Best Chainsaw Under 300

Best Chainsaw Under 300 What Are They Good For

We previously showed on one of our blogs for some of the best chainsaws under 200 which are best for residential use and therefore we would like to follow this up with the best chainsaw under 300 as an upgrade. So will these be capable for commercial use like logging and wood milling or they are still within the residential use category? The thing is, with today’s highly competitive merchandising of the chainsaws, these machines are becoming more and more loaded with useful features, notwithstanding their price range. And probably the obvious difference between the cheaper and the high-end would be in their size and power which still put the more expensive ones to be the more versatile and in the more durable category. best chainsaw under 300

So does the chainsaw lightweight with a 300 dollar price range would allow you to use it for more difficult jobs or would it just be worth a little upgrade from the 200 dollar chainsaws? Note that with our other blog that discussed the best-rated chainsaws under 200 all that we have presented have amazing specs. So you should also expect that with the best small gas chainsaw under the 300 dollar price tags, you could also find pretty decent chainsaws capable of heavier use like logging and wood milling. best chainsaw under 300

For this article, we will talk about the gas-powered and the rechargeable chainsaws under the 300 dollar range though we will focus more on the gas-powered. The gas-powered are more preferred for more difficult sawing jobs but there are also better featured cordless chainsaws at this price range which can also be utilized for cutting up small logs. So if the chainsaws under the 200 are more for residential use, the 300 dollar units should be more flexible and more versatile. 

So here are our reviews of the ideal chainsaws that are not more than 300 dollars but not less than the 200 dollar price. 

Reviews of 3 Versatile Chainsaw Lightweight Units


best chainsaw under 300

Husqvarna 16 Inch Gas Chainsaw

We see this 16-inch Husqvarna chainsaw as the best chainsaw under 300 because Husqvarna is primarily a recognized brand all over the world and one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of utility tools including chainsaws. This unit is one of the 400e series that is equipped with the x-force chainsaw and bar and therefore are solidly constructed to handle the speed of the chain. Perfect as the chainsaw lightweight enough to be carried around your yard, this is right for cutting medium size trees if you need to get firewood from cut logs. For homeowners, this can be their reliable cutting machine for yard maintenance and  other land properties with trees. Yes, with its 40.9cc engine and a bar length of 16 inches with maximum power speed of 9000 rpm for a smoother cut, this chainsaw is capable of cutting trees up to 15 inches in diameter. best chainsaw under 300

Packed with an X-torque 2-cycle engine, this Husqvarna chainsaw is very fuel-efficient and does not emit toxic fumes. It is also very safe to use because it is featured with an inertia activated chain brake which means if the machine suddenly kicks back, the chain brake will automatically switch to stop once the brake bumps into the arm of the operator. It also has an automatic oiler for the chain and bar for better cutting performance. best chainsaw under 300

For tensioning, it has this dial-type tensioning that is side-mounted for quick chain adjustment so you can do adjustments while in the middle of sawing. As for the air filter, there’s also a quick-release cover that will allow you to easily access the chain and the air filter if these need to be cleaned or be replaced. The air purge system is also very useful in removing air from the carburetor. According to Husqvarna, this is an upgraded version of the Husqvarna 240 model and therefore has a more powerful motor with a 2.2 HP output for heavy-duty jobs. best chainsaw under 300


Heavy-duty built for light to heavy cutting jobs 

16-inch bar made of solid steel to handle chain speed of 9000 rpm

The guide bar is replaceable from a minimum of 13-inch up to 18-inch maximum

Powerful 40.9 cc enginebest chainsaw under 300

Large handle ergonomic handle with anti-slip design

Engine is cushioned to minimize vibrations

Air purge button for removing air in the carburetor

Inertia activated chain for operator’s safety against kickbacks

Best small gas chainsaw at a 9-pound weight which is lightweight enough to carry everywhere

Recommended for landowners, professionals and homeowners who usually have problems cutting up fallen trees and branches 


Prone to problems with its idling system


Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc Gas Chainsaw

Poulan is another popular name in the world of quality chainsaw manufacturing. And since you will surely want a powerful saw, this 2-cycle gas chainsaw unit has a 50cc engine that uses OxyPower technology which means extra power from its engine but 70% less emissions and 20% less with the fuel consumption. Because everything goes smooth with this best small gas chainsaw, starting it up is also effortless and thanks to its spring-assisted Effortless Pull-Start System (EPS) that reduces 30% of the pull force you need to put up to start the engine. The EPS can also lessen the wearing out of the machine’s mechanism. best chainsaw under 300

The easy to pop-up air filtering system is also another good feature in preserving the entry of clean air into the carburetor while its air purge bulb is very useful in removing air that gets stocked in the carburetor. Its choke/stop control feature will also allow you to stop the flooding of gas into the carburetor to prevent engine flooding. And as we expected, this unit also has its automatic oiler system which can keep the chain in good condition while prolonging the life of the engine itself. 

And what can you say about its 20-inch bar which is ideal if you want to cut down medium-size trees, cut logs for firewood and prune up big branches of trees? So for any yard cutting task, we recommend this best chainsaw under 300 which according to some users can even handle cutting up heavier timber and can be a good alternate chainsaw for larger units when doing lighter logging work. Some homeowners also have this for lumber milling and it’s highly capable because it has the right power, the right size and the right bar length enough to be used for milling up to 15-inch diameter logs. best chainsaw under 300


Loaded with a powerful 50cc engine with a 20-inch bar capable for chainsaw milling

With EPS and purging system for an easier start 

Uses Oxypower technology for more efficient fuel consumption and 70% reduction of toxic fumes

Considered a mid-range unit and best for felling up trees up to 20 inches in diameter.  

With anti-vibration system to prevent hand fatigue and ergonomic design handle that can be handled by large hands 

2-year warranty on parts and construction


The bar and chain that comes with the machine are not of the best quality according to some users

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit, 5-Ah Battery, 12-Inch

We trust Dewalt rechargeable chainsaws because their parts are generally durable and are equipped with efficient motors that make working with them smooth and hassle-free. This unit has a 20V battery with a 12-inch low kick bar which is not long enough for falling large logs but decent enough for use in cutting wood for your home and maintaining the shape of your trees in your backyard without creating noises. For its bar alone, this is made of Oregon bar including the chain and these two items are known for durability and quality so this machine can be also be used for outdoor chain sawing applications.

Loaded with a brushless motor, a brushless motor is different from a brushed motor because it uses magnets in generating power which produces less heating, no friction and helps in putting up a better performance for the machine.  For chain tensioning, this unit is also tool-less and has a bar knob both for tightening the chain and the bar. Weighing only 8.8 pounds, this could be the best chainsaw lightweight enough for women to use in their orchard. It has a minimum speed of 25.2 feet/second which is good enough for cutting firewood from small logs, for cutting large shrubs with hard stems or for sawing out branches from trees. The battery of this unit is only 20V and Lithium-Ion and Dewalt designed it this way because they want the machine to be compact and lightweight but will still do a great job so it would be best for around the home use or even for the construction site where a good cutting machine that doesn’t use gas is needed for cutting lumber and plywood. You can also replace its battery with a 40V Dewalt battery if you want to use the machine for more than an hour though the machine becomes a bit heavier. Dewalt chainsaws are known to last for years if they get proper maintenance care.


Brushless motor for utmost performance

12-inch Oregon low kick bar and chain for cutting up small trees and logs for firewood

Lightweight at 8.8 pounds

Right size for women who want compact but powerful chainsaws

Good choice for home construction use and backyard pruning

Tool-less bar for chain tightening

Chain speed 25.2 ft/second

Auto oiling system for instant bar and chain lubrication

Can cut trees up to 16-inch in diameter according to reviews

Lithium-Ion battery for a very quiet and fume-less operation


Oil may leak if the machine is stored for a long time

Buying Guide for the Best Chainsaw Under 300

Engine/Motor Power

For the gasoline-powered, we recommend that the machine you choose should not have less than a 40cc power engine and we also prefer the 2-strokes because these are more powerful than the 4-strokes although louder. While for the cordless, it should have at least 15 amp motor and no less than 20V battery.

Bar Length

The bar length is an important feature because this dictates the overall capability of the machine like how thick the wood it can cut. The longer the bar, the better it is to be used for sawing thicker trees and wider pieces of lumber. On the other hand, short bars are best for smaller tasks but are more agile and faster than their longer counterparts. For the best chainsaw under 300, the guide bar length should be from 12 to 20 inches long for cutting chainsaw under 200

Safety Features

Chainsaws are very dangerous tools and we don’t want you to be included among those who have seriously harmed themselves using their chainsaws. One of the most dangerous scenarios that can happen when chain sawing is the kickback. This is the sudden change of direction of the bar because the chain had hit something hard like a knot or the wood closes in and pinched the chain which makes the chain kick back against the wood. So a chain brake or an auto-stop chain feature is a very important quality you must consider when choosing a lightweight chainsaw.Felling Axe

Other Useful Features  

To make it easy for you when using your best small gas chainsaw or a cordless chainsaw unit, include in your checklist the automatic oiler system, air purge, tool-less access either for the bar, chain and air filter, vibration dampening system and quick chain tensioning feature. You could also include the EPS for a hassle-free start as well as the easy access to the kill switch in case of emergency.

Will It Be the Best Small Gas Chainsaw or the Rechargeable Type?

As we have discussed with our other blogs about the 200 dollar priced chainsaws fit for residential use, the best chainsaw under 300 should offer a more versatile usage. That’s why we have specified here that these units can be used for cutting small trees as well as for trimming and pruning branches of fruit-bearing trees.  Not too large but powerful enough, if you have a land that is planted with different varieties of medium-size trees and most of them are unwanted and need to be cut, these are the types of chainsaws that are best to have.

Moreover, if you wish to do some professional logging like a lumberjack, then you should invest in more expensive and powerful units that can deal with heavier, harder and bulkier logs and the units we have here are not designed for these. Chainsaws under the 300 dollar price tag can both be used for residential wood cutting purposes and a bit of the logging jobs but these are not the commercial types used for heavy-duty chain sawing. And with regards to the cutting task, determine if what you need is a battery-powered or the best small gas chainsaw.  Best Electric Log Splitters

Rechargeable chainsaws are best for lighter cutting tasks so if you have some trees around your house that need trimming or pruning from time to time, these are best for these jobs. Also, if you want to cut out large blocks of wood into small bits of firewood and you don’t want to strain your back using an axe, these chainsaws can do the job as well. They are also very quiet, without toxic fumes, easy to start and very light to use that even women can use them. These machines are also easy to maintain and cheaper as well. So it’s up to you where you need the best chainsaw under 300 and what type: gas- or battery-powered?

best chainsaw for milling


Now that you know that with 300 dollars in your pocket, you can have an ideal chainsaw for use in your backyard or land properties. These are great for cutting small to medium-size trees although some people we’ve met use them to cut bigger trees and were successful. However, we do not approve of abusing the limited power of your machine constantly. Because even a chainsaw has all the features of the best small gas chainsaw, you must also respect its maximum capability and don’t go beyond it or you may shorten the life of your machine or visit the repair shop frequently, not to mention the need for replacing broken parts which can be chainsaw for milling That’s why before you purchase a chainsaw, think about where you’ll need it and how much power you need from it. If you are up to logging bigger trees, better yet check for the best chainsaw under 400 that have more powerful engines and are designed for heavier loads. 

The best chainsaw under 300 is not a cheap machine but also not expensive. But it can be reliable both for home and light logging use. If you are in doubt about having a lighter 200 dollar chainsaw, then the more practical approach is to go for the best chainsaw under 300. 

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