Best Multiprocess Welders

best multi process welder

What can you get from the best multiprocess welders? This is the usual question that we get from people who think about buying their first welding machines. Well, let me tell you first about what multi process welders are that other people also call the multi-purpose welders. Obviously, these are welders that offer a lot of welding combination capability. Unlike with the single MIG or TIG or a stick welding machine with their respective welding process, these come as 3-in-1 or even 4-in-1 welders.   

These types of welders are now becoming popular among welders not only in the US but also in Europe. And why not, using a single machine, you are limited to a single welding process only while the multi process welders offer a lot of welding processes which make it possible for you to complete welding work for all types of metal under any weather condition. Yes, you can modify the torches and do TIG welding with a MIG torch but this is not always advisable. But with the best multi purpose welder, with a quick shuffling of the cable and using the dedicated torch you can safely weld any metal you want. 

The best multi process welders are also generally dual voltage (120V-240V) so you can plug it in any electrical outlet or to a power generator. They are also conveniently power inverted which means that they are equipped with devices that can convert power from AC to DC. This capability helps you save on power use while preventing power surge in damaging your machines.

best multi process welder

Advantages on Using the Best Multi

The most apparent reason for having the best multi purpose welder is its versatility and dependability. Most of them are also designed for extreme power up to 200 amps. So imagine you only have a MIG machine which is best for fusing thick metals like aluminum, steel and stainless steel. But then you came across thin metal sheets and you cannot use your MIG welder because you might melt the metal, this is where changing your MIG torch into your TIG torch can solve the problem. 

On the other hand, if you are to weld on the outdoors where it is windy, you simply cannot use TIG or MIG torches because the draft may contaminate your weld pool. So it is now time to change your torch into a stick torch. Stick welding does not use shielding gas to protect the weld pool unlike with the MIG and TIG and it even enables you to weld rusty and painted metals.

Very economical to use and comes complete with accessories, and pluggable to any power source, the multi process welders are the newest additions into the modern world of welders. The best multi process welders are available in portable type. Either you are a mechanic, a farmer, an HVAC technician, or a part-time contract welder, you will know that having the best multi purpose welder can be a significant game-changer.

best multi process welder
Best TIG Welder for Aluminum

Finding the Best Multi Process Welders To Satisfy

If you check the online market for the best multi process welders, you will find a lot of them with good features. But if you search for their reviews, you can find that many of them are not as reliable as they look. So we decided to find for you two of the best with the most positive reviews.  

best multiprocess welder
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The unique thing about the Weldpro welders is that these machines can fine-tune wire speed by itself and can regulate its own voltage thanks to its IGBT inverter system. So for those who worry about buying a machine that can overheat due to overlead, worry not because we did find out that this welder has a VRD high temperature and overload protection system to protect itself from overheating. Weighing about 30 lbs, this 2020 Welpro 200 amp is a great choice for indoor and outdoor use and very portable. You do not need a cart to carry it around. 

Capable to perform TIG, MIG and stick welding, it produces less splatter with tighter beads. For beginners up to the expert welders, this could be your perfect middle-ranged best multiprocess welder that can weld just about any metal. This machine also boasts of its capability of true lift TIG welding, stick welding, aluminum welding and even flux core welding. Basically, it offers a variable amperage setting for every selection of the welding process. 

With a dual digital display that is easy to read, you can quickly set the amperage and the wire speed anytime.  Some welders find the TIG features to be very useful because it can perform well even on DC power and can weld metals of different types including braze metals. If you need an all-around welder which you need for your repairs and maintenance, car modifications, or any type of welding needs, this unit completes it all – MIG, Lift TIG, and stick at a maximum limit of 200 amp output.

best multi process welders
best multi process welders


Can perform 3 types of welding – lift TIG, MIG and stick welding

Very portable and weighs only less than 30 lbs

Also allows flux core welding

Comes complete with MIG torch (10 feet cable), TIG torch (13 feet hose), electrode holder, earth clamp, power adapter (for 110 and 220V power), face mask and gas hoses 

Spool gun capability with advanced DC Lift TIG features 

Can handle aluminum welding with spool gun on MIG mode


Two large LCD display

30% energy efficiency at 200 Amp duty cycle

Mid-range welder choice with great value for your money


No foot pedal for TIG included

If you are looking for an American brand but the best multi process welder that is also lightweight and portable (about 40 lbs), this dual voltage (120V – 230V) is a good product worth looking into. Why are we presenting this? Because it has the best features that many welders are looking for with 4-in-1 welders. For its physical features, it has a large color display guide which you can set up manually for the settings. Lincoln welders are known for their reliability as well as durability and this unit is always considered among the top-rated welders that are perfect for home workshops up to construction site work. 

The MP which stands for Multi Process can get you back in line if you are already losing hope in finding the best multi process welder.  It can do MIG, TIG, and stick weld as well as flux colored welding. It also stabilizes itself when it comes to adaptability on power voltage. But the most noticeable thing that people like about this machine is its front control panel that is paired with a large window LCD display. And even though you can change the settings manually, when in “smart mode” the machine automatically chooses the right amperage for your welding process. 

For beginners, this is a good machine to start with. But for professional welders, setting this up is like a child’s play that they can easily play with spot gap settings, do flux core and manipulate the sharpness of the arc. We have also found out that in some US welding schools, this is the type of welding machine that they use not only because it has an American brand but also it has powerful features that are hard to match even by equally expensive multiprocess welders. 

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American brand for assured quality and durability

Can be plugged to any power supply

Very versatile it can perform MIG, TIG, Stick and flux colored welding

Best choice for beginners and pros

Uses smart technology for automatic sensing of amps required

With large front LCD panel, push-button and knobs for adjustment settings

Able to weld aluminum using MIG spool setting with aluminum reel

With very clear and concise instructions on the inside panel

Body is made of sheet metal with durable plastic for seams and fittings

Weatherproof, it will not stall even under extreme weather conditions 

Comes complete with TIG, MIG guns and a spool gun


Not capable of aluminum welding in TIG mode

Does not include pedal for TIG welding

Quite expensive

We chose only two of the best multi process welders to give you an idea of how the middle to high-end multi process welders differ in features and performance. And honestly, both are reliable although the Lincoln welder has a proven durability history than the imported Weldpro.


Having the best multi process welder is like going to your battle fully equipped with gears and weapons. So summarizing the advantages of owning one, you can save money with it, saves you time and space and help you to weld various kinds of metals using only one unit. 

The not so good thing about these machines, however, is if crashes and you do not have a backup machine, then your work stops. So if you own a low-range multi process welder and you prefer MIG welding most of the time, consider having the best beginner MIG welder as a backup.

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