How to Get Paint Off of Shoes?

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes?

Paint stains happen, but it’s a pain when it happens to your shoes so now you are challenged,  how to get paint off of shoes? Various types of paints need different removal procedures. You may not be sure what type of paint have ruined your shoes, but here are some basic knowledge about paints and how to remove them off of your shoes. 

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

– Acrylic paint is bright and bold. When wet, it’s thick and nearly paste-like (depending on the company’s color hydration process). Acrylic is a water-based paint that dries to be water-resistant. If this paint stains your shoe, wet it with water until the paint becomes moist, then rinse it away.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

– Oil-based paints are often thicker and runnier than acrylic paints. If they’re not properly combined, they’ll seem chunky and may have flowing oil, similar to how peanut butter has oil separation. To remove oil-based paint stains, put your shoe under running water then apply detergent soap and brush away the paint. Then rinse the shoe again under running water. Repeat the process as much as needed.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

The vast majority of paints will fall into these two groups. If you don’t know the paint you’re using, the best chance is to utilize a combination of the procedures listed below and one way or another you’ll discover how to get paint off of shoes.

How to Get Paint Off Suede Shoes?

Suede is a delicate fabric. It’s a kind of leather, but it’s a lot softer and has a unique brushed or napped texture. Suede is more difficult to clean than other varieties of natural leather for the same reasons. Paint and other abrasive chemicals leave stains on suede that are particularly difficult to remove, but there are some ways can help remove the stain nearly entirely. So, how to get paint off suede shoes?

  • Using a cotton swab, remove any wet paint from your suede shoes. Do not wait for the paint to dry before cleaning it off of your suede shoes. With the cotton swab, wipe or sweep away the wet paint. You may also do this with a clean cloth.


  • With a blunt knife, scrape off any dried-on paint. Work any dried acrylic paint away gently so you do not have as much to wipe off. To avoid damaging the suede, gently guide the knife through it.

  • Soak any remaining paint in soapy water. In a basin of warm water, combine a few drops of dish soap and stir until suds appear. With your hands, collect some of the soap suds and apply them immediately on the stain. Then, using a clean cloth, wipe away any remaining paint.

Clean cloth

  • Using a dry cloth, wipe away the suds and residual water.

  • Over the paint stain, apply suede cleaner. Apply a small quantity of suede cleaner to the remaining paint stain. Last step on how to get paint off of shoes made of suede material is to place your suede shoes in a well-ventilated area to completely dry it.

Here are added tips on how to get paint off suede shoes!

  • You may need to hire a professional cleaner if your shoes are still unclean.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • Suede cleaner may be purchased online or at a shoe cleaning supply stores.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • When your suede shoes are drying, use a shoe tree to keep them from losing their form.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

How to Get Paint Off Rubber Shoes

Let us proceed with the process on how to get paint off rubber shoes. With the correct method, even dried paint may be removed off from the rubber surfaces. The technique of removal is determined by the type of paint used.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • With a scraper, carefully scratch high-gloss paint from the shoe. Start with a small section and work your way outward. Take care not to scrape the rubber beneath.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • To remove matte-emulsion paint, soak a sponge in warm water and dab the paint with it. Let the warm water infiltrate the paint by fully wetting the painted surface. Using the sponge, wipe the painted area. If required, apply more pressure to the sponge as you wipe.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • If warm water and scraping don’t work, dab a little quantity of rubbing alcohol over the painted area. Allow the paint to absorb the alcohol. Warm water and a little detergent should be used to soak a sponge. With the sponge, wipe away the alcohol and the paint should come off easily.

How to Get Paint Off Fabric Shoes

We’ve put up these guidelines to help you on how to get paint off fabric shoes as easily as possible.

  • Scrape and rinse away any remaining wet paint. Before the paint dries, use a butter knife and carefully scrape the paint off your shoe. Next, to get rid of any residual paint that you’re not able to scraped off, wash your shoe with water.

  • Using a toothbrush and a blunt knife, scrape off any dried paint. Scrape as much paint off as you can so you wouldn’t have to clean as much. It’s fine if any paint remains; simply brush it away with a clean toothbrush.

  • Cleanse the shoe once it has been scraped. To remove any dried paint, soak the shoe in lukewarm tap water. Then, with a clean paper towel, soak off any remaining paint. Rinse and wipe your shoe until the paint is completely gone.

  • Soapy water should be used to scrub the bottoms of your shoes. So, the next step on how to get paint off fabric shoes is to fill a small dishwashing bowl half full with warm water and a spray of dish soap. Remove any dried paint with a clean toothbrush dipped in the sudsy water. Don’t be hesitant to use some elbow grease—it may take some scraping to get your shoe paint-free!

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • If you can still see paint, go over the stain with acetone. Don’t be disheartened if you still have acrylic paint on your shoes. Rather, soak a cotton ball in acetone and apply it to the paint spot. Then, to remove any remaining acetone, rinse the fabric with warm water.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • Allow several hours for your shoes to air dry. Your shoes will shrink if you put them in the dryer. Instead, keep them in a well-ventilated area to allow them to dry completely.

How to Get Paint Off Leather Shoes

Earlier, we’ve talked about how to get paint off suede shoes, now we’ll proceed with the process for the leather shoes. The paint cleaning process can be a bit difficult on how to get paint off of shoes if it’s made of leather. Leather being porous, it tends to absorb the paint and can go deeper compared to canvas shoes. Also, working to remove the stain from the leather might damage it since leather is a very delicate textile. So here are the things you should do:

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • Using a cotton swab and a clean cloth, blot any wet paint off the leather. To avoid rubbing the paint more into the leather, softly press a clean towel on top of it. Without scratching your shoes, dab and gather up as much paint as you can. Then, on top of the area, roll a clean swab to take up any remaining paint. 

  • With a scraping knife, remove any dried paint. Scrape the dried paint using the edge of your scraping knife and scrape off as much paint as you can with soft, gentle strokes. To avoid scratching your shoes, keep your blade concentrated on the real paint rather than the leather. Scrape on top of the paint rather than scraping through it and into your shoes.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • Using an oil-soaked cotton swab, dab the affected area. Start applying olive oil around the paint spot with a clean cotton swab dipped in it. Swab the paint in tiny circles with the swab. If the paint is dry, rubbing it with a cotton swab will start to release it. Both jojoba and coconut oil work well on leather shoes.
  • Allow the oil to rest for a few minutes to let the oil sink and loosen up the acrylic paint area. Scrape away any remaining dried paint using a dull knife in smooth, delicate strokes. You can scrape the paint off with your fingernail if the paint is soft enough.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • Using a damp cloth, wipe the leather then soak a cloth in tap water until its damp and  massage the leather to remove any remaining oil that has adhered to the surface.

How to Get Paint Off of Shoes

  • Allow time for your leather shoes to air dry. Locate a place in your home with good air movements then leave your shoes there for a few hours or until they’re completely dry. Avoid putting your leather near a heating vent since this can warp the leather out.

The Vaseline Technique

Another way on how to get paint off of shoes if it’s leather is using Vaseline, which you most likely have it. 

  • Prepare the petroleum jelly and a cloth then smear a thin layer of petroleum jelly onto the paint and let the oil soak the paint. Leave your shoes for few minutes then try slipping your fingernail or a dull knife below the paint’s edge. If the paint moved, continue scraping. But if not, wait a bit longer for the petroleum jelly until it softens the paint. Then scrape off the paint.  
  • Wipe away any extra petroleum jelly with the rag, being careful not to distribute it into the shoe. Repeat the technique as needed to get all of the paint off of your shoe.

  • With warm water and soap, wash the area where the petroleum jelly was applied. Dab the petroleum jelly away with a clean cloth. To prevent the shoe from drying out, apply leather conditioner to it.

How to Remove Dry Paint off Shoes in Different Ways

How to get paint off of shoes when it has dried? Well, dry paint may be cleaned off shoes in a variety of methods, and we’ve compiled a list of them below so you can pick the best one and get started.

Detergent Mixture / Nail Polish Remover

You may scrape off as much paint as you can with a spoon or a knife now that the paint is dry. This will make blotting and sponging the stain much easier.

  • Dampening the area can help flush out the stain while also making the cloth easy to deal with. Ensure to use a large amount of water and keep the fabric wet since this will help it stay flexible.

  • In a basin or bucket of water, mix the detergent and wet a sponge with it and scrub the paint while applying pressure. To remove the detergent, run the shoe under the faucet with cold water. Repeat the procedures above until the stain is gone.


Another way on how to get paint off of shoes is using Turpentine. Remove as much paint as you can with a knife or a spoon. Hold the cloth in one hand and carefully scrape the paint off with the other hand. 

  • Dampen the painted area with water to make the discoloration easier to remove. Keep the area as moist as possible to enhance the flexibility of the fabric and make the stain quicker to remove.
  • Apply turpentine from the inside of the shoe using a sponge and apply pressure. 

  • To remove any residues of the dried paint, apply detergent to a cloth and wipe the residue. Then soak the shoes in warm water for at least six hours and dry them out in an open air. 


One last tip! Soaking your shoes may cause them to come apart. If you have costly shoes, don’t soak them. Unless they are colored, just use bleach. In this situation, create a solution of soapy water and wash the stain with a cloth. 

Doing the process on how to get paint off of shoes is considerably easy. And though dried paint is harder to remove and can also ruin your shoes’ texture, we have lots of methods here that you can follow. We hope you find the information on how to get paint off suede shoes, how to get paint off rubber shoes, and how to get paint off fabric shoes useful. Doing these can save you time and effort while you can also restore the pristine look of your shoes.

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