber, having the best chainsaw mill can save you some money which you can use for other projects.    

Best portability offer.

Having a powerful and large chainsaw enables you to cut trees into logs. Moreover, having also the best chainsaw mill will help you produce your wood lumber anytime. So portability to help you live sustainably is the best thing you can achieve in having both.   

Use it to earn income.

You may want to rent out your mill to other people who want to cut their lumber from their logs or you can provide wood milling service to individuals who need lumber right on where the logs were cut. This saves them money as well from hiring trucks and milling services. You can also sell the lumber you produce to people who need cheaper and freshly cut wood.

Best Chainsaw Mills Reviews

Here is a couple of chainsaw mills we’d like you to check on before buying yours for your log milling

Portable Chainsaw mill 48 Inches Planking Milling Bar Size 14 Inches to 48 Inches

We chose this best chainsaw mill because of its very durable steel and aluminum construction and very wide log accommodation that can go up to 48 inches. The best choice if you want to cut cedar, oak, and walnut to produce high-quality slabs and lumber, this chainsaw mill can be attached to almost any type of chainsaws without the need to drill bars. It can suit up to any chainsaw from 14-inch up to 48-inch bar so the chainsaw size and length is not a problem.

Being made of steel and aluminum, its built is designed for lighter but heavy-duty work minus the possible pain on your back. For its size cut capacity, the thinnest cut it can accommodate with a chainsaw is .5-inch and the thickest is up to 13-inch.

With an adjustable height and width, this tool will be easy to transport and can be used perfectly also  for indoor wood milling. It is also compatible with a Carmyra’s 9-foot rail system to ensure a very straight cut with the log. The only problem is you need to use both of your hands during milling because this is some kind of a lightweight tool so you need to push it a bit to let the chain eat up the wood. Very easy to install, lightweight at only 7.8 kgs, this portable tool would best work with the best chainsaw for milling and it offers a 30 days money-back warranty if you’re not satisfied with it.

ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill, Model# G777, Orange, Silver

Alaskan chainsaw mills are very popular because of their versatility, solid construction, and efficiency. So we are presenting to you this medium-size but best chainsaw mill for cutting logs up to 15 inches in diameter. For cutting thickness capacity, you can also adjust its cutting height from .5 inches to 12 inches thick while its between bars is 17 inches wide to accommodate chainsaws with wide bars.  It can also be attached to chainsaws without a drill bar and designed for chainsaws with up to 20-inch long bars.

This tool is purely made of steel but it’s not too heavy because it’s only on the mid-size range. Steel chainsaw mills are more solid and can add energy support when pushing the chainsaw to cut. You can also use just one hand in using this mill and it can suit up a commercial size chainsaw with 50cc power or more. Designed for beginners, this is now one of the most popular units in the market and highly suitable for worksite use or inside workshops.

Very affordable at a $200 range, this solid chainsaw mill can last a lifetime. So if you need a lightweight and portable chainsaw mill that will work well for small to medium-sized logs, don’t hesitate to have this branded unit. Note: Assembling this may take a long time if you’re a beginner and accordingly, the user manual only shows a how-to build diagram.

Buying Guide When Choosing the Best Chainsaw Mill

The best chainsaw mill is an all-metal that is durable and quality-made. It should be able to carry heavy chainsaws firmly but should also be portable so that it can be used both for indoor and outdoor wood milling.  

Here are more features that you should look at when buying your chainsaw mill: 

Bar capacity

This is the capacity of the mill to ensure that it can accommodate the size of your chainsaw. The capacity also includes the length and the width of the bars so before you start purchasing your chainsaw mill, make sure about the diameter of the log you plan to cut. However, most chainsaw mills don’t have extendable or adjustable bar capacities, so if you are to use a small and a large chainsaw, better choose a lengthy chainsaw mill so you won’t feel sorry if you need to cut large logs.

Cutting depth 

This will determine the thickness of the boards you can cut with your saw mill. The best chainsaw mill should have an adjustable depth to enable you to adjust the thickness of the cut with the chainsaw. Generally, the standard chainsaw mills can cut from 1/2” to 12” thick but there are other types that can go up to 13 inches deep.

For a tip, check first if the chainsaw mill you want and your chainsaw are compatible with each other. This is because chainsaws have different designs, specially with their handles. Some chainsaw mills can only suit chainsaws with holes on the handle while some mills require their chainsaws without the full-wrap handle. 

Frame construction and durability 

As we mentioned, it is very important that if you are looking for the best chainsaw for milling, it should be heavy-duty made and capable of tough milling for any type of wood. Read reviews because the users themselves can verify the toughness and reliability of your targeted chainsaw mill. Most of the toughest chainsaw mills we have now are made of stainless steel or aluminum as shown above, or combined so they don’t become too heavy they could break your back with prolonged use. best gas powered weed eater

If you prefer the toughest and heaviest chainsaw mill, the steel type is the toughest but you have to be physically strong to manipulate them and bringing them up and down the log. But if you prefer the lighter type, the aluminum chainsaw mills can be more portable and flexible. To get the best with the aluminum, look for an aircraft-grade. These are the most durable and lightest aluminum types.   


The weight of the chainsaw mill can add power and stability to the chainsaw so weight can contribute to the performance of your chainsaw. If your chainsaw mill is packed with weight, this will help the chain to bite more effectively on the wood as weight can add potential energy to the momentum of the cutting action.

The only problem with a weighty chainsaw mill is its portability and transport. If you have to haul it from your vehicle up to the mountain, this could be a problem. But if there’s road access for your vehicle to tread, a heavy-duty made chainsaw mill will work better for your purpose.


Having easy access with logs provides you a good advantage if you have your best chainsaw for milling and the best chainsaw mill to produce your lumber. That’s why we came up with the idea of creating this blog and giving you examples of the affordable chainsaws to help you realize the practicality and economic viability of owning both the machine and the tool.

If you want to see our point, watch videos on YouTube and see how these things work and how fun it is to produce your slabs of wood. For our next topic, we will discuss more of the best chainsaws under 200. We will let you know the benefits of these affordable cutting tools and also provide you some reviews of some units.

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