Best Cordless Weed Eater How Do You Choose?

If you’re the type of person who always wanted to have a very well-maintained lawn all over, then most likely you have the best cordless weed eater in your garage or shop. So why do we assume that? Because we’ve known a lot of homeowners with lawns can’t live without their weed eaters and most of their machines are the cordless types. But what are these weed eaters? best cordless weed eater

Weed eaters have earned so many names. They are also known as string trimmers, garden trimmers, weed whackers or wackers, or simply trimmers in some countries. But whatever its name, this tool can be your very useful grass trimming machine you can use to maintain your garden, lawn, ranch, farm, or simply around the house because weeds will eventually grow as long as there is cordless weed eater

Weed eaters function by spinning their circular heads rapidly along with their micro-filament strings which are usually made of tough nylon. While in motion, the string straightens up and whenever you bring the spinning head of the trimmer onto  the grass and weeds, the nylon string whacks these with great force and speed and the result is cleanly cut grass. At about 1000 to 1200 spins per minute, the nylon trimmer can be able to cut clean tough grasses and weeds. However, their strings are limited only for grass and weeds that are succulent and not the woody plants. In this case, you have to bring out your brush cutter blades.


Cordless Weed Eater Worth buying?

Weed eaters have a unique way of cutting the grass. It can cut grasses that have thicker stems without causing serious injury to plants even if you accidentally touch them unlike with the brush cutter blades. They are also easy to maintain and the  common problem with the gas-fueled weed eaters is hard starting which can be caused by issues in the carburetor or the spark plug. Weed eaters come in a variety of types: gas-fueled units, electric (corded) and the battery-powered (rechargeable types). If you are not into noisy machines and you hate to smell the fumes coming from a petrol-fueled weed eater, then better choose between the corded and the cordless weed eaters.   best cordless weed eater

There are several advantages in using electric corded weed eaters and the cordless weed eater types. For the corded, it can offer you a continuous trimming job as there’s no need for refueling, no fumes, no noise and no need to recharge any battery. However, corded weed eaters have one common limitation and that is their cords itself which are basically the extension cords. These cords will limit your reach around the lawn and it may also get in the way as you trim so you need to pull it here and there to give you a clearer space. Another big problem with the corded weed eaters is water. Because once moisture seeps between the cord and the extension cord, this can electrocute you once you get near it. So this leaves you no other choice but to use the cordless weed eater type. mower for wet grass

In our opinion, the best cordless weed eater should combine the advantage you get from the corded and the gas-fueled weed eater types. How? Read below.


Advantages of Using the Best Cordless Weed Eater

Can deal with almost any type of soft grass and weeds. The best cordless weed eater can cut almost any type of grass or weeds as long as these are soft or have watery stems or leaves. It can also cut down growing hardy shrubs as long as their stems have not turned large and woody. But don’t use your cordless weed eater on very tall grasses. best cordless weed eater

In our experience, thick grasses that are more than 8 inches tall could wrestle up the weeds and wrap it around the head of the trimmer causing your trimmer to stall. So tall grasses should be dealt better with brush cutter blades preferably knife blades or mulching blades

Highly portable. Compared to the corded trimmer, the cordless trimmer is more portable because it won’t limit your reach and can be carried anywhere. You can carry it around your yard or even go all the way to your fences to trim edges. Also, you won’t have any restrictions with your movements as no cable will need to be pulled out of the way every time.  best cordless weed eater

User-friendly to you and the environment. No fuel needed means no gas and no fumes. No noise either so you won’t be bothering your neighbor’s pets especially your neighbors. 

Equally powerful compared to the corded trimmer. Since a cordless weed eater gets its power from a battery wherein the battery derives its power from electricity,  the power of the cordless weed eater can be the same as the corded depending on the power of the motor and capacity of the battery. The bigger the motor and the higher the volts of the battery, the more powerful the trimmer. brush removal

Easy to use. This is much the same as being user-friendly but when it comes to operation, the best cordless weed eater types are the easiest to use. They are also very easy to maneuver around thick bushes and inside corners. 

Lightweight. The heaviest part of a cordless weed eater is only its motor plus the battery. The heaviest weed eater could only weigh around 13 lbs with the largest battery while the cheaper versions are even lighter. best cordless weed eater

Less maintenance requirements. Like the corded weed cutters, the cordless types are also easy to maintain. The motor of the cordless weed eater, unlike those of the corded, doesn’t usually get burned out or get grounded because the battery can only release the right amount of power to spin the rotor of the machine. So most often, it is only the batteries that get beaten up with continuous use. When the batteries get flat quickly and require frequent charging, it’s time to change them for new ones.

Issues and Battery Life of Cordless Weed Eaters

Why we have to specify also the disadvantages of having a cordless weed eater is because a lot of people wanted to know their limitations before deciding to buy them. Well, the most common problem with these mobile trimming machines happens mostly  with the batteries which are disposable. Not all batteries of the cordless weed eaters are the same as they vary in sizes and power capacity.  best cordless weed eater

 Small batteries can pack up to 20 volts while the more powerful ones are around 40 volts. Full charging time for these can range from 3 to 5 hours. Depending on the quality and power of the battery, large batteries of the cordless weed eaters can last up to 2 hours with continuous trimming. Generally, the batteries of the cordless weed eaters are the aH Li-Ion. Li-ion symbolizes Lithium-Ion. The meaning of aH is amp-hours which means this is the amount of power the battery can deliver in an hour. So for a 2.0 aH Li-ion battery, this means it can deplete its full charge in about 2 hours. best cordless weed eaterWhy the Li-ion is the most preferred type of batteries for rechargeable gadgets and tools is because they can be recharged hundreds of times and they release energy more stably. They also have higher energy density which means they have higher voltage capacity but lower self-discharge rate than other types of rechargeable batteries. However, when the battery of your best cordless weed eater has finally reached its life expectancy limit, this won’t be reliable anymore and you may get interrupted with your trimming task as you will need to recharge again. So it is always necessary that you have an extra battery on hand.

Proper Techniques To Use a Cordless Weed Eater

Some people just wanted to have weed whackers for their lawns or garden but they don’t know how to use them effectively. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the proper procedures in using them you may end up with an ugly and shabby cut on the edges of your lawn.  cordless weed eater

So here are ways on how to properly cut grass for a more wholesome look. But first, let us tell you how to stay safe while using your string trimmer as well as the procedures on how to keep your machine always in good running condition.

 Always wear protective clothing. It doesn’t have to be PPE but long pants, closed-toe shoes, goggles, gloves and a long shirt will do. The hat is optional if you want to keep your skin off the sun. Why do you need to be protected? Remember that the revolution of the trimmer head can go around 120 spins per second. cordless weed eaterAt this speed, once the string hits the grass, soil and pebbles, these debris will fly at high speed in many directions so hitting your eyes with these or skin would be likely. As an extra precaution, don’t ever remove the protective shield of your cordless weed eater because this is your first defense against flying debris.

Make sure the battery of your weed wacker is fully charged. Most of the new models of weed trimmers today already have 2 batteries stacked in single cartridges so these machines can stay running double the time compared to units with single batteries.      

Walk around the area to check for sticks, rocks, or any debris that the nylon string may hit. These things can add risk to your trimming tasks and they can also damage your trimmer’s head.  Wear the ppe properly and feel the weed cutter’s level if it is the right height to your hip and hands. The handle should be leveled against your hip while the head of the trimmer must be low enough to reach your desired cut on the grass. The ideal distance between the soil and the reach of the trimmer nylon is at least one inch if you are after trimming. 

If you are clearing out tall grasses, swing the head of the machine slowly from side to side while advancing your steps towards where you are going.

If your aim is to cut the edges of your lawn and make an even cut along with your mowed grass, swing your trimmer’s head from left to right or right to left depending on the position on where you start. The important thing is you start trimming from the direction of the mowed grass which serves as your guide and move your feet slowly as you move forward. brush cutter blades

If you want to totally disintegrate the grass or weeds that grow around pots or plots, slant your trimmer’s head so that the spinning string barely touches the ground. All the grass and weeds that have now been touched by the string will be shredded including the leaves.

Using a cordless weed eater is also much the same as with the corded types in terms of techniques in trimming and cutting the grass. Now that you have learned how to use a cordless weed eater, let’s look for a couple of the best cordless weed eaters that can serve as good investment for your lawn maintenance. 

Best Cordless Weed Eaters That Are Worth The Money

WORX 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer

A lot of people love this WG14 mainly because of its easy push-button start control and automatic line adjustment which makes trimming a breeze. If you have flower beds in your backyard that you don’t want to get near your lawn mower, this best cordless weed eater should take care of the edges. Very lightweight, it weighs only around 6 pounds this is a favorite among the ladies who like to have this for their flower gardens.

Charging time for this unit is approximately 5 hours for a full charge. It has 2.0 aH 20V batteries which means at a full charge you can use this cordless weed eater continuously for 2 hours. This unit looks small but it is packed with lots of power while its 10-inch cutting diameter enables you to trim grass faster. You could carry it anywhere like around your barn, shed, garage, or if you have a wide lawn with edges near the road, this is better be used rather than the corded ones. It also has a flower guard which is a piece of stainless bent metal on top of the cylinder head to push plants and flowers out of the way when trimming.    The W154 also comes complete with a 20V battery charger and a trimmer spool. Its handle is also ergonomically designed for comfortable handling. As soon as you start this tool, the nylon string also automatically elongates to get you ready for trimming. In terms of lightweight, maneuverability and battery life, this unit has been rated by many consumers almost with a perfect 5-star.

BLACK+DECKER 40V Max String Trimmer

We know that a lot of people have faith in the Black&Decker products including string  trimmers. With an American-brand name, B&D has an excellent history in the manufacture of only the best tools and equipment that are used for different purposes all over the world.  For this weed eater, it has a single 40V lithium battery while you can control the use of the battery’s energy based on the time of your choice. 

It also has an automatic feed spool so whenever you start the motor the spool releases the proper length of line which eventually lessens your labor time needed in adjusting the string. The shaft length of this unit is 52 inches so even if you are a bit taller, there’s no problem using it. Quick start and can easily convert the trimmer to edger by only turning off the shaft, this unit can be part of your essential tool that you can trust anytime.   In terms of maneuverability, lightweight, weight distribution and battery life, this B&D LSD136 model earned an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 by the consumers. The main features are its instant trigger and soft grip handle, adjustable auxiliary handle, telescoping aluminum pole, and the cutting diameter is 13-inches. It is also equipped with a plant pusher/protector.

My Conclusion

Weed whackers or wackers are very significant tools for our lawn and garden maintenance. You can rely on them whenever your lawn mower fails to reach areas that can be narrow, too stony or too steep. So having the best cordless weed eater is like investing in a tool that can always complete your maintenance tasks. Even professional gardeners and landscapers always use lawn trimmers otherwise they cannot complete their jobs.

If your cordless weed eater can be converted into a brush cutter, that would be an excellent bonus as you won’t have problems in dealing with woody shrubs and brush that grow around your fences which basically are hard to eliminate. 

On our next blog, we will also discuss the best gas weed eater because we know that a lot of you prefer the more powerful grass trimmer units.  

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