Best Electric Log Splitters for Residential and Commercial Use

Splitting a log with an axe is truly hard work. But  splitting a log has also became high-tech, faster, easier and most of all almost no risks involved. By that, we mean we now have the log splitters to do the job. These machines can split logs ten times faster than what you do with an axe and yet you won’t feel the strain on your hands and back you get from manual log splitting.  

Today, we want to introduce you to the 3 best electric log splitters because of their convenience for home or even for commercial use. But let’s discuss first how log splitters work and what the other types of log splitters are.

best electric log splitters

What’s Behind the Log Splitter

Log splitters are simple machines created to split logs into small pieces intended for firewood. They generally come into two types – the gas-powered and the electric type.  Both work on the same principle. By putting a log on the log cradle and switching the hydraulic cylinder to enable the ram to push the log against the waiting wedge this puts pressure against a small area of the log and the log ultimately cracks and splits into two. 

The pressure that is applied by the machine to enable the log to split is called the ‘tonnage’ so tonnage is simply the power of the machine to crack open a log. The higher the tonnage, the more powerful the machine can crack a log. To that, choosing your log splitter’s tonnage depends on the density and size of the logs you intend to split.Best Electric Log Splitters

To give you an example, if you want to split a log with a 6-inch diameter, a portable 4-ton log splitter can easily do the job. But if you need to split a 2-foot wide tree trunk, you’ll need a 20 – 30-ton log splitting machine. So for the smaller sized branches or logs, the best electric log splitter should do the trick. But for the bigger logs, the gas-powered machines can do the job. 

However, we’ve found one best electric log splitter with a 22 tonnage and can split bulky logs easily like what the gas-powered units can do and we’ll get into that later.

Best Electric Log Splitters

Electric Vs Gas-Powered Log Splitters

 Electric Log Splitter


  • All it needs is an electrical outlet with live electricity. 
  • Quiet operation.
  • Lighter in weight and more portable.
  • Price is less than the gas-powered.
  • No fumes and no need to change oil or add fuel and requires very minimal maintenance. 
  • Perfect for residential use.Best Electric Log Splitters


  • Most can only handle logs with a maximum of 12-inch diameter and 20-inches in length.
  • Need electricity to function or a generator for use in remote locations.

Best Electric Log Splitters

Gas-Powered Log Splitter

These are available in different types: standard hydraulic types, two-way splitting ram, horizontal-vertical types and the kinetic types which are the fastest. 


  • They are more of the heavy-duty types and more powerful than the electric types. 
  • Tonnage capacity ranges from 8 tons to more than 34 tons for commercial log splitters. 
  • Highly mobile and generally towable.
  • Best choice for commercial use.


  • Costlier because of their large and more powerful engines.
  • Need regular maintenance.
  • Need to be used far from residential homes or livestock because of the fumes and noise. 
  • Louder than the electric types.
  • Have lots of spare parts.

Since you know now the convenience of owning the best electric log splitter and the benefits offered by the gas-powered log splitter, it all depends now which of these could be your choice. The gas fueled log splitters are ideal for those who need to split huge, tough logs or the freshly cut medium-size logs. Best Electric Log Splitters

Nevertheless, if your need for firewood is only on an as-needed basis and if you want to do the splitting in your garage, shed, or anywhere else near your house and wants to stock on firewood, the best electric log splitter would perfectly suit your needs. Best Electric Log Splitters

Here we have reviewed the 3 best electric log splitter types and though there are lots of ideal units we prefer these more than the others because of their extraordinary capacities and features.

Top 3 Best Electric Log Splitters

We chose this mainly because this is truly made in the USA and it’s super tough it can take on logs as wide as 30” in diameter. And as a high-end log splitting machine, this unit is now available for purchase in many parts of the world and is widely recognized as one of the most dependable and durable electric log splitters that is purely American made. Commercial Log Splitter

If you live near the mountains or in the rural areas where you have good access to cut logs, we recommend that you better check on this powerful Swisher log splitter before you try other brands. Why? This is because this has the power and the capacity of a gas-powered log splitter which is unbelievable. Thus, we do not hesitate to say this could be your best electric log splitter that can do a heavy-duty job. Best Electric Log Splitters

Special Features:

What is so special about this electric log splitter is its 22 tonnage splitting capacity which is very unusual with the electric types. And aside from that, this is one of the rare vertical electric splitter and a horizontal electric log splitter in one which is commonly seen among the gas-powered splitters. Best Electric Log Splitters

To use it in a vertical position, you only need to raise it by its beam lift handle and lock it in place using the vertical beam lock. 

Best Electric Log Splitters

The Stand

Another thing that people like about this product is it comes with a stand and we know very well that when operating a machine and lifting heavy objects and putting them on a low platform, that gives you a heck of a back pain.



This unit runs on a 120 V electric motor which is very quiet and requires 15 – 20 amp outlet. And because the motor is powerful, it is advised that you use 14 gauge extension cord for its motor. The motor is also dual voltage which means you can change the voltage requirement from 110V single phase to 220V single phase.

In some countries where 220V is the standard voltage, people won’t have a problem using this machine.

Cycle Speed

How about its speed? We know that even the best electric log splitter could be slow in its cycle time. But this one is different because this has an amazing 13 second cycle time to split a hardwood log of about 30 inches in diameter on a horizontal position thanks to its 2-stage pumps that is responsible in providing the hydraulic power and at the same time maximizes the cycle time. Commercial Log Splitter

The hydraulic tank, however, has a large 2.5-gallon hydraulic fluid capacity that’s why the cycle speed is faster and more powerful. Such feat can be done by the powerful vertical log splitters in about the same time but because splitting a large log in a horizontal position requires more power this machine is already fast with a 13-second cycle time. Best Electric Log Splitters

Heavy-Duty with No Maintenance Need

The greatest advantage of having this machine is not only its high capacity tonnage but this also requires no maintenance unlike with gas-powered units. And yet this machine is so powerful we see it as one heavy-duty log splitter that would be perfect for residential use or even for industrial use as long as there are lots of logs to split.

Log Cradle Wings

What we also like about the Swisher LS22E is it has the log cradle wings which are very useful when splitting a log horizontally. These serve as resting supports for the split logs by reducing the chance of dropping them from the beam and picking them again for another split.


The tires are DOT approved so you can tow this log splitter and drive up to 45 MPH on the road with legally approved wheels. The tires are also very wide and thick they are prone to blow-ups even if you put a heavy load on the cradle when splitting logs.  

Cradle and Wedge

The cradle where you put the log on has a 25-inch opening which is wide enough to accommodate even large-size logs. The wedge is a 1-inch thick machined steel compound that is totally welded at the end of the cradle to ensure solid splitting of logs. 


  • Made in the USA
  • 120V electric motor
  • 22 Tonnage capacity
  • Dual-splitting position (horizontal and vertical)
  • Vertical beam lock to secure the base while in a vertical position
  • 13-second cycle time
  • 2 stage pump for quicker cycle time
  • Direct drive that eliminates the number of moving parts
  • 25-inch cradle opening and 1-inch thick wedge metal compound
  • 2.5-gallon poly hydraulic rust-resistant tank
  • With log cradles to secure logs during splitting
  • Comes with a 25-feet cord
  • Weight is 456 lbs
  • Road towable up to 45 MPH
  • With 2-inch ball coupler for towing
  • Ideal electric type for commercial use
  • Can split almost all types of wood including redwood up to 30-inch in diameter
  • 90 days warranty for commercial use and a 1-year warranty for domestic useBest Electric Log Splitters


  • Costly but durable
  • No gauge for hydraulic fluid
  • No bumper to push off logs that get stuck on the wedge
  • Heavy if you are to pull it by hand

Our Verdict:

The Swisher LS22E can be your perfect partner for splitting logs for any wood type and many people attest to its capability to split even the hardest of woods and at a huge 30-inch in diameter. Aside from that, you cannot easily find an electric log splitter that is so highly versatile it can be used for vertical and horizontal log splitting. 

This machine is basically heavy-duty made and surpasses many other kinds of electric log splitters in terms of power, versatility, durability, and towability. Its wheels are also large and tough you can tow this unit on a highway legally. Commercial Log Splitter


About the cons, these are not actually serious like the absence of gauge for the hydraulic fluid. So patience with the use of a dipstick will do. This machine is kind of heavy weighing less than half a ton so if you have to locate this from one place to another, you may need someone to help you and that’s the reality of having a heavy-duty machine.

Overall, this is the most complete and best electric log splitter we’ve seen so far that’s American made and that’s why this is on our first list on our best electric log splitter review. 


We have included the Boss Industrial ES7T20 because this is one of the most reviewed electric log splitters not only at Amazon but on many other review sites. So how come this machine becomes popular and seen as the best electric log splitter among the compact models?

Well, if you are searching for the best electric log splitter that’s just right for producing firewood for your furnace, this one is just good enough. Very compact but very agile, this is also very easy to use because of its one-handed operation. While most electric log splitters need to use both hands, you will feel more relaxed operating this unit.

The only precautions with the single-handed operation log splitters is that you have to be careful when your other hand is free because electric log splitters work faster than the gas-powered and are mostly hydraulically equipped. 

So what are the best things the Boss Industrial ES7T20 has in store for you?



This piece of equipment is equipped with a 2 HP electric motor that is copper wired and with 13.5 Amp that can deliver up to 7 tons of force though it is said that it can easily split up to 16-inch diameter logs. So if you have a pile of medium-sized logs to crack, this would be a perfect choice and it’s electric. You just need a 12-gauge cord and you’re up to splitting logs for hours. Best Electric Log Splitters

And like we’ve said, this is a one-hand operation which makes it easier for you to split logs single-handedly. This basic-looking splitting machine should not be overlooked because this has been tested to split different types of wood which include the hardy types like fir, oak, and cedar. 

In terms of power, splitting convenience and safety features, this machine is ensured to provide you the help you will need to store  your firewood for your shed during winter. Aside from that, because this is built with a narrower structure, you can easily store this log splitter inside your garage or shed or even under your working table in your garage.

The motor, by the way, runs on 115V and can draw up to 13.5 amps or equivalent to 1500 watts and has a patented hydraulic system which you can only find with the Boss electric hydraulic products. 

Cycle Speed

For a 10 second cycle time, this machine is really fast in breaking up logs which means it will only take 10 seconds from the time the ram moves to push the log until it goes back to its cradle. That’s why using this unit would not only ease up piling up your firewood but will also quicken it. And with an automatic ram return, that makes the splitting more efficient and faster.

Side Rails

One of the unique things this machine has which brings another advantage is its side rails. These keep the logs stable in place while splitting. It also serves as a protection for your feet against falling logs which usually happens when logs fall from the log cradle or the split logs suddenly disengage from the wedge and are dropped out from the log cradle.


The wedge is 5-inch steel and heavy-duty made and basically welded to the body of the cradle so there’s no way the wedge will be out of line once a huge and tough log will be pushed against it. In some models, the wedges are screwed and bolted. But these are not the ideal type of wedge you should deal about because a large hardwood may press like steel and that could be the end of your wedge. 

Mounted Ram

To totally hold the log you are splitting, the bottom ram of this machine has teeth that literally go deep inside the wood and hold it in place. For this, the split log also would not easily fall off because they are partially held up by the ram’s teeth. This is also a unique feature of the Boss log splitters.

Gear Pump

The gear pump is an industrial grade that completes the machine’s total durability and performance. 




  • Powerful 2 HP Electric Motor
  • 7-ton splitting force
  • 110 to 115V
  • 3500 PSI hydraulic pressure
  • 10 seconds speed cycle time
  • Single-handed control
  • Automatic ram return
  • Easy to store
  • 1-gallon hydraulic capacity
  • Can split up to 16-inch diameter logs
  • Ideal for residential or domestic use
  • 2-year residential warranty


Not for vertical use

Splits around knots

  • Oil may leak from the hydraulic ram

Our Verdict:

The Boss Boss Industrial ES7T20 actually has a lot to offer in spite of its compact size. For residential use, this is not bad but actually perfect. People appreciate its heavy-duty build, powerful motor and with only 7 tons splitting force, it is tested to crack open logs that exceeded the recommended dimension of 10-inch in diameter. Commercial Log Splitter

For an electric log splitter, you can absolutely get the satisfaction you’ll need from this machine. It is also very affordable and not even exceeding the $500 price while this can last for years even with regular use.  

Easy to store, no maintenance needed except for watching over its hydraulic oil, you’ve got no problem with this unit. Commercial Log Splitter

Gathering great reviews doesn’t always happen on many log splitters but this one has them and that’s why it deserves to be your best electric log splitter among the level entry machines of its class. 


We know that some of you will be looking for the most affordable but best electric log splitter on the web but you want one with detailed reviews. Well, here we now found the YARDMAX YS0552 that fits your needs. 

With a 5-ton splitting capacity, it has the splitting power of a 7-ton log splitter. So essentially, this is also a pit bull in terms of splitting the hardest woods that is up to 10 inches in diameter.

On the other hand, we have read some reviews that this could take up to 12-inch diameter logs for either the softwoods or the hardwoods with ease like the maple, chestnut, hemlock, oak, and beech. Compared to the Boss we have discussed above, this YARDMAX has the stand that can give you a good respite for your back. Kinetic Log Splitters

This YARDMAX is the cheapest but very dependable electric log splitter we could find at Amazon that can always deliver good results. You can bring it in inside your garage and do some log splitting and you can set it aside right there for the next job. 

Here are its specs to show you its best features.



The motor is 15 Amp but can deliver 5 tons of power and can split logs up to 12-inch in diameter and at most 20-inch long. It operates on a two-hand process but this ensures you that both of your hands are in a safe position before the ram slams on the log.

Cycle time is 16 seconds which is longer than other brands. This is common because the size of its motor usually compensates for the speed. Another thing that you will like about this unit is its removable log tray which catches the wood after splitting. You don’t have to pick every piece of wood if you want to split them again so piling of the firewood becomes easier.   


This unit comes with a stand and we have found out that when this machine’s stand is assembled, the machine could go as high as 40.8 inches or about 3.5 feet from the ground. Such height won’t give you the backache problem anymore and this is really good news for those who have bad backs.


This unit comes with a removable log catcher which you don’t need to screw. All you need to do is insert the end tail of the catcher on the slot and leave it there with the cradle. 

Stroke Limiter

This is a unique feature of the YARDMAX YS0552 that most electric log splitters don’t have – the stroke limiter. This feature allows you to limit the stroke of the ram so as not to waste time waiting for the ram to fully settle from its usual position. So if you’ll be splitting shorter logs, this is a perfect option.


The wheels are large at 7-inch in diameter and have a lightweight design. These are purely made of plastic but durable because this machine is intended to be stationary. Moreover, you can change these wheels with rubber wheels if you want to have shock-absorbing wheels or if you need to pull the unit in many different places outside your house. 



  • 15 Amp motor that can deliver 5 tons of splitting power
  • Log capacity 10” to 12” in diameter
  • Removable stand and log tray for more user’s convenience
  • With stroke limiter
  • Wedge is 5-inch steel welded to the base of the log cradle.
  • 2-handed operations for hand safety
  • Cycle time 16 seconds
  • 7-inch wheel diameter with a lightweight design
  • Highly portable suitable for indoor use
  • Assembly required only for stand and wheels
  • Hydraulic capacity – .93 gallon
  • Total weight – 108 lbs
  • Operating position – Horizontal
  • Warranty: 2-year residential and 90-day commercialBest Electric Log Splitters


  • Reported hydraulic leak after prolonged use
  • Wheels are made of hard plastic

Our Verdict:

So ultimately, this is a machine that is good for its price. For a compact log splitter, it proves to be tough against hardwood that may reach up to 12-inch in diameter.


This machine is proven to be very durable, dependable, and as reported can last for many years with only the hydraulic oil leak issue which can be solved by putting on the right gasket.

Another thing is, we have seen a number of people using the YARDMAX YS0552 and have produced piles and piles of wood for fuel and still the machine stands up straight and solid. 

So for all the things that this machine can do, we can honestly say this could be anyone’s best electric log splitter and will surely be worth the buy.Commercial Log Splitter



Log splitters can really take off the problem of producing wood fuel that needs to be stocked for the cold season. And if you live where there are old trees to cut or if you can buy logs from legitimate sellers, owning a log splitter can give you a lot of advantage.

If you noticed, we have shown you the high-end best electric log splitter down to the most affordable one that is best for domestic and light commercial use. However, all of these have gathered so many great reviews with very minimal issues. It’s now up to you which of these 3 top sellers would perfectly suit your needs. 


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