Best Chainsaw Under 200

Best Chainsaw Under 200 Are They Worth It?

So you don’t have the budget to buy yourself a heavy-duty or even a decent size chainsaw and you’re up to finding the best chainsaw under 200 dollars, right? However, you are also thinking that you don’t expect to find a reliable one or if you can, this won’t last long. That’s usually the mindset we have when we hear cheap products and this is no different with the chainsaws. But did you know that you can actually have an efficient chainsaw that can satisfy your needs at the cheapest price of under $200? best chainsaw for millingRead on and we’ll tell you how to find them, know their required qualities and we will also show you some of the lightweight chainsaw units that are on this price range but can still unbelievably perform.  

So what are the things you should know when looking for the best budget chainsaw? Well, the first things that came to our mind are the electric chainsaws and the battery-powered units. In our years of experience in reviewing different tools and machines for residential and commercial use, we’ve learned that the electric- and battery-powered machines are predominantly cheaper than their gas-powered counterparts. But this doesn’t mean they are weaker and not unreliable. So how would you know that a chainsaw under the 200 dollar tag can be worth more than its price?  best chainsaw for milling

Best Budget Chainsaw Review

Let’s check out some units that you will find passing the standards of reliability and safety and we would vary them from the gas-powered, electric, to the rechargeable – all under the 200-dollar price tag.

Remington Gas Powered Chainsaw Automatic Chain Oiler-Anti Vibration Systembest chainsaw under 200

We want you to check on this gas-powered, cheap but best chainsaw under 200 with the perfect features you need we have identified below. For its power, this is loaded with a 42cc engine and it’s a 2-cycle which is a bit noisy but powerful. It has the right length of 16-inch bar and it promises no kickback with a chain brake for safety. It is also featured with a 5-point anti-vibration system and its handle is cushioned to prevent hand fatigue and for more balanced operation. best chainsaw under 200

For added features, it uses a quick start technology that will make pulling an easy task. You’re asking about the oiler? Yes, this unit has an automatic oiler system to keep the chain in perfect condition and sharp. So what about the access to the air filter for quick clean-up or adjustment, well, you will be amazed because this also features tool-less access not only to the filter but also into the spark plug. Pitch size is 0.375 and it comes with a sturdy carry case and 2-cycle oil. best chainsaw under 200

Among the gas-powered we have checked out, this is by far the most affordable but completely featured with the best specs you would not imagine could be packed in this best budget chainsaw. Best for suburban use or if you live near forested areas where you can look for fallen logs to get firewood from, this machine is perfect and it is also lightweight. Remington is a brand that is already trusted all over the world so this machine is designed to do some serious work. The only reported issue with it is the oil leak which can be due to lack of maintenance.

WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp best chainsaw under 200

What can we say about this WORX chainsaw but it WORKS pretty well. And would you believe it is packed with a 15 amp motor that can put up so much power that it can cut up logs up to 6-inch in diameter without even stalling a bit? Many people would not believe that this very affordable electric chainsaw is not a gas-powered because of what it can do until they see it up close. With an 18-inch long bar, you can even use it for wood milling inside your garage with logs up to 6-inches thick. best chainsaw under 200

For better performance, this best budget chainsaw has a patented auto-tension chain system so your chain won’t over tighten. It also has a low kickback bar with a built-in chain brake for utmost safety. There is also the automatic oil lubrication system to retain the sharpness of the chain’s teeth and an oil level indicator to tell you when you need to refill oil. The oil tank has a capacity of .2 liter while the number of drive links is 63. best chainsaw under 200

This lightweight chainsaw is  below the 100 dollar range but with all the features it offers, you can feel that this is more than what you’ll pay for. Best for cutting small trees around the yard, hard brushes, tough branches, cutting firewood from logs and many more. You don’t need to assemble anything and you just plug it in a home socket and it will WORX. The company also offers a 3-year warranty so no worries about its parts and services. Any issue with this item? Well, according to some owners its chain needs to be sharpened regularly so the maintenance with the chain is what you must watch out for.

 BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch best chainsaw under 200

We’ve known B&D for years and we put trust in their products. So we tried to find a cordless chainsaw that would best fit for homeowner’s use and we are lucky we found this 20V unit with a 10-inch bar. Of course, we expect it to have the Lithium-Ion battery for longer life. So what’s new with this best budget chainsaw? Well, aside from the decent size battery that can power the machine for straight 30 minutes or more, it also has an anti-chain kickback chain system and a tool-free blade tension feature for an easy and quick chain adjustment. The chain adjustment is a large knob that is very easy to dial.  best chainsaw under 200

The wrap-around bale handle will also make it easy for you to carry it around. And to our surprise, most of the people who wanted this battery-powered chainsaw are women, some elderly active people and homeowners who want to own reliable but easy to use cutting machines within their properties. They love this unit’s small and handy feature, easy to assemble and almost no need for maintenance except keeping the oil cylinder always filled up. Weighing only 7.2 pounds, this could be your best lightweight chainsaw under 200. For less than 200 dollars, you’ll get it complete with chain, battery, bar, bar/chain cover and a charger. Assembly is tool-less. According to the manufacturer, this lightweight chainsaw has an automatic oil lubrication system but as we read some reviews, some users recommend manually pressing the oil bulb to lubricate the engine. We are not sure if this manual lubrication process is just for a precautionary measure or a requirement. But the important thing is, this cordless chainsaw can cut up logs up to 6 inches in diameter so it would be great for cutting small branches of trees and clearing up the backyard with overgrown saplings. No issue with this unit but only with the auto-oiler system.  best chainsaw under 200

Note: When placing an order at Amazon for this unit, make sure this includes the necessary elements which include the battery and the charger.

What to Look for with Lightweight Chainsaws

Now that you’ve seen our examples of the best chainsaws under the 200 dollar tag, let’s have some review on what to look for when looking for these types of chainsaws.


As they say, you get what you pay for. But there are lots of lightweight chainsaw products you can find now online with reputable performance and some of these are even branded. Nevertheless, don’t doubt units that are made in other countries as long as they have good reviews. For a less than 200 dollar price, using your chainsaw for more than a year will already pay its self. But then, we should suggest that you should find a unit that will last long or better yet a branded one. One that has about 42 cc engine for the gas-powered with 2-cycle capacity. At this power capability, your machine can be used for all your light wood sawing needs. Commercial Log Splitter

Motor and Battery

For the electric and battery-operated chainsaw, we recommend choosing a unit with no less than a 15-amp motor. The battery should also be Lithium-Ion to ensure this will last long and quick to charge. These batteries are also more durable and have a long life span but don’t go below the 20V capacity. A 20V Li-Ion battery may last for 30 minutes or more though charging maybe a couple of hours or even more. best battery powered weed eater

 Chain Length

For the best chainsaw under 200, we don’t expect getting a gas-powered unit with more than an 18-inch bar, which by the way, a 16-inch to 18-inch long bar will be best for cutting small size trees and perfect for removing tree limbs and clearing out hard-stemmed bushes. If you don’t want to ruin your brush cutter blades because you doubt that this won’t cut thicker branches, a lightweight chainsaw will do the job easily.

But then, if you prefer the electric or rechargeable chainsaws, you can have a unit with a 10 to 18-inch bar and still at below 200 dollar range. As we mentioned, these types of chainsaws are also incredibly strong and are in the cheapest price category. They are also more favored for residential or domestic use. So if you need a small, reliable chainsaw for cutting small to medium-size trees for firewood, these can be trusted for the job.

On and Off Feature

Even the best budget chainsaw should have the start and stop feature because these enable you to quickly stop the engine in case of emergency or accident. If you are the operator, once you turn the machine on and see the blade running, you know that in a flash unexpected thing could happen and the blade can hurt you once it touches your skin. By having the start and stop button right on the handle or on the side, you could easily start the machine and abruptly stop it whenever necessary. Lightweight Weed Eater

Most gas-powered chainsaws have the “kill switch” either on the side of the engine or on the handlebar while the electric and battery-operated chainsaws could have it as a trigger, a switch or a button either on the side or on the handlebar.    

Air-filter Maintenance

The air filtering system of any chainsaw is very important because clean air provides power to the engine as it mixes with the gasoline particularly with the gas-powered units. And did you know that the most destructive element that a chainsaw can get is the sawdust? Sawdust can clog the flywheel of an engine and it can enter even the crankshaft. So we suggest that you choose a unit that is easy to pop its air filter out whether it’s electric, cordless or a gas-powered chainsaw. best chainsaw under 200

Vibration Dampening System

The best chainsaw under 200 should have a good vibration dampening system that can reduce the vibrations that come from the engine. Particularly with the 2-strokes, these vibrate more than the 4-strokes. So check if the unit has a vibration dampening feature such as cushions or shock absorbers between the engine and the casing. Vibrations can numb your shoulders and hands in the long run while with a vibration system, you can go a long way without feeling the strain and you will feel that your machine has a smoother performance. 

Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

Chain Tensioning System

A quick tensioning feature will allow you to adjust your chain quickly before and after using your chainsaw. If you can’t find a lightweight chainsaw with an automatic tensioning which is crucial because it can prevent over-tightening of the chain, at least find one that doesn’t require using a tool to open up the cover or simply should be tool-less.

Automatic Oiler

This feature is seen mostly on high-end chainsaws but try to find the best budget chainsaw with the automatic oiler system. This can add life to your chainsaw as well as you won’t have to worry about accelerating your machine as it will tend to overheat or bog down if the oil is not properly distributed inside the engine. best chainsaw under 200


We could expect that the best chainsaw under 200 would be a lightweight but a sturdy little machine. But still, regardless of the size of the units within this price range, their weight may also vary. If you are a physically strong man, a 10-pound chainsaw is not a problem to carry around. But if you are a woman or an elderly who still can afford to operate and carry light machinery, even at this weight, this could hurt your back for a few hours of use. So if you are only capable of using lightweight machines, consider the electric or the cordless chainsaw and most of them are under the 8-pound weight. They don’t vibrate much as well and they won’t harass your hearing.  best gas powered weed eater  

Chain Brake

A must-have but always forgotten by most of us when buying a chainsaw. A chain brake enables you to lock the chain and keep it from moving even the engine and the chain is running. It can prevent accidents if you don’t want to kill the engine but want to stop the chain from moving. 


You know now that you can get the best chainsaw even from under the 200 dollar range so it’s not too late to have one. At this price tag, these are the easiest to use, lightest, but also very reliable especially for residential use. And as you can see, the 3 types of chainsaws we have shown you here are of popular brands and people all over the world know the reliability of these brands. Best Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower

The best chainsaw under 200 may not match the bigger and more expensive units in terms of power but when it comes to its efficiency, this can be trusted. These small, but useful tools can be the homeowners’ reliable tools in case of an emergency that requires cutting tools at home. You don’t need to live inside or near the forest to own one, as long as there are trees around you that may fall due to storms or need to clear your farmland out of saplings and small trees, a handy and lightweight chainsaw could be an essential tool.

For our next blog, we would talk about the bigger units which would be the best chainsaw under 300 price range types. These are a bit bigger than the 200 dollar units and have  more power in them. So we could expect that these must be some kinds of medium-size workhorse chainsaws and suitable for outdoor use but with a flair of portability in them.

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