Best Charcoal Smoker Under 300 Dollars New & Affordable

Best Charcoal Smoker Under 300 Dollars New And Affordable ​

Buying the best charcoal smoker under 300 dollars may give you the best advantage because, at this rate, it can be most useful especially for a beginner. However, charcoal smokers are known to be the most difficult to use among smokers because you have to have in-depth knowledge and skills in managing their heat. Unlike the electric smokers that you can set their temperature right off the bat, it takes a lot of experience to master the art of using charcoal as fuel on a smoker. Yet, professional smokers are capable of smoking food even by using cheaper smokers like charcoal smokers. 

Best Charcoal Smoker

People would always want to own smokers because these are very convenient and easy to use. Especially for thanksgivings, family gatherings, and evening parties, smoking meat is like treating your guests to a wonderful dinner. On the contrary, most of the charcoal smokers we have today have limited cooking space because of their design. In this case, if you want to smoke so much food at the same time, you better upgrade your charcoal smoker and turn to the best smoker under 1000 dollars which can offer quality smoked food regardless if you are a newbie or a veteran smoker. 

Best Charcoal Smoker

With this price, you can have a wider option to choose from among the largest electric type smokers that are digitally-equipped. But don’t get frustrated if you don’t have  this amount because there are also the best pellet smoker under 500 that you can also rely on. Being on the practical side, you can even pick the best electric smoker under 200 dollars and still you can utilize it  well for your home cooking.

Why Buying the Best Electric Smoker under 200 is good value?

Best Charcoal Smoker

Who wouldn’t want the best electric smoker under 200 dollars with good potential for smoking meat? Yes, Amazon also sells efficient electric smokers at less than 200 dollars and you can also get satisfactory smoking days with it. The good thing about choosing electric smokers under 200 dollars is their simpler designs thus they are also easy to use. Some of their models are built like a fridge and are perfect for indoor and outdoor smoking. Also, you can grill meats or fish just outside your door with them. Some of their designs have analog control panels that will let you control their smoker settings and regulate their cooking temperature. Such electric smokers are ideal for newbies who want to multitask while smoking food. 


Digital Electric Smoker, 30 Inches, Black​

Best Charcoal Smoker

If you are looking for the best electric smoker under 200 dollars, this Masterbuilt MB20071117 can beat other brands that are also under the 200-dollar price tag. The manufacturer is known for producing good quality smokers for several years and we know that it uses only durable materials for producing its products. This unit has good accessories to make your smoking much simpler and more convenient and we consider this electric smoker as a good choice for the best smoker under 200 dollars because of its added features. Designed like a 30 inches black fridge-like with a digital control panel at the top, you will be able to see the cooking temperature inside the unit. For loading up the wood chips, it has a side tray for replenishing the wood.  

Best Charcoal Smoker

Inside this fully insulated smoker, you can find four steel trays, a drip pan, water pan, and a smoker box so you can smoke several types of meat for a large group of people at one time. If you’re worried about the electrical consumption of this unit, not to worry because this smoker only consumes a maximum of 800 watts for heating from 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for smoking chicken, fish, turkey, and pork, this is the best electric smoker under 200 dollars you can now find on the market. As such, we recommend this item as an entry-level smoker despite of its simple features. Very user-friendly, it can always produce delicious smoked food. 

Pros and Features:

Adjustable air damper for regulating the smoke level

Digital panel to manage temperature and time of smoking

Set-and-Forget cooking system

One side tray to replace wood chips 

Double-walled for insulation

Spacious cooking space with 4 racks

Comes with a wood chip loader

With air damper for smoke control


Has no glass window for checking on food

Advantages of Choosing the Best Charcoal Smoker Under 300 Dollars

Best Charcoal Smoker

Nothing beats traditional smoking with the use of the best charcoal smoker under 300 dollars. With this price range, this could give us enough help in cooking and smoking food that you can achieve with the more expensive units. Especially if you are on a tighter budget, you can opt for charcoal smokers which are made to be simple to use but will let you enjoy your smoking hobby. Another advantage with charcoal smokers at this price level is, you don’t need to plug them into your outlet and you can use them anywhere.  Using charcoal as a heat source, you won’t be using any other fuel with it that can be contributory to air pollution so the food that you grill, smoke and cook with it are sure to be healthy, safe and delicious.  

Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill

If you’re a smoker enthusiast, you might have heard of the Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill. This smoker is listed as one of the most popular choices among customers at Amazon for its excellent smoking capacity. Kamado brand has been known for its high-quality product because most of their smokers are coated with ceramic skin. And this product stands out among the other Kamado brands because its body is made of metallic steel and doubled with an insulator. With its built, it can keep in more heat which is necessary when you are smoking food that requires slow cooking. This product is priced at 299 dollars at the time of this writing and we see this as our best charcoal smoker under 300 dollars. 

Best Charcoal Smoker

The Akorn Kamado Grill is designed as a black steel egg and has the coated skin from the traditional Kamado smokers. It can maintain the heat that closely resembles the performance of the classic models of Kamado. With two side tables with hooks underneath connected to the smoker, this is perfect for containing your cooked and raw food and the hooks for hanging your tongs. Akorn Kamado has a 20-inch diameter cooking tray so you can smoke a larger piece of meat on it. 

Best Charcoal Smoker

Its cooking grate is also made of cast iron so it is durable and can retain heat much longer. The “smoking stone” is also a good feature if you want your food to cook slow. This product offers versatility as it can bake pizza, grill, or smoke meat. It also has two large wheels for mobility and a bottom shelf to make the smoker more portable and for storage. With a heavy structure, we voted for this as the best pellet smoker under 300 dollars.   

New and Affordable

Pros and Features:

Chimney with a maximum heat range of 700 degrees Fahrenheit

Very versatile

Heavy-duty made 

Keeps heat longer

Controllable heat feature

Easy to use and move around

New and Affordable


Quite heavy

Looking for The Best Pellet Smoker Under 500 Dollars on a Budget?

Buying the best pellet smoker under 500 dollars gives your wishes for excellent food with the real taste of smokey wood flavor. Pellet smokers can have all the characteristics that you’ll want with your meat. And at this price range, the product can already offer several features such as spacious cooking space for smoking a large amount of meat and also capable to smoke fish that have delicate meat. 

Best Charcoal Smoker New and Affordable

Especially the charcoal pellet smokers, these are very easy to use because they have very basic functions. Pellet smokers are mostly preferred by newbies who want to try smoking meat and other kinds of food. They are also generally easy to load with wood pellets as most of them are designed with hoppers. And for this price, you can easily find one that has a timer, a digital display and have multiple racks for smoking versatility. 

New and Affordable

Charcoal pellet smokers are also quite similar to electric pellet smokers in smoking principles. They both need to heat the pellets while they slowly burn it to produce the smoke. Typically, the heat range of pellet smokers ranges from 180 F to 350 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the brand. 

Z Grills ZPG 7002BPRO Wood Pellet Grill Smoker

Don’t think twice about having this pellet smoker because the Z Grills ZPG series have good operational parts and they can work on many types of cooking. This unit can be used as a smoker, an oven, and can braise all types of food. Not to mention that it can smoke thick cuts of pork much faster.  

Best Charcoal Smoker New and Affordable

This product’s cooking process is simple and so far we haven’t found many issues about it even from the users. We even think this can equal the quality of the best smoker under 1000. With an internal large space, it offers two wide trays for smoking a large amount of food. It can also handle continuous smoking for burgers, chickens, and ribs. 

New and Affordable

This 20 lbs pellet smoker is designed for high capacity grilling, barbecuing and smoking. With a wide temperature range of 180 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, it can also show you its internal temperature through its digital panel clearly. Equipped with a heat regulator to let you maintain its smokiness, you can load a lot of pellets in it because this is designed with a large hopper. The compartments are also well-constructed and heavy-duty made so we consider this as the best pellet smoker under 500 dollars. 

New and Affordable


Easy to use

Two wheels for moving it around


Versatile in cooking meat

Set and leave cooking method

New and Affordable


Temperature control can fluctuate

Advantages of Buying the Best Smoker Under 1000 Dollars

You might have searched on Google about the best charcoal under 300 dollars while browsing other types of smokers with a friendly price. But let’s talk about the advantages of having a high-end smoker like the 1000 dollar-priced units. These types of smokers normally have more modern accessories and heat regulators to let you control their thermal heating capacity for better meat cooking. In some brands, they have their thermometer probes and Bluetooth capabilities with remote controls as well as a digital display so you can manage their heat while monitoring the internal temperature of your meat.

Best Charcoal Smoker New and Affordable

However, sometimes buying a 1000 dollar smoker can be an issue when it comes to budget. So we suggest that you shop for the cheaper priced smokers that also have the capacities of the most expensive units. If you want to venture into having a smoker that will worth the price, try looking for the best electric smoker under 300 dollars first. Yes, there are electric smokers at this price level that are also equipped with electronic features and some of them have a spacious cooking capacity and therefore are also great for smoking meat for a large group of people. 

Nevertheless, if you want to have a high-quality smoker for outdoor smoking, you can also window shop for the best pellet smoker under 500 dollars. Some of these pellet smokers also have several racks that will allow  you to smoke more meat separately from other food types. There are also smokers that you can open their lids without affecting their heating temperature and these are what we call the offset smokers. Yet, some of the high-tech offset smokers belong to the best smoker under 1000-dollar category and they are generally designed for multi-purpose uses. They can generate a lot of smoke and heat and best used for grilling all types of meat.

The Benefits You Get For Buying the Best smoker Under 1000 Dollars

What’s good about opting to buy the best smoker under 1000 dollars is that it gives you a wider array of uses and features compared to smokers with lower prices like the best charcoal smoker under 300 dollars. Though charcoal smokers are good, other kinds of smokers can also offer many accessible features for you to become comfortable when smoking your meat. 

Best Charcoal Smoker New and Affordable

While the expensive smokers can work their way in perfecting the process of smoking, the best smoker under 1000 dollars can offer you a lot of versatility, bigger space, higher mobility, digital temperature setting and timer and much faster time for smoking your food. And for the most part, smokers of this caliber can generate heat up to 500-degree Fahrenheit. They are also generally heavy-duty made and most of them are for multi-purpose cooking. 

Z Grill 700DPRO Wood Pellet Grill

This unit is a high-competitor grill but still cheaper than the other brands of offset smokers. As it offers great versatility, it can grill burgers, steaks, turkey, and a large part of the meat. It can also be used for baking bread and pizza and also for cold and slow smoking fishes. 

Best Charcoal Smoker New and Affordable

What makes this product shines better than the mid-range pellet smokers is its maximum heat capacity as it has a maximum heat range of 450 degrees Fahrenheit that can produce more smoky flavors over the rest. Overall, this unit did entice us to give it the best smoker under 1000 for its great function and solid build materials.  With an installed advanced wood fire technology that will let you replenish its pellets for constant temperature during smoking, you only have to fill the hopper and let it do its job. 

Best Charcoal Smoker New and Affordable

This smoker has a 6.9-inch x 27.5-inch rack that you can place two dozen burgers, five whole chicken, or six racks of pork ribs. If you want to grill and smoke food for a large crowd, this unit can be your best choice. It is also featured with a rack below the smoker to keep your pellets and BBQ accessories in place. Large but with four wheels, this unit is very easy to move around. 

New and Affordable

Pros and Features:

8-IN-1 smoker (grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbeque or char-grill)

Can be used for baking, grilling, low and cold smoking

Maximum heat range of 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Perfect for smoking meat for several people 

Can produce more smoke for more flavorful food 

Durable-walled with solidly-made accessories 

Large storage capacity with extra rack below the unit

New and Affordable




Your choice for a smoker may depend on how much food you want to smoke but most importantly, how much budget you have to buy what you need. In this article, we have presented to you decent smokers of the different price range but are all very useful and reliable. This is why we told you about the best charcoal smoker under 300 dollars because there are generally on the mid-range level and can even exceed your expectations. 

But if you want to buy a highly competitive grill, you can have the best pellet smoker for less than 500 dollars. Furthermore, if what you need is an all-out, perfect smoker for multi-purpose use, better opt for the best smoker under 1000 dollars.  

New and Affordable

For our next blog, we will discuss the best combo grill smoker and also talk about the advantages of having this kind of smoker. We will also review some products to help you choose your ideal combo grill smoker. 

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