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Chainsaw For Women How and Where to Find

Some people think that chainsaws are generally heavy and difficult to use but did you know that there are chainsaws for women that are lightweight, easy to use and yet very efficient? Chainsaws are not all heavy that some even weigh 7 to 8 pounds. And some of the chainsaws we have seen are even lighter like ordinary garage tools that women won’t have problems using and carrying around. So in this article, we will discuss the best chainsaws for women that are compact but powerful and come in three different types: electric, cordless and gasoline-powered.   Best Chainsaws For Women   Some women want to use chainsaws basically to prune branches of trees or cut firewood from small logs or get rid of saplings that grew in their backyards. Some families live on homestead and women have their chainsaws for cutting trees and some of them also do wood milling for lumber. Some women can also handle heavy-duty gas-powered chainsaws for felling large trees but then we would like to focus with the best small chainsaw units that would be better to keep if you live in areas where trees abound or if you live in log cabins or farms where cutting wood is a normal event. Best Chainsaws For WomenSo here are some good examples of the best chainsaws for women which we find very light, durable and also reliable. We incorporate on our list the corded, cordless and the gas-powered because some women may want to venture on backyard management, landscaping, tree pruning, and even to logging that require chainsaws of various sizes and power. 

Best Chainsaws for Women – A Review of the 3 Branded Chainsaws Fit for Women’s Use 


Worx WG305.1, 8 Amp 14-inch Corded Electric Chainsaw

This is one of the cheapest corded chainsaws for women which we find very convenient to keep in our homes especially if you have some trees around your house that might need some branch trimming or might fall in case of a strong storm. This is a very useful tool if you want to cut small logs for firewood or cut the unwanted hedges that you have planted years ago. So what are its special features that make it the best small chainsaw for women? The first thing that we noticed about this cutting machine is its powerful 8-amp motor. With this kind of power, users said they can cut 6-8-inch in diameter log with this machine even with the hardest woods. chainsaws for womenLightweight because it only weighs 7.95 lbs so even small-framed ladies can use it. It also has a chain lubrication system and an oil indicator which, by the way, is a refreshing feature because lubricating the bar guide and the chain can both be work deterrents in your busy cutting work. This feature will prevent the chain from getting dull easily as well as preventing it to overheat which can soften the metal. The oil indicator will also let you monitor your machine’s oil level and keep it efficient. The tool-less chain-tensioning system is also another good feature that best fits this machine as one of the best chainsaws for women. In this feature, you only need to turn the dial for the chain to have a good fit into the bar.  chainsaws for women

The bar length of this electric chainsaw is 14-inch so this is only a short, compact saw but very user-friendly. It also has a more relaxed feature like its rubberized overgrip handle that can help enhance productivity as this prevents arm fatigue. This chainsaw is best for light to medium kind of wood cutting like branch pruning, shaping trees, cleaning up the yard with overgrown saplings and more. Just be careful when cutting branches over your head so you must always wear protective gear like goggles and a hard hat as well as leather gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Don’t forget the safety shoes and fitting pants as well. Best Chainsaws For Women


Powerful 8-amp motor for steady and efficient cutting performance

With a patented auto-tensioning chain system for chain and bar guide maintenance

 Auto-chain lubrication system with oil indicator

Oil tank capacity 4 fl oz and chain pitch is 3/8 inch

14-inch bar and weighs at 7.94 lbs only

No need for gas and battery so it’s super safe for you and to the environment

With an auto-chain brake for safety

Can cut up to 8-inch in diameter logs

One of the cheapest chainsaws for women that’s tested for high performance 


Need to be drained of oil before storage to prevent leak. So we recommend not putting too much oil before use if you’ll use it for a few minutes only.


EGO Power 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw

And so here is the best small chainsaw that is battery operated but you can be assured it will be reliable even for women like housewives who want to have reliable saws for use around and outside their homes. First to mention of its special features is its brushless motor which is more efficient than the standard brushed motors and doesn’t overheat. Brushless motors are also lighter than the brushed but can give out more power and they always run on cooler performance. This machine has a speed of 6300 rpm so this best small chainsaw can be able to finish cutting all the low-bent branches off your trees before its 56V Arc Lithium-Ion battery runs out of juice. With this kind of a powerful battery, this machine can cut continuously for 30 minutes or more.chainsaws for women

Second, its 14-inch bar is made by Oregon which is one of the world’s most reliable manufacturers of chainsaw spare parts and chainsaw units so the bar would be reliably durable as well and won’t easily bend even when cutting logs up to 10-inch in diameter. Third, for utmost safety, this best small chainsaw also has a chain kickback brake and in terms of chain tensioning, it also has a chain tensioning knob on the side. Lastly, anyone can use it on any type of weather because aside from being battery-powered, this is designed with a weather-resistant construction. chainsaws for women

In terms of its price, as of this writing, this is still below the 200 dollar tag but if you think about using a powerful chainsaw without the fumes, very lightweight at around 8.30 lbs and can cut trees from 10-16 inches in diameter, even women should not hesitate bringing this into the woods for light chainsawing tasks. So ladies, here you have the best small chainsaw that runs on a 56V battery that also gives you the option to use a low-voltage battery as a reserve power source. EGO chainsaws are always reliable and this model is so compact but full of potentials. 


Brushless motor for more efficient and no overheating performance

With chain kickback brake for safety

Comes with 56V battery (25V battery can be used) + a free charger

14-inch barchainsaw for women

Capable of cutting trees up to 16 inches in diameter according to many users

5-year limited warranty on the unit for repair and services and 3 years for the battery and charger

Lightweight at 8.4 lbs.


The chain that comes with the unit is not of best quality

ECHO CS-271T 12 In. Chainsaw

What is better with the gas-powered chainsaws is that they are always more powerful than the corded and the cordless chainsaws. They also come in 2 types: 2-cycles and 4-cycle engines. The 2 cycles are more powerful although louder and can emit more fumes. And this ECHO CS-271T is one of the best chainsaws for women we’ve found to be in a complete package. For a compact wood cutting machine, it has a 26.9 cc engine displacement and loaded with a 12-inch bar so the power and the length cutting capacity of this machine is enough for cutting up logs up to 12 inches in diameter. It also has an anti-vibration handle to suppress the vibration that may numb your hand and shoulder during prolonged use. According to some users and as we checked at Amazon, this item is made in Japan or originates in Japan so we should expect the best performance from it that women can also utilize to their advantage. Also equipped with a chain break to keep accidents at bay, we should also add that ECHO machines are tough, reliable and have a long history of durability. Compactly designed, vibration-free, and for single-hand use, this could be a good companion even for loggers who need to cut branches from the fallen logs.

Weighing only 10.65 lbs. It also has a quick adjustable system for the bar and chain so you won’t have to be hassled  adjusting things.  So women  who want to cut logs into firewood or cut fallen trees in their properties but want to have more power with their chainsaws,  this is the best small chainsaw we can recommend for them.


Made in Japan

26.99 cc engine, 2-stroke

Quick adjustable knob for the chain 

Anti-vibration handle and comes with a wrench and 2-stroke oil

Almost no kickback

Lightweight at 10.65 lbs.

12-inch bar

Capable to cut up to 10-inch diameter tree

Very compact suitable for everybody’s use

Chain brake for safetybest chainsaw under 300



Expensive but can serve as a good investment because of its power, durability and efficiency.

Must Have Features for the Best Small Chainsaw For Women

Women just like men also have their special preferences when it comes to choosing chainsaws for them. But we noticed that there are two major things that they primarily look to fit their needs and that is the weight of the chainsaw and how easy to use it. On the other  hand, some women consider other features to render their chainsaws more usable so they also see safety and performance as required assets. Lightweight Weed Eater

If you are a woman who is reading this, we also have some tips for you to be able to recognize the best qualities of the best chainsaws for women. 


Men always look for chainsaws that are powerful and bulkier with their built because these are more for heavy-duty jobs. But if you need chainsaws only for domestic or residential use or for light cutting jobs, a large, powerful machine would not be necessary but with just enough power will do. For the electric chainsaws and rechargeable chainsaws, we recommend a machine to have not less than an 8-amp motor. For the rechargeable units, the battery could be from 40V to 50V or even higher. For the gas-powered, the engine displacement (cc) should not be below 25cc. Commercial Log Splitter

At this power level, your machines should perform more than what you can expect although not so much as with the heavy-duty types. Remember that the performance of the chainsaw is always dependent on its power and durability. And with the branded ones like we have presented above, these are the units that correspond to power and durability.  


Think about the type of work that you’ll do with your chainsaw and how often you would use it. For example, if you need the best small chainsaw only for trimming your ornamental trees or fruit trees in your backyard or orchard, a small chainsaw is just exactly right for the job. No need to go for bulky and heavy chainsaws because these can strain your shoulders and arms after a few hours of use. In this case, we can recommend to you the cordless or the corded chainsaws because these chainsaws are very light, easy to handle and user-friendly. And normally, these two types of chainsaws are the lightest and smallest of all chainsaws. Best Chainsaws For Women

Length of the Bar

The same, if you want to go for the best chainsaws for women and wanted it only for small cutting jobs, a unit with no less than having a 10-inch long bar would be enough. But having a longer bar is better, of course, which enables you to deal with larger logs. 

For this matter, we recommend the ECHO chainsaws we have reviewed above. Why this gasoline type? It’s because we presume that using the corded won’t take you far from your home while the cordless will limit your time with your cutting time unless you need to trim trees only for a little while or cut firewood in your shed. In this case, you should check the EGO rechargeable chainsaw we show you above that is one of the most popular chainsaws for women. This chainsaw has a 14-inch bar and very light.  

Ergonomic Design

Although a compact and lightweight chainsaw would be easy to move around, you must also consider the design of your chainsaw which means the machine should feel easy and comfortable on your hands and it won’t be holding back your movements and strain your posture when working with it. For instance, the padded handlebar must be in the position where you can move the machine freely as well as the shape and grip of it will not cause your arms to ache. The body of the machine should also be of the right size to let you maneuver it easily in any direction and the tensioning and adjusting features must also be easy to reach.


This is one of the most important qualities of the best small chainsaw that women should always check on. The main safety feature among chainsaws is the kickback chain brake. If you can find one that has an auto-chain brake, this is much better. An auto-chain brake is your protection against kickback which is the number one cause of accidents among chainsaw users. Or a lock kickback chain would also be useful. This is a bumper that acts as an anti-kickback  that will activate and lock the chain once the chainsaw accidentally bounces towards the operator.


Chainsaws for women are not much different from what men use because women also want power and the best performance from their machines. But we would like them to see also that the lighter ones can also fit their preference. That’s why we show them our choices for the three best chainsaws for women that they may be interested to check on. These machines have the right size, weight and power which every woman who wants to use chainsaws deserves to have.  And now that we have presented the features that women should look for when choosing their chainsaws, on our next blog we will talk about some of the best 18-inch chainsaw units that homeowners will want to keep in their garage or keep in their cars’ trunks for necessity and emergency use.

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