Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks
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If you begin to sense a foul rot-like smell or you catch sight of icky ooze dripping from under your sink in your kitchen, it may be a sign that the bottom of garbage disposal leaks some of the liquid as it runs. Since garbage disposal is one of the most essential appliances in many home kitchens, we know how much of a hassle it can be when it gets damaged.

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks

However, before we go into the nitty-gritty of what to do when the bottom of garbage disposal leaks, you have to do a bit of cleaning up to prevent your kitchen from turning into a damp, foul-smelling swamp. 

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks

The first thing you need to do is turn your garbage disposal off and unplug the unit from the socket. Take some old towels or rags and use them to absorb all the water that has dripped from your garbage disposal. Then, place a bucket under the disposal unit so it can catch the leaking water. Finally, mop up all the areas the water has spilled over to if there are any. Opening the windows and spraying a good amount of air freshener to mask the foul odor wouldn’t hurt either.

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks-2 

Now, we all know that water and electricity don’t mix well together. So, any time your garbage disposal leaks, you should try to find a solution as soon as possible. Read the article below to find out what steps you can take when the bottom of garbage disposal leaks, how to fix garbage disposal leaking from bottom, what to do when your garbage disposal is leaking from reset button, or when your garbage disposal leaking from side pipe.

But before we get into that, here are steps for you to follow on how you can find where the garbage disposal leak is coming from:

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  1. Start drying out the outer parts of the garbage disposal and the sink flange to eliminate new moisture. 

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks-4

2. Then, put on a drain stopper right in the sink and fill up the sink with about 3 inches of water. You could also mix some food coloring in the water to make it easier for you to locate the source of the leak.

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks

3. Take out the drain stopper then wait for about 5 minutes. Then, take a flashlight to observe the garbage disposal from under your sink. 

You can now see the exact location where the leak comes from, making it easier for you to identify which course of action is best for you to take. You could also practice doing these steps at least once every one or two months to check for any possible cracks or minor leaks. It’s very common for garbage disposals to develop cracks with daily use. So, identifying and troubleshooting minor problems early on could help you in preventing them from becoming bigger and costly problems. 

How to Fix Garbage Disposal Leaking from Bottom

We’re going to be honest here, the method on how to fix garbage disposal leaking from bottom can be quite frustrating because the leak can be caused by a number of reasons, all of which require tedious fixing. 

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks-6

Before we explain what you can do when the bottom of garbage disposal leaks, you must first understand the cause of the problem. If the bottom of garbage disposal leaks, it is a clear indication that the seal on the protective shell case of the disposal unit has deteriorated. Either that or the interior shell itself has cracked. The purpose of the seal is to protect the garbage disposal’s motor and to protect the appliance’s electrical parts from moisture. If these parts of the garbage disposal get damaged, all the water coming from the sink can seep into the shell of the garbage disposal and that’s the reason why water is leaking from the base of your disposal unit.

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks

If your problem is about the bottom of garbage disposal leaks, you only have two alternatives you can choose from. One, you can either call a plumber to sort the problem out for you or two, replace your current garbage disposal with a new one. However, we can almost guarantee that any professional plumber you’ll call will recommend the latter option as well. So, it may be time for you to head to your local hardware store and buy a new unit. 

Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks

Hence, instead of wasting your time trying to figure out how to fix garbage disposal leaking from the bottom, opt to buy a new disposal unit. If you have basic plumbing skills, you could even save money by installing the newly purchased garbage disposal yourself. In the end, replacing your disposal unit will cost you less money than repeatedly trying to fix a problem that will reoccur time and time again. You should be able to get about 8 to 15 years of use from a brand-new good quality garbage disposal so the pros can outweigh the cons in this situation.

What’s Specifically Cause the Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks

Bottom of garbage disposal leaks are more often than not, caused by the protective seal getting deteriorated over time. However, there may be situations where you have unknowingly sped up the protective seal’s deterioration. For example, using strong acidic or chemical solvents such as bleach or liquid sink drainers to clean your unit is never a good idea. Although those types of cleansers usually work wonders on regular sinks without causing much of a fuss, the harsh chemicals in these cleaning solvents can easily melt the plastic components of your garbage disposal unit. This is especially true with the frequent use of these acids. So you may want to avoid using typical drain and sink cleansers and consider using milder, more natural alternatives instead.

strong chemical solvents

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice is a good and cost-effective alternative to your usual cleaning solvents. All you have to do is pour baking soda about a quarter cup into your drain and instantly add half a cup of either vinegar or lemon juice. The fizz that results from this homemade cleaning combination is exactly what you need to cleanse your drain. Afterward, you can rinse your sink with cold water, and voila, you’ve cleaned your sink without possibly damaging your garbage disposal.

lemon and vinegar

Another way to prevent garbage disposal leaks is to avoid overloading your disposal unit with too much waste. As much as possible, you should try to keep the food load light by adding the waste little by little. When you fill your garbage disposal with too much waste, you end up overworking the motors and it produces excess pressure that can greatly damage the garbage disposal’s components. Overloading also increases the chances of clogging your garbage disposal which is a separate problem that you would have to deal with.


Garbage Disposal is Leaking From Reset Button

If your garbage disposal is leaking from reset button, it could be due to one of two reasons. One possibility is that the body of the disposal unit has been damaged and rust has spread, leading to cracks in the garbage disposal’s internal seal. The second reason could be because replacement for the flywheel gasket is needed as it has worn out. However, if you find that your garbage disposal is leaking from reset button, it’s best to buy a new unit instead. 

However, if only the flywheel gasket needs to be replaced then you’re in luck. This guide will walk you through how you can replace your garbage disposal’s flywheel gasket by yourself. All you need is a handful of tools, and basic plumbing skills!

off and unplugged

  1. The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the unit is in its OFF mode and that it is unplugged from the socket. This will help you prevent any accidents that may come your way when attempting to repair your disposal unit.

    Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks

  2. Then, you have to disconnect the drain pipe from your garbage disposal to take it out from its place. Got a dishwasher connected, be sure to disconnect that from the unit as well.



  3. When pulling out the unit from under the sink, there are three main components that you need to look out for. First is the black hose, an orange or silver ring, and a tubular pipe that connects the disposal unit to the p-trap.

    Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks


  4. Disconnect the black hose by loosening the screws with a hex nut screw. Afterward, the garbage disposal should get loosened up from the pipe.

    black hose


  5. Next, using a hex wrench, loosen the ring that is at the top of the unit that connects the garbage disposal to the sink. Make sure that you are gripping the garbage disposal securely to avoid dropping it, damaging the unit further. Be careful when doing this because most of these units are heavy. You should now see the flywheel gasket after this.

    Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks


  6. The next thing for you to do is replace the seal with one that matches the old seal exactly. You can easily find an exact match by inquiring about it in your local hardware store. Be sure you know the exact model of your garbage disposal so in case the staff asks any questions, you know exactly what to tell them.

    Bottom of Garbage Disposal Leaks-17

  7. Finally, you can reinstall your disposal unit by following the previous steps in a reversed order.

Garbage Disposal Leaking From Side Pipe

The side pipe could also be another source of nasty leaks. When your garbage disposal leaking from side pipe, the most obvious solution is to check all the screws on the side pipes and tighten those that have loosened up over time. You could also opt to use a plumber’s putty to fix any loose seals if you’re only dealing with small drips. However, keep in mind this is only a temporary band-aid solution and that this won’t completely stop your garbage disposal from deteriorating. If the leak is coming from your garbage disposal’s discharge pipe, you may need to change the seal located between the holding nut and the discharge pipe.

Garbage Disposal Hums

If after many attempts of repairing the side pipe fails, then there’s no other way but to call a professional plumber to check and fix the problem for you. Spending a few extra dollars on hiring a professional service is always better than repeatedly attempting to fix a problem that is too complicated for you.



Whether the bottom of garbage disposal leaks or the garbage disposal leaking from side pipe, basically any form of garbage disposal damage can be quite a nuisance. This is especially true because your garbage disposal is probably one of the most used and most convenient appliances in your kitchen. Nonetheless, leaky garbage disposals are common occurrences in many households. Due to your usual wear and tear, it’s completely normal for household appliances to break sooner or later, so don’t fret too much when this happens to you. Plus, the steps you can take to repair minor damages can be pretty easy if you have the right set of tools and skills. 

Garbage Disposal Leaks

However, depending on how comfortable you are with working on your plumbing repairs, you might be able to fix one or all of these issues yourself. But we know that it’s pretty easy to get in over your head when attempting to do any home repairs by yourself. So, if you have even the slightest doubt or if you’re feeling a little cautious, consider calling a reliable expert service to do the job for you. Anyway, you can always delay any type of damage that may happen to the garbage disposals through proper care and maintenance.


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