Best Chainsaw Under 400

Best Chainsaw Under 400 That Can Exceed Your Expectations

We already talked about the best chainsaws under 200 and 300 dollar category and now we want to show you also how the best chainsaw under 400 can fare compared to the two priced chainsaws in terms of performance, usage and specs. Chainsaws under this price category are basically geared towards the homeowners, hobbyists and small-time loggers’ usage so they are not built for cutting down giant trees although they can be used for logging large trees and commonly seen among professional loggers.Best Chainsaw Under 400

These types of chainsaws are also good for home maintenance, orchard and forestry management and even for chainsaw milling. A chainsaw lightweight enough to be carried on to the forest is at this level and can be used by lumberjacks when cutting branches of fallen trees or when giant trees already have enough cut and only need the best small chainsaw to carry on chipping some parts of the wood.  Best Chainsaw Under 400

But what are the qualities of chainsaws that are over the 300 but not over the 400 dollar price compared to those that are cheaper and costlier? Well, to give you good examples, we have reviewed three of them – 2 gas-powered and 1 cordless because we thought that these types  can be useful both for backyard management as well as for light logging purposes away from your backyard. Here are our honest reviews. 

Best Small Chainsaw Units That Are Under 400


Husqvarna 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw

This is a second generation 2-cycle Husky chainsaw that is very powerful and even preferred by professional loggers because of its qualities and performance despite its compact size. With a 50cc engine and 18-inch guide bar, it can cut logs up to 25 inches in diameter especially because it has its X-cut chain and X-force bar to brag about. But what are these two things that can help this best small chainsaw to work like a medium-size heavy-duty machine? The X-cut is a Swedish-made chain with 0.325 pitch and .050 gauge that can stay sharp even with constant use. The bar also has a sturdy nose and bearing system with a new center plate design so this bar has the most optimized profile. Simply, this machine can go on and on with its cutting always with precision. Best Chainsaw Under 400

This machine also starts with very few pulls because it features a Smart Stop system that reduces the number of revolutions required for the crankshaft to turn and start an ignition. Also,  thanks to the X-torque engine that allows only the needed fuel into the carburetor so that the engine can start quickly. It also has an auto-return stop switch that enables you to stop the machine with a flick of a switch and the switch automatically returns to start mode. Best Chainsaw Under 400

Have you heard of an auto-brake on chainsaws? This Husqvarna 450e has an inertia activated chain brake that automatically stops the chain during kickbacks for utmost safety. For maintenance, this best chainsaw under 400 also has its automatic oiler system to keep the chain and bar well lubricated for more efficient cutting. Other special features include a tool-less tensioner which is side-mounted for easy reach and quick release air filter for easy cleaning and replacement of the air filtration system. Best Chainsaw Under 400

If you are a homeowner who has lots of trees in your properties or backyard or you want to cut logs to produce firewood, this machine can slice medium size logs like butter. But if you are into logging, this can also cut large tree trunks thus this can be an adequate reserve chainsaw lightweight enough to be carried to the logging site.Best Chainsaw Under 400


With X-torque 50 cc engine that’s powerful but gas efficient and less emission

Auto return stop switch 

X-chain and X-bar for long-lasting cutting efficiency

Automatic oiler system

Quick chain tensioning

Smart stop feature

Inertia activated chain brake


Prone to oil leak

Husqvarna 445e-Series II (50cc)

We can’t help but to admire the Huskies, so here’s another one that’s a bit different from the 450e but also equally powerful since it is also loaded with a 50cc engine and an 18-inch Woodland Pro Chain loop which is an industrial chrome plated chain made by Oregon. So judging from the engine and chain, this Husky 445e is built for harder jobs and can do more than cutting small branches with your trees in your backyard. best chainsaw under 300

The engine is also an X-Torque 2.8 hp which is very powerful but fuel-efficient. Also, the bar is built robustly and with a chain like the Woodland Pro chain, this machine can cut trees 20-inch or up to 30 inches in diameter. To assist you in the start-up, a Smart Start/Stop technology is incorporated in the engine so, with just a few easy pull, this machine will be revving up in no time. So what more can it offer? Well, air injection is another plus which is a form of centrifugal air cleaning system that can eliminate dust and debris before these reach the filter so the result is a healthy engine that runs on clean air. best chainsaw for milling

Best as a backyard sawing tool for ranches, farms, cabins, and forest cleaning, this is the chainsaw lightweight to carry to your campsite to clear your space off the overgrowth and trim trees to keep safe from wild animals. It also has an air purge to release air from the carburetor so if the machine is stalling, with few pushes of the air purge button, this will start the engine. Other useful features are its anti-vibration technology, tool-less chain tensioning, quick-release air filter, inertia-activated chain brake, maximum power speed 9000 RPM, and with a noise level of up to 114 dB only. With all these packed on this best small chainsaw, this machine is best to keep in your cabin for all-around sawing purposes, for your firewood, small scale logging and even for light chainsaw milling


50cc 2.8 hp X-Torque engine

18-inch bar that can cut up to 30-inch in diameter trees

Fully featured: air injection, inertia-activated chain, tool-less tensioning, anti-vibration system

9000 rpm and 2700 rpm during idling

Adjustable oil pump

Quick-release air filter

Only weighs 11.2 lbs.

Smart start/stop technology for an easy startbest chainsaw under 300


Oiler has no adjustment

Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw with 4.0 Ah Battery and Charger

This is the best chainsaw under 400 for the cordless category which we found to be fully featured. It has all the qualities of what you, as a homeowner, should have in a battery-powered chainsaw if your home is surrounded by small and large trees. It has a brushless motor that will increase efficiency to its cutting power and it’s loaded with a PowerSharpchain which is a self-sharpening mechanism so you don’t have to disassemble the case if the chain gets dulled. And to make its 16-inch  chain always lubricated as well as the guide bar, it also has a built-in Lubri-Tec oiling system which is an automatic oiler to keep the chain out of friction thus increasing run time. Best Chainsaw Under 400

With regards to the battery, we like this silent machine because it is packed with a 40V 4.0 Ah battery and it also comes with a charger. Very lightweight and balanced, you won’t experience hand-fatigue with this machine. And you want to know why it makes so easy to start and use this Oregon masterpiece?  That’s because this unit has a pull trigger start so you don’t need to pull any cord unlike with the gas-powered chainsaws. battery weed eater

Going back to its battery, this machine was tested many times over and it can cut about 400 branches of trees that are 2-3 inches in diameter on a single charge before it needs to be recharged. So imagine how much firewood you can get from a log with this very quiet cutting machine? And at 12.0 lbs. including the battery, this is the best small chainsaw made by Oregon company which is a world-renown brand in the manufacturing of quality outdoor and forestry equipment and tools including spare parts. Best Chainsaw Under 400


40V battery that can cut 400 branches up to 3 inches in diameter in a single charge

16-inch Oregon chain and guide bar

Most powerful chainsaw of the cordless Oregon family

Brushless motor with patented self-sharpening system

Tool-less chain tensioning  with side-mounted dial

4 times quieter than a chainsaw

Easy start trigger to start

Charge can last a month on standby

Weighs only 12 lbs.


Usual problem is battery that gets discharge easily after few months of use

What You Need To Consider When Buying Chainsaw

Engine Power

Like we always want to emphasize, the power of the chainsaw is what makes it more reliable and efficient. With a 50cc engine for the gas-powered and a brushless motor for the battery-powered, then you have yourself the best chainsaw under 400 that can do a lot of work. For the rechargeable, the power of the battery can also add to the efficiency of the machine because this is where the motor derives its energy. best chainsaw under 300

Bar Length

The length of the bar will tell you how thick and how wide the chainsaw can cut and that’s how a machine can be more versatile and more usable in many aspects. For the gas-powered, we recommend not below the 18-inch bar because you may want to use the best small chainsaw in cutting up small to medium-size trees. The bar length is also perfect for trimming large branches of large trees and in cutting out firewood from logs. For the battery-operated chainsaws, a 16-inch bar or longer is better for homeowners and land property owners to keep. 

Useful Features

A chainsaw lightweight for the price of 400 dollars should also be loaded with helpful features that would make it easy for the operator to use it. Using the chainsaw is not easy because most of them are heavy not to mention these are dangerous to use. That’s why you have to consider not only the special specs the chainsaw must have but also its safety features. So what are these? As we mentioned, these include tool-less tensioning for the chain, auto-chain break for safety, auto-oiler to keep the chain and bar guide well-maintained, smart/stop for a quick start and stopping the engine, and best if the unit you’ll find has a self-sharpening mechanism for the blade. Best Chainsaw Under 400


Now that we have mentioned the features that make the best chainsaw under 400 to be fully spec, this boils down to its offering of versatility. And by this, we mean your machine should not be for one or two purposes only. For example, if you buy a gas-powered chainsaw lightweight that has a 12-inch bar and with only 40cc power but you unexpectedly got a 30-inch diameter log, you may find this log to be difficult to cut unless you will carve the log piece by piece which is straining. So why not buy a larger chainsaw which you can use to cut down huge trees while you can also use it for lighter sawing needs within your backyard.  Best Electric Log Splitters


The assurance of your right as a consumer/buyer of chainsaws will be indicated in your warranty coverage. A warranty assures your protection against defective products, low-quality parts, under-performing engine and defects in workmanship. The units we have reviewed here have not indicated their warranties along but Amazon urges you to contact the seller to clarify your machine’s coverage before buying them. So before you order any of these units at Amazon, make sure you discuss the warranty with your seller.

Notes for Safety in Using Chainsaws

Don’t forget that safety comes first when using chainsaws especially if you are into logging. Even if you are using a chainsaw, you must still be protected with some sorts of protection because chainsaws can cause severe damage if used improperly or if accidents happen. Not only about the saws that you have to be protected with but also from the sawdust, fumes or emission from the gas-powered chainsaws and also from the loud noise these machines produce. So what are these protective gears? Lightweight Weed Eater

For Eye Protection –

Safety glasses with side shields or goggles to keep your eyes from the sawdust and flying debris.

Face Shield –

If you are wearing a hard hat and no goggles, at least your hat should have a face shield not only to protect your eyes from the sawdust but also from flying debris that comes from the wood you are cutting.

Gloves or Mittens –

Leather gloves are more preferred and best if these have ballistic nylon reinforcements on them. These gloves can absorb a bit of the shock in case your hand accidentally slips into the blade. They can also protect your hands from the sharp teeth when sharpening the chain as well as they can absorb vibrations during chain sawing. 

Protective Shoes –

Leather safety boots with steel toe and made from cut-resistant materials are the best and can protect your feet in case they accidentally come in contact with running chainsaws. Boots that are also reinforced with ballistic nylon can offer the utmost protection. During snow or while in a wet environment, safety boots with rubber soles are good and boots with cork soles are perfect for rough terrains.  Best Chainsaw Under 400

 Head Protection –

For logging, a hard hat is always a requirement but it should have a visible color and made of durable materials with shock-absorbing features.

Hearing Protection –

Even the best small chainsaw that is gas-powered can produce a lot of noise because chainsaws can create 95 up to 115 dBA that can be damaging to the eardrums. So wear earmuffs that pass the safety standards like CSA Standard Z94.2-14. 

Leg Protection

A trouser with sewn-in ballistic nylon pads is the best of its kind in terms of protection from flying debris or if ever your body comes in contact with a running blade. If you are using the best chainsaw under 400 at home, at least wear thick denim pants to protect your skin. Also, you must only wear close-fitting pants and manufactured with close-woven fabrics.


Chainsaws of any type can be very useful whenever you need a reliable tool around the house, within your backyard or for your land properties planted with trees. And some of the most reliable machines that we have reviewed in terms of overall reliability for homeowners’ use are the best chainsaw under 400 dollar units because these can essentially be used for light to heavy-duty use. Commercial Log Splitter

However, if you are a newbie in using a chainsaw and want to have your own and considering that you already have a plan on where to use it and how thick the woods it would be cutting, we advise that you must familiarize yourself with it first once you have the unit. Learn how its features work, how you could balance its body on your hands and know its capacity. Start by using it on a light cutting mode then slowly go forward. And don’t forget to also wear your safety gear. Axes for Splitting Wood

Next on our list, we will talk about the best chainsaws for women which some women would be interested to know. The chainsaws we will be discussing will be just right for them but will surely be tough and useful.

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