Best Rod For Surf Fishing

Best Rod For Surf Fishing

If you love fishing on the beach you may want to have the best rod for surf fishing that’s probably why you are on this page. Surf fishing is also known as “beach fishing” because you use your fishing gear to catch fish that live close to shore. Surf fishing is the sport wherein you have to stand on the shoreline or have to wade in the shallow water to cast your lure or bait so this is also referred to as shore fishing. You can surf fish on fishing piers, rock jetties, or any beach that is not prohibited for fishing.
best rod for surf fishingSo what do you primarily need to have for surf fishing? The best surf rod, of course, and a reel followed by other accessories. Right now, you may be interested to know the best surf casting rod but may also have heard about the spinning rods which can also be used for surf fishing. In this article, we will explain  the basics of choosing the best rod for surf fishing and some reviews of the best casting rods that a newbie in fishing should know about.

best rod for surf fishing

Basically, surf fishing is casting your lure onto the sea preferably behind the sandbars. Sandbars are ridges made of sand or sediments that were naturally built by the movement of the waves. Behind these sandbars are accumulated organic materials, seaweeds, plankton and other small marine animals which serve as food for the fish. The larger and the deeper the sandbars, the more fish there are. In this case, you need to take advantage of getting your bait or lures behind the sandbars and you will need a reliable surf casting rod for this.

Best Reel For Surf Fishing

There are two kinds of fishing rods that “surfcasters” mainly use and these are the spinning rods and the casting rods. So how do these two differ and what are their advantages and disadvantages over the other?  

Which is the Best Surf Rod - Casting Rod or Spinning Rod?

best rod for surf fishing

Casting Rods

The best surf casting rod is preferred for more heavy-duty fishing. They have heavier gears and therefore use thicker lines for heavier baits. They can be used both for surf fishing or for boat fishing and their reels are positioned on top of the rod handle. In terms of catching bigger fish, most fishermen prefer the casting rods because they are made to be stiffer and have more horsepower for stronger drags. They are also the better choice for areas where there are lots of heavy covers like grass, corals, and rocks and you need its strength to deal with the bigger and more aggressive fish. 

According to expert fishers, the best surf rod has a bigger backbone plus casting the bait is easier because its line guides are on top of the rod. The stiffness and strength of the rod also help in pulling the fish out of the water. 

Unfortunately, there is a bit of a problem if you are a newbie with the casting rods because you need to have the skills to accurately drop your lure where the fish converge. Also, casting rods are prone to bird nesting which means the line gets tangled on the spool due to the fast spinning of the reel once you throw your lure far out. So experience is necessary to efficiently use the advantages of the casting rods.   

Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are said to be the more finesse types of rods compared to the casting rods and their reels are attached under the handle of the rod. Their  line guides are also below which makes them more sensitive for line feeling bites. They also need lighter lines, lighter bait but they come from soft to medium power to heavy rods. The spinning rods are naturally more flexible and some fishermen consider them to be more versatile because of their lighter drag system.   

Best Reel For Surf Fishing

If you are looking for the best rod for surf fishing with a more sensitive feel, the spinning rods can be more user friendly for newbies. However, even surf fishing experts agree that spinning rods are also susceptible to line twisting and can also have problems with casting accuracy because their line guides are designed to be too far from the rod. 

On the other hand, you may want to try using both the best surf casting rod and the best spinning rod because you may find among them the one that is strongly adaptable to your casting skills. Either way, both can be excellent tools for catching fish either on the shoreline or in the sea. If you want to purchase your first rod for fishing and use it out of the box, you can also consider buying a combo rod. The combos are already equipped with reels and you only have to wind the line into the spool. 

Best Reel For Surf Fishing

Review of the Best Surf Casting Rod Types

Casting rods are designed for maximum drag and they offer bigger line capacity. Yes, they can be heavy and large but they can deal with any kind of fish – small and large. Most of their types have “triggers” for the reel seat except for the saltwater models. They also have smaller guide sizes compared to the spinning rods.  

Here are three of the best surf rod models which we like to recommend especially for beginners but can also suit professional surf casters’ preferences.

Ugly Stik Bigwater Casting Rod

A very interesting name for this casting rod but if you’ll discover its features you will know it can be your reliable best surf rod at a very affordable price. You may have a glimpse at some of the most reliable and popular casting rods online that are quite expensive but with this low-priced rod, this will suit a hobbyist surf fisher’s needs – newbie or expert surfcasters. Reviews also say that this product can even outperform other rods that could cost twice its price. 

For the record, this best rod for surf fishing is made with a combination of fiberglass and graphite so it was fully strengthened for utmost durability which you need when you have to drag heavy fish out from the water. It is also very sensitive that you can even feel a slight pull from small fishes. It comes in two lengths – 10 and 12-foot long and both can boast of their heavy structures capable of bring up heavy fish. Uniquely, it only has a single guide made of stainless steel to avoid insert pop-outs while its handle is covered with an EVA grip for a more solid hold. 

This rod is made for medium to heavy surf fishing so if you want to start practicing catching bigger fish, you better check on this one first. Ugly Stik is a very reliable brand and this model is also gathering great reviews at Amazon. It usually comes in 2 pieces and the company offers a 7-year limited warranty for this.  


Made of durable materials -graphite and fiberglass for strength and long-lasting use

With a single guide made of stainless steel

Available in two lengths version – 10 foot and 12 foot

Perfect for newbies who want start surf fishing with a heavier rod

Perfect for boat and salmon fishing

Very affordable

Backed by a 7-year limited warranty


Can be heavy for some newbies

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

This is the best surf rod if you are looking for a dual-purpose rod particularly for a casting and spinning rod-in-one. Made of a two-piece Toray 24-ton carbon that utilized KastFlex blank technology to achieve that strength, power and accuracy in all types of water, this is also available in 29 sizes. From the beginner’s ultra-light spinning fishing rod up to the heavy 7-foot spinning rod, its strength also ranges from medium to heavy power. If you are searching for an all-out best surf casting rod and with heavy-duty features, this one should deserve to be on your checklist.

best rod for surf fishing

You surely want to catch some  trout, walleyes, salmon, catfish, steelheads, or any of those saltwater and freshwater fishes that deserve to be in your pan, right? Well, you then deserve this dual-purpose rod. KastKing is one company that utilizes only the best quality and high-density parts and it also specializes in the manufacturing of lightweight rod blanks as well as heavy rods for boat fishing while selling them at very affordable prices.

best rod for surf fishing

This KastKing Perigee II is defined as a hybrid but looking closely, you will see that this is packed with the latest technology you can find on more expensive rods for surf fishing. And though this is a very affordable high carbon rod, you still can trust this casting rod to haul those large, heavy salmon right from the shoreline. With Fuji O-ring line guides, full ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seat, and a hook holder, it is also available in one and two-piece products and these are both perfect for saltwater and freshwater fishing. With this model’s 24-tonnage feature, this becomes a mid-standard rod but not prone to breakage.


Multipurpose rod (bait casting and spinning)

Made of high carbon materials throughout

 Available from light to heavy rod fishing types

Perfect choice for freshwater, saltwater, kayak, bass, and trout fishing or other fish species in any body of waterbest rod for surf fishing

Very affordable and great for beginners and professional surf fishers

24 Ton capacity which is just perfect for weight and sensitivity


Tip can be prone to breakage with larger fish

St Croix Mojo Surf Saltwater Casting Rod

St. Croix brand is also a well-known name in the fishing world and this Mojo Saltwater Surf casting rod also carries the assurance of the St. Croix quality. Made with premium SCII graphite materials, this best surf rod would be perfect for anglers who are looking for high-performance fishing rods at an affordable price. Made of mid-modulus graphite fiber that can tolerate a high strain rate, this product is still lightweight but strong and durable with a high level of sensitivity. best rod for surf fishingThe handle itself is a customized “X-WRAP” which means its handle has an etched X design to ensure a firmer grip as you fight over and haul the fish from the water. Durable, yet soft and easy on the hand, the handle is one feature that this model is very proud of. Other special features also include an off-set ferrule for the two-piece rod that can turn the rod into one solid piece which gives you the convenience of carrying it around inside your truck. For the lines guides, these are made of zirconium material with black frames so these won’t corrode or degrade over time.

This 10-foot rod is rated as a medium-powered rod with a line weight of 10-20 pounds and 1-4 ounce of lure weight capacity. The handle is 6-inch long to enable handlers to hold the rod with ease. For its reel holder, this is is made of Fuji DPs with black hoods and this rod weighs about 23 ounces. Being backed by a 5-year warranty service, if you want the best rod for surf fishing that would be flexible, strong and made of genuine high-grade graphite, this could be it


Premium SCII Graphite construction

X-Wrap Handle 

With off-set ferrules on a 2-piece rod

Zirconium rings for the guides

Twice flex-coat finished

10-foot rod 

5-year warranty


Split in 7 and 3 feet instead of 5 and 5 feet

What to Look for With the Best Surf Casting Rod?

When searching for the best surf casting rod, you have to consider some factors first before buying. So take notes of the features of the casting rod so that when you begin to surf fish you can easily master and perfect your desired techniques. Here are some things you should check on the rod: 


Consider that the longer the rod, the farther you can cast  lures off shore  where the fish congregate and feed. Moreover, you also need to think about the rod action so length and power would play important roles in the efficiently use your fishing rod.  Ideally, you would need at least a 10 to 12-foot rod and this is the ideal length for beginners. Yes, such length can be difficult to use but once you familiarize yourself with a long rod, you will have a better chance of reaching the larger fish.


The best rod for surf fishing is a collapsible type not only for easy storage and carrying but also in case you want to change the other half with a more sensitive or flexible part. Size also means power and a bigger rod can have more power though this can compromise sensitivity. On the other hand, there are also lightweight and medium-size rods that can be powerful and yet can handle the strain better. So size and materials must also come together to have a rod with sturdy size. 


Fishing rods are rated by their power rating or weight. Ranging from light to heavy, these also indicate their stiffness and flexibility. With surf fishing, you could be dealing with bigger and more aggressive fish so the better choices are rods that have medium power or if you are an expert bait caster you should go for the extra-heavy rods for more power. 

Flexibility and sensitivity.

These indicate the potential of your fishing rod to handle the strain and avoid breakage as well as its quality for sensitivity because you need to feel even the slightest tug on your line and prevent the fish from dragging your line into the hindrances that are behind the sandbars. 

Best Reel For Surf Fishing

My Conclusion

Having the best surf rod will always make your day while on the beach and surf fishing is one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies without the need to travel far into the sea. Once you try surf fishing, you will never go back because this is an addictive hobby with lots of surprises and delicious rewards. But don’t be surprised because once you have the best surfing rod, you would be tackling fish of different sizes, strength, and aggressiveness.

Hopefully, when you shop for the best surf rod, you will remember the tips that we gave you. You could also check the products that we have reviewed and these are all gathering positive feedback and are very reliable especially as they belong to the most popular brands in today’s market.

For our next blog, we will talk about the best reel for surf fishing and you need to know the types of reel to help you improve your fishing techniques.  

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