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Things to Remember When Choosing the Best Firewood Cart

A firewood cart can be the best tool to help you carry firewood from the shed and into the house or from the logging site into the pickup if your vehicle cannot be driven to your site. These carts are designed specifically for hauling either firewood pieces or short cut logs and can make things easier for us to carry even a large amount of firewood up to an eighth of a cord. Typically, these transporting tools are made with open sides to allow logs of different sizes to fit and to make access to woods much easier on both sides. Firewood carts can also be used to carry heavy loads of sacks of garden soil, LPG tanks and other weighty things that can be too heavy to carry by a single person. Firewood Cart

Wheelbarrows used to be the usual carriers for firewood.  But today, the firewood carts have made it even easier to carry heavy wood without the need to balance the cart and feel the load on your hands and shoulders like when you are using a wheelbarrow. So incidentally, the biggest advantage of using a firewood hauling cart is it can carry heavier and bigger load thanks to its bottom crate design, wider body and two front wheels that enable the user to push or pull the cart with so much ease.

Firewood carts are also the best transporting tools when it comes to carrying heavy loads of wood downhill or uphill. With a wheelbarrow going these directions, controlling its one-wheeled heavy size can be difficult and risky. Another good thing about firewood carts is they come in different designs so you can choose the style on how you want to load and transport your firewood. Firewood Cart

Here are 3 of the ideal firewood carts we’ve found to be excellent choices and we balanced them from the most affordable but efficient to the costly but can be the best investment for your firewood hauling. 

Which Firewood Holding Cart is Best for You

1900 Earth Worth | Firewood Log Cart | Wood Mover-Hauler-Roller | Black

If you want a cheap but durable and reliable firewood hauling cart, we do recommend this wood mover-hauler from Earth Worth. It doesn’t need a stand to stay balanced but its curved downward carrier design will keep the unit stand straight while keeping the wood off the ground. This can be placed inside your garage or near your fireplace with wood in it and it will still look elegant. Durable, stylish and having a spacious carriage to accommodate lots of woods up to 150 pounds, this best firewood cart is also very easy to roll. best firewood cart

However, we don’t recommend loading it with too heavy load because the weakest part of this cart is not the frame itself but the wheels that some people usually complain about. Like any other firewood cart that if you load it with weights more than it can carry, the first to give up are the wheels. So how much can it carry? Well, some users say it can really carry up to 150 lbs but we don’t advise you reaching its maximum weight capacity because like we say its wheels may suffer. Moreover, when it comes to functionality and reliability, this firewood cart can last for years. You only need to be a little inventive when choosing the right wheels for it in case these break down as its original rubber tires are quite thin.

Overall, we still recommend this wood buddy and it can help you a lot with its dolly-type design. You can use it conveniently for indoor and outdoor wood transport and can be loaded between 20 – 22 inches long firewood or logs. Its actual dimension is 23 inches long from back to front, 19.5 inches wide on the front and 42.5 inches tall from the wheelbase to its handle. This firewood cart does look like other ordinary carts designed for hauling wood but it is very sturdy and most of all it costs under $55 only.  Firewood Cart


 Can carry up to 150 lbs. with ease

Spacious and tall 

Sturdy and affordable

One year warranty for parts

Very easy to assemble

Steel frame constructionFirewood Cart


Wheels may not last long with the frequent heavy load

Having a heavy-duty firewood cart if you are using a stove or a fireplace at home is a must as this can eliminate the back-breaking manual fetching of loads of firewood from the shed into your home. That’s why we are presenting to you this heavy-duty, classic-looking firewood cart from Vogelzang. What makes this different from other wood carts is that its material is made of cast iron which some people call “natural iron” and a combination of solid steel that made its construction more solid. For its size, this cart can carry a wood capacity of up to 50 pounds which can last many hours of heating for a decent size home. firewood cart

With front supports that serve as stands, you don’t need to balance this cart because not only its legs are long enough to level the cart but also its 10-inch wheels are so large that they hold the cart away from the ground up to 12 inches high. These wheels can help you move your wood cargo from one place to another very easily and they also have large tread that will help you control the cart even when going down a steep path. Designed much like a dolly, the dimension of this cart are almost 4 feet from the wheelbase to the handle and its width is about 1.5 feet. firewood cart

Why we also consider this as the best firewood cart choice is because it is constructed heavily that you won’t worry it will break apart even if you load it up with some heavy small logs. Another thing that made us choose this cart is its handle that is also made of real wood and we like the matching creativity in it. This firewood hauling cart has a classical design that if you place it near your stove will blend into your house interior elegantly. How Much Does a Cord of Wood Weigh?


Construction materials made of natural iron and steel 

Ergonomic long handle with a hardwood handle

Heavy-duty made

Front metal support for a balanced stand to prevent spillageFirewood Cart

Open sides cart for easy loading and unloading

Can hold up to a 50-pound weight

Sturdy 10-inch wheels best for indoor and outdoor transportelm as firewood

Can carry small logs with ease

Dolly-type but tall to avoid back bending during loading and unloading


Can be difficult to assemble

The Woodhaven Firewood Cart

We know that some of you will be looking for the best firewood cart that is truly Made in the USA so we scour the web and fortunately we’ve one on Amazon and so here it is. The Woodhaven Firewood Cart  is genuinely and solidly made but it’s not too heavy at 25 pounds. So how is it possible that it’s heavy-duty made but only weighs 25 pounds? That’s because it’s frame is made of alloy much like people used in the manufacturing of wheelchairs and high-end bicycles that are light but very sturdy. For its dimension, this firewood cart measures 14 inches long x 13 inches wide x 44 inches tall so people of any height won’t have problems using it. Firewood Cart

Colored black to make it more elegant looking, its frame that is made of 16 gauge 1-inch square tubing is already all welded up so no need to assemble. Only the wheels that need to be attached are also quality made, wide and large that even if the cart is full of load, you cannot almost feel any bump on the track even if you use this cart outdoors. Yes, this cart is specially designed for outdoor use which explains its solid construction and larger wheels. Painted with UV resistant powder-coated finish, you can leave it anywhere in your yard and there’s no worry it will develop rust.

Some users also attest that they don’t need to pump air into the wheels as long as you don’t load this cart with too much heavy load which by the way, this cart can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. So if you’re into larger pieces of firewood or prefer the small cut logs for burning, don’t bet on the cheaper products that have compromising qualities but take this one instead. The only small issue with this unit is that one user suspects that the wheels are not US-made. But with other reviews, all is well with this unit including the wheels which according to some users means that even if you don’t pump air into them, you can move this cart with a load pretty easily.  Rick of WoodPros:

Made in the USA

Can be loaded up to a 300-pound weight

Frame is made of pure alloy for durability

No need to assemble the frame and handle. Only attach the wheels

Have large, wide wheels to go with the heavy-duty cart

Frame is UV-resistant coated finishbest firewood cart

Easy to use even by older people

Spacious space

Open sides for quick access

Frame is raised about 6 inches from the ground

Lifetime warranty on all partsbest chainsaw for firewood


The wheels may be the first to break based on many reviews but can be replaced easily with tougher wheels

Quite expensive but can serve as a good investment

Qualities of the Best Firewood Cart

Considering that you need to have a firewood cart that can carry loads from 100 to 300-pound weight, then you have to have one that is very durable to ensure that you won’t have any issues and it will be usable for years.  So here are the qualities you should look for in a firewood cart aside from the good qualities of the units we’ve shown above. 

best chainsaw under 300

Best Features of a Firewood Cart:


The assembly features of the firewood cart should be the first thing you have to consider when buying a firewood hauling cart because it may come to you unassembled but hopefully complete with the screws, nuts and other essential parts like the wheels, handle, and down to the smallest washers.  Generally, firewood carts only have basic components but even the wrong placement of a screw could ruin its build.   firewood cart


The quality of the materials of the firewood cart is what can make it last longer, more functional and easier to use without the risk of collapsing or breaking down. That’s why all its materials should be durable and made of hard metals. If you want your firewood hauling cart to last for many years, opt for a heavy-duty unit that is made primarily of metal that doesn’t rust or won’t bend even with prolonged use.  firewood cart

Ease of Use.

Firewood carts are available in many designs. Some have deep crates, some have open sides, others are 4-wheeled like carts and the 2-wheeled are designed much like dollies. So choose a design that can give you the easiest way of loading and unloading firewood without struggling. If you have a bad back, perhaps you better choose one that has open sides to avoid bending too much.

2-wheeled or 4-wheeled options.

  Do you need a firewood cart that you want to push more than pulling it? Or pulling it more than pushing it? Any cart for firewood  can be moved in any direction, of course. But if you need only to push it on a leveled ground, the 4-wheeled carts are what we can suggest because these can be wheeled easily on a flat surface and can carry more loads. But if you have to haul your firewood on uneven terrain or inside your house with lots of raised platforms, a 2-wheeled unit would enable you to pull or push it freely.  The handle should also be ergonomically designed to let you pull and lean the cart easily.


The wheels of the best firewood cart will make it easy for you to move the cart in any terrain. The wheels can provide stability, smoothness in moving, and ease of transport. If the rubber wheels are thick and sturdy, these are good. But if these are soft and thin, better replace them with better ones. The rims of the wheels are also very important. They should also be made of stainless steel so that they won’t crack during load transport. The axle should also be thick and solid to help the wheels do their jobs. 

 Load Capacity.

Your choice for a firewood hauling cart can also be based on how much you can push. If you are an able-bodied individual and you only need to transport firewood from the shed into your fireplace, you can choose a cart that is not only heavy-duty made but also has a larger crate to fit even the cut logs. You can also choose the best firewood cart that you can stand near your stove and serve as a firewood accessory. There are wood carts that are admired not only for their robustness but also for their elegant styles. Nevertheless, you should always consider the load capacity when choosing a firewood cart.   


Firewood carts are available in various sizes and build quality so they come at different price levels. However, being cheap does not always mean low quality. There are several low-priced carts like the two wood cart models we’ve shown above that can match the qualities of the costly branded products. So acquiring the best firewood hauling cart must also need some research and advice considerations from the experts.


A firewood cart can be one of your most important tools to ease  your work when hauling your wood. Firewood is heavy even when seasoned. Even more if its green. The best firewood cart doesn’t need to be expensive. As long as you  use it properly it will not require repair for years, this will be sufficient enough to transport your load to its destination. Rick of Wood

But why we have included one costly firewood hauling cart here is because we know that a lot of people are very particular when choosing their carts. And this is why we have included the Woodhaven Firewood Cart. Made in the USA, top of the line, and yes it’s more expensive but  it can last many years in your possession. The other two cheaper units are also equally durable so if you need a cheaper but reliable firewood cart, check them out as well.

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