Best Smoker Grill Combo

What is a Grill Smoker Combo?

Smoker grill combos are cooking devices that can do both smoking and grilling while for some designs, they can even do up to 8 cooking methods. These modern smoker grill combos can now perform many cooking methods which include braising baking, grilling, barbecuing, or even searing. Some can also do cold smoking.  

Smoker Grill Combo

Most of the newest models of the combo smoker grill units today have two cooking chambers: the large chamber is for smoking and the other chamber is for grilling or also for smoking. So the benefit of these models can cook for us different cooking methods at the same time. All you need to do is set the temperature and you can start cooking your meat in direct or indirect grilling.

Best Smoker Grill Combo The grill smoker combo units also cook with charcoal, or wood pellets, or propane gas to draw heat into the chamber while the more advanced use electricity. So when it comes to versatility, the combo grill smokers can do multiple cooking jobs better than the standard smokers. 

Best Smoker Grill Combo

What are the Types of Combo Grill Smoker?

When looking for the best smoker grill combo units, you should also know the different types of products that can do dual or multiple cooking methods. So we want to present to you three units with their combination of smoking/cooking capabilities:

Charcoal Grill and Smokers

Smoker and Grill

This type of combo smoker can serve as your average combo grill smoker. Some need charcoals while others depend on electricity. The charcoal combo grill smoker units usually have automated rigs for adjusting the dampers and vents and some models also have digital control panels. Such units are perfect for grilling meats, as well as for smoking cheese for unique smokey flavors. However, this is not the right unit for searing your meat. 

Propane Grill and Smokers

Smoker and GrillThe propane combo units can also have the same features as the pellet smokers. Moreover, most of their types run with gas and they can reach up to 500 degrees F. Also, some of these propane grill smoker combo units consist of several burners inside their cooking area and ordinarily have two metallic trays for putting in your food. Like the rest of the smoker grill combos, these present a multipurpose cooking system that allows you to cook various cooking styles at one-time cooking. Moreover, this device can stand better for grilling or searing according to some BBQ masters.

Pellet Combo Grill Smokers

Smoker and Grill

These are some of the best smoker grill combo units among the rest of the smoker grills. They usually need wood pellets to create smokey flavors and to keep the temperature constant. Generally made of solid steel materials, they are also loaded with special features for users’ convenience. What they have can help us do our cooking job easier with their more advanced features and they also typically offer a temperature range from 150-500 degrees F. Also, they can cook a large variety of food items at one time so they are mostly preferred by culinary businesses. 

Tips when Choosing your Combo

Smoker and Grill

Deciding to buy the best smoker grill combo can save you a lot of money instead of buying a regular smoker. The smoker grill combos have a flexible cooking process that enables you to use them in many cooking ways. And since the smoker grill combo can provide the best smokey flavor, it can also be challenging to choose the right grill smoker combo unit because there are a lot of good brands and models to choose from. In case you have checked on smokers, you may have gone over the popular brands like Pitboss, Traeger, and Oklahoma and yet you still cannot choose which smoker to buy because these are all popular and dependable brands.

smoker and grill

Like us, we also have some difficulties in deciding which of these brands are good to buy in terms of the combo grill types. But then we finally came up with the three best smoker grill combo units in the market because these are more practical to have. Then furthermore, we will also tell you about how having a smoker grill combo can change your way of cooking. Here are what we have for you.

Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Smoker Grill

30" BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker

Smoker and grill

So you want to own the best smoker grill combo but then you got limited choices because you’re on a tight budget? If you need to grill or smoke more food much like what your friends do, then this Royal Gourmet 30 BBQ Charcoal Grill and Smoker can provide you your needs. It has a dual purpose for cooking your meat because this is an offset type and functions both as a smoker and a griller. With a separate container for adding charcoals and wood chips, it has a total of 800 square inches of cooking space and 438 sq. inches of it are on the main chamber. It even has a warm rack for cooked food if you want your meat to stay warm. The grates are made of porcelain steel and its lid is also heavy-duty built. 

Smoker Grill Combo

This mid-range combo smoker also has adjustable dampers to control the flow of smoke and heat. For mobility, its two medium-sized wheels will help you move it around your yard. And how about the steel mesh table where you can keep your tools for cooking and your bag of charcoal? And we know you like this because like us, we will be happy to carry all our needs by loading them right into our smoker/griller.  

Smoker Grill Combo

Having this smoker grill combo can be an opportunity for anyone who needs to know better how to smoke using charcoal. With its modest price, you can now enjoy smoking your food outdoor much like your friends. And no worries you would be overcooking your food because this unit has a thermostat gauge that will measure the cooking temperature throughout your smoking process. So if you like charcoal grillers but want to try smoking your food, why not check on this grill smoker combo which is also our best choice for beginner smokers who want to try the charcoal types.



Very affordable and best for beginner smokers 

Lightweight, portable and mobile 

Includes a thermostat gauge and a side chamber for refilling the charcoal

Good for traditional smoking and grilling meat

Total of 800 square inches of cooking space

Rack for warming food

Two chrome-plated grates

With thermostat gauge at the front lid



Some users see its door as rather flimsy

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 6 in 1

Smoker Grill Combo

Do not pick this product if you only want mediocre quality food because this electric combo grill and smoker is manufactured for quality cooking and old-style barbecuing and smoking food outdoors. What this combo grill smoker unit can do is to make your food smoking more convenient than before. Its new electronic processor with the digital control panel will let the cooking in automation. Just press the button for adjustment and you can have the juicier meat with the distinctive smokey flavors within hours. You can also set the temperature as high as 500-degree F and alter the temperature control from 180-degree F to 450-degree F.

smoker grill

We know that offset smokers can do different cooking methods including baking and rotisserie. So, what should we talk about this product? Well, this model smoker can cook 8 different cooking styles: braise, grill, smoke, roast, sear, bake, and barbecue. What more, this product stands out from the other grill smoker combo units due to its 330 square inches main grilling area and its 270-square inch smoking rack that you can cook a large portion of meat for several hours and still the temperature levels remain.

Smoker Grill

We also need to mention that this Z Grill ZPG 6002E is the latest model for the year 2020. It has a more accurate thermostat and more advanced pellet feeder control system and also has an upgraded digital control that allows for automatic ignition to your smoker. Overall, for a smoker under 500 dollars, we consider this model as one of the best smoker grill combo unit for the mid-range priced units.

8 in 1 cooking method
Has self-regulated thermal control from 180degreeF to 450degree F
The highest temperate rate at 1000-degree F
Can sear (burn the skin) meat using sudden heat
Can be used by beginner smokers up to professional smokers
20 lbs of pellets can last 20 hours of cooking
With specially-designed waste oil collector accessory for easy cleaning
Made in the USA


Uses wood pellets which it is expensive


The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

This propane combo grill smoker unit has exceeded our expectations despite its low price. We have seen a dozen reviews about customers’ satisfaction so we got intrigued and search for this product and indeed, this roaster/griller is amazing. This unit uses infrared heat technology that can cook your food through indirect heating. It can cook/smoke a turkey, pork, and especially chicken very easily. It can also grill meat and roast poultry products with a breeze.

For its structures, this black bullet-shaped device weighs 22 lbs. and measures 23.1 inches in length. Its body is a bit lighter and it is easy to assemble its part. There are two removable cooking grates, and each grate has its functions. The smoking basket measures 1200 square inches for putting large cuts of meat while the 180 square inches can be used for grilling small cuts of meat.

The performance of the propane grill smoker combo unit is great for cooking medium-sized meat and therefore you eliminate the charcoals or wood pellets because this smoker combo uses only a gas tank for heat convection. However, if you want your meat to have that smokey wood flavor, there is a dedicated smoker box made of stainless steel for the wood chips. So if you want to smoke meats for five to six people, this Char-Broil Infrared Smoker Roaster is the best smoker grill combo to be your entry-level smoker.


Simple to assemble
3-in-1 (smoker, roaster, and grill)
With 1200 square inches of cooking basket used for smoking
180 square inches TRU infrared grilling surface
Very versatile and portable with two side-mounted handles
With removable grease tray
Easy to use


Requires babysitting since it does not have temperature viewing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Grill Combo?

The main reason why people choose the best smoker grill combo products instead of the regular unit is because of their multiple functions. They can do various kinds of cooking methods in one session and can always give that good smokey flavor to your food. They can also be your cooking stove that’s why some are capable to bake and sear.  

Another advantage of having the combo grill smoker units is they can only occupy little space despite their multiple functions. Although most of the combo units we see today are predominantly built to be large and heavy like the offset smokers, we still see the combo smokers as quite smaller in terms of dimensions and height compared to regular offsets. Also, some units even have side tables with hooks on the side of the unit as well as bottom shelves that add to their functionality.  

Yet, purchasing the best smoker grill combo doesn’t need to be wasting your money because they come in a variable but affordable price range like $500 to $1000. Well, maybe for some people this price range can be heavy on their pockets. But considering that the performance could be better and more convenient with the dual or multi-purpose combo grillers, these products can let you explore more of your cooking and smoking capabilities. Honestly, these smoker grill combo units are some of the most sought-after products so you may also find it hard to find them even online when you need them.

How to Use the Best Smoker Grill Combo?

The combo grill smoker units are very easy to use especially if you already have used some standard smokers for years. So for beginners, these are what you should do.

Preheat the smoker grill first the same procedure as the regular smokers. Begin by adding either wood pellets or charcoals, or even opening the gas tank to heat the chamber for a few minutes. If the temperature begins to fade, add another batch of charcoals or wood pellets to raise the heat level. Make sure you keep the heat level constant until it produces smoke in the chimney. You are now ready to proceed with seasoning your smoker grill.

Start adding meat to the cooking grate. The thicker meat on the lower crates and the more delicate meat like fish on the upper crates.

Close or seal the door and set your temperature setting using your thermostat control with the electric unit and the flame control if you are using a gas combo unit.

Monitor your meat through the view window or if there are no view windows, watch over the temperature reading on the top lid of the unit if there’s any.

If there’s a thermometer probe, leave it stuck on the thicker meat.

Know that the internal temperature of the meat should be about 160 to 170 degrees F which indicates cooking is done.

For the best smoker grill combo but don’t have a digital display, you need to monitor your cooking time as every kind of food have a certain cooking time. Use a thermometer probe to check the meat’s temperature.

After the cooking/smoking session, clean out the mess inside the unit first by disposing of the collected waste oil followed by removing the grates and washing them clean. Wipe the inside of the smoker and collect and dispose of the ash. 


The smoker combo grills can do better jobs as your dual-purpose machine for cooking your food so you can enjoy grilling and smoking any type of meat without the need for another cooking unit. Yes, they may be quite more expensive compared to the single function smokers but with their price, you still can get your money’s worth with them.  

Also, your combo smoker grill doesn’t need to be fully featured once you become familiar with how to grill and smoke your food. All you need is a matter of time to practice and familiarize its functions until this becomes part of your regular cooking buddy.  

For our next blog, we will talk about the best meat to smoke for beginners and we will focus our discussion on the benefits of identifying the meats that are easy to smoke and yet very delicious to eat because of the smoke flavor. 

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