Firefighter Axe Belt & Axe Holder

Firefighter Axe

Imagine a firefighter rushing inside the burning house following the screams of people but when he arrived outside their room the door was locked and he suddenly realized he forgot his axe on the truck. Such a scenario can happen and that’s because some firemen don’t have axe belts or axe holders that are needed for their jobs. Firefighter Axe

A firefighter axe belt will not only serve as the lifesaver for the firefighter but also for the people he needs to save during fire emergencies. If he needs to cut trees when there is a forest fire and there’s no chainsaw on hand, his axe can only be his saving tool for a lot of trees and even wildlife. 

If you are a logger and don’t want to carry your axe around with your hand, an axe belt or an axe holder would let you free your hands all the way. So our point is fire axe holders are not just for firefighters. These are now common tool accessories among loggers, campers, hunters, foresters and anybody who wants to have a secured axe while outdoors. Actually, even loggers who use log splitter machines and have their axes for support have the axe belts to carry their axes conveniently.  Firefighter Axe

An axe belt enables you to carry your axe on your waist regardless if it is a maul axe or a hatchet. It comes in handy when climbing trees, climbing over rocks or going up hills with your axe. It can also serve not just as your axe holder but you can attach to it tools like hunting knives, hammer or any tools as long as they have belt loops on them. 

What To Consider When Choosing Firefighter’s

There are now  many designs and styles of firefighter axe belts and holders that you can buy online. However, there are some things you’ll need to consider when buying for the right axe belt or holder. For a start, it should be made of high-quality and durable leather material. This is to ensure that no matter how heavy your axe can be, it can be able to carry it. Firefighter Axe

Real leather also doesn’t burn easily even when it gets near the flame, unlike synthetic materials that can combust when it’s exposed to high temperature. 

Your firefighter axe belt should also have a swiveling holster that can rotate up to 360 degrees. A holster will keep your axe head well secured and the blade away from your skin. But a swiveling holster will let you position your axe in the direction where it would not hinder your movements. Firefighter Axe

Again for the holster, it would be great if you could find a belt with an adjustable holster that can hold up a standard size pick-head axe and flat head axe. 

We also suggest that you choose a fire axe holder or firefighter axe belt with a metal buckle and not made of plastic materials that can break if you pull your axe hard. Needless to say, the leather belt should also be thick and wide, probably more than 2 inches wide. 

Lastly, for your axe to be easily accessible, the holster should have an easy flip cover with a Velcro for the lock. Some people who don’t like synthetic materials on their holster lock choose the magnet buttons.   Firefighter Axe

Here are 3 fire axe holders we’ve found found to be very convenient to carry your axe around.

3 Best Firefighter Axe Belts and Fire Axe Holders

This firefighter axe belt is purely made of heavy duty veg-tanned cowhide leather that can withstand heat and won’t warp even you wear it near the flames. It is even hand stitched with heavy duty saddle thread that won’t break up to the point where the leather gets primed up due to years of use. Designed and customized by firefighters for their own use, it specifically fit to any pick head axe and flat head axes. Firefighter Axe

The leather scabbard itself is reinforced with aluminum and can swivel 360 degrees so any direction you want the axe handle to go, you can direct it effortlessly. This feature is much needed when you are handling other things such as fire hoses or fire extinguishers and you don’t want the axe handle to get in the way.   Firefighter Axe

The belt is 2.5-inch wide and length is 58-inches with metal Dee rings for the buckle. This made in USA firefighter axe belt can surely save your day and you will feel confident you carry your axe with a reliable axe holder.

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This item is a quality-made firefighter axe cradle holder that can also swivel 360 degrees due to its ball bearings that makes it easy to direct your axe anywhere you want. And once the axe is locked in place, you can secure it with a leather flap and close it with the VELCRO brand closure.

Made of heavy-duty leather, it is also equipped with two stainless steel belt clips so even you carry a heavy flat head axe with it, the leather won’t sag. For the cradle, this was tested and proved that it can hold up weight up to 6 lbs which is the usual weight of the pick-head and flat-head axes with their handles.    

Basically, this nice fire axe holder is well received by people not only in the firefighting industry but also by loggers who want to carry long-handled pick-head and flat-head axes around. The swiveling cradle, however, does not lock so you can easily swivel your axe back when you need to sit down. That’s why if you are a firefighter or a logger and need to crouch or seat from time to time, better check this out. Just remember that you need to oil the bearings once in a while to maintain their smooth swiveling.

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Black Leather Belt Holder for Axe

This is one new fire axe holder made by Battle Merchant and it is very innovative you don’t need to put your axe into the belt pocket which most axe belts require. All you need to do is insert the handle of the axe all the way through the ring and you’re good to go. But if you want to secure the blade of the axe you can also cover the axe head with a scabbard to protect yourself from getting scraped by the axe blade.

Made of very sturdy leather, the length from the base to the loop is 20 cm. (7.8-inches). The width is approximately (4.7-inches) while the leather has a thickness of 1/3-inches. 

The nice thing about this firefighter axe holder is its simplicity in design and easy to use. As long as you have your axe secured by a scabbard and this axe holder is secured by your leather belt, your axe stays where it should be. Felling Axe

Another thing that you will like with this product is that it does not matter what type of axe you want to bring with you on your waist. Any axe with a handle would be secured from the tomahawks to the double pick-axe heads.

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Either a firefighter axe belt or a fire axe holder, any of these will surely provide you with the convenience in carrying your axe. Generally, firefighters use the flat-heads or the pick-axe heads to break down doors and cut down trees during forest fires so you commonly see them wearing these around their waists.  

But for the professional outdoor men who depend on their axes to survive, their axes and axe holders are always a pair. They also choose belts and holders based on the axe they have. But if they see you carrying your axe around without the holster, then they may see you as a rookie so better be equipped with the right accessory and free your hands for some work.

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