Kinetic Log Splitters

Kinetic energy can be simply defined as the energy of motion. In log splitters, log splitter kinetic machines are equipped with flywheels and pinions that push the rack which pushes the log into the wedge. In other words, what produces the kinetic energy in these machines is the continuous spinning of the flywheel and the pinion.  

 To have a better understanding of how the wood splitting happens with kinetic log splitters, here is a simple explanation. 

How Kinetic Log Splitters Work

Kinetic Log Splitters

Kinetic log splitters are powered either by electricity or gas. Some of them have two flywheels but the most common type has only one. The engine or battery of the machine makes the flywheel spin rapidly by means of a fan belt.  Kinetic Log Splitters

A flywheel can weigh from 15 up to 75 pounds depending on the power of the engine and bulk of the machine. 

In the middle of a flywheel is a pinion. This is a small gear that rotates along with the flywheel but rotates faster. Above the pinion is a rack which is a metal rod with teeth intended to fit on the pinions’ gears. When you push down the cam lever of the machine, the rack goes down and engages into the pinion. Because the pinion rotates very fast, the rack is launched at high speed pushing the log in a burst all the way into the waiting wedge.  Kinetic Log Splitters

In essence, what gives the kinetic log splitter its power is its engine or motor which turns the flywheel. So the more energy the power source gives out, the faster the flywheel can turn and the faster the log can be split by the wedge.

Kinetic Log Splitter Vs

A log splitter kinetic machine works differently from a hydraulic log splitter. Hydraulic log splitters use their engines to push oil into the hydraulic cylinders which create pressure and in turn pushes the ram out which pushes the log into the wedge.  Kinetic Log Splitters

With kinetic log splitters, there’s no hydraulic oil and cylinder involved but simply the flywheel and the pinion that push the rack and split the log. Hydraulic log splitters are actually more powerful than kinetic log splitters and good examples are the Brave log splitters and the Champion log splitters which we have discussed in some of our blogs. However, no other types of log splitters can surpass the kinetic log splitters when it comes to splitting speed. Kinetic Log Splitters

Kinetic log splitters are 4 to 6 times faster than the hydraulics log splitters. Hydraulics normally have 9 to 18 seconds cycle time depending on the capacity of the engine. With kinetic log splitters, from the time the rack is launched up to the time it returns to its housing, the whole splitting process can happen in about 3 to 4 seconds.    


Most of the flywheels that are installed on kinetic log splitters are made of cast iron including the pinions. This is because the cast iron is heat resistant, very durable but heavier which contributes to the creation for more kinetic energy. Moreover, some particular brands and models of log splitter kinetic machines can have other metals for their flywheels.     Kinetic Log Splitters

Kinetic log splitters are the newest addition to the varieties of log splitters that are now gaining good reputations because of their faster output and low maintenance need. That’s why we would like to present to you three of the most popular kinetic log splitter models that can be found at Amazon for your advantage. 

3 Best Kinetic Log Splitters For Faster Log Splitting

This kinetic log splitter operates on a horizontal position. It is powered by a 27cc Briggs & Stratton engine that has a splitting force of 20 tons. As long as the log is not more than 20 inches long which is less than the length of its log cradle and not exceeding 12-inch in diameter, this machine can be able to split it even the hardwood type without much hassel.  Kinetic Log Splitters

If you have used a hydraulic log splitter before, you may be surprised how fast this machine can split a log. Actually, it’s very fast. You won’t be able to count 3 seconds and you’ll just see the log split very fast. As we have seen, this machine can actually split logs four times faster than any traditional hydraulic log splitter. The wedge is 6.3-inch tall and fabricated from hardened steel.

Special Features

For safety, this unit requires a two-handed operation. So in order to launch the rack you need to press the clutch system first before pushing down the cam lever. With this feature, kickback of the rack can be prevented. 

For transporting the machine, it has the push type and pull-type hitch accessories for easy transport. The wheels are extraordinarily large at 16-inch and are DOT approved. Unfortunately, the maximum towing speed for this unit is only 10 mph so if you’ll be using it far from home and want to arrive at your destination fast, better load it on your truck. 

The good news is because this machine is highly towable you can use your garden tractor or lawn tractor to tow it around your yard, ranch or property. Or you can just push it if you want to split logs in your backyard.  

Fuel tank size is .5 gallons and the machine has a recoil start system. The total weight is 360 pounds and the company offers a 2-year limited warranty. This machine requires assembly but mainly for the wheels and stand only.

For those who have used this fast kinetic log splitter, some of them said that this can produce 4 cords of firewood compared to a hydraulic log splitter for just one cord. So in this case, there’s really a varying degree in splitting speed between the hydraulic and the kinetic log splitter.

If you are in a hurry and want to pile up on wood fuel for the whole season, you can single-handedly produce many cords of firewood with this machine on a single day. 

There’s also the log catching tray which the users generally admire. This will catch the split logs and prevent you to pick them up again. Thus this tray eliminates the potential of giving you a strained back due to constantly lifting and picking up the split wood. 

The work table is also another feature that people like because it has a height of 33-inches or almost 3 feet which is enough for you not to stoop on too far when working.

According to some reviews, this log splitter kinetic machine has saved them more time and money as this unit requires less fuel compared to the hydraulics. Very easy to operate, no hydraulics oil needed and not creating wood-wastes, even women can use this. 

But then, some people find this machine quite expensive. However, there are a lot of users that say its speed and power are still overwhelming thus it can still be your best investment and can get your money’s worth with it in the long run.  

kinetic log splitter

If you are someone who wants to do the log splitting indoor or inside your property with a long heavy-duty electrical cord then you would love to have this Powerhouse Log Splitter XM-880 in your possession. Powered by a 2HP motor with 4900 RPM and has an equivalent rating of the 12-ton splitting capacity of the hydraulic, it can be able to split around a 12-inch diameter log with so much ease. 

Special Features

The most unique feature of this machine is its telescoping wedge (5-inch tall) which lets you adjust the placement of the wedge. The optional distance settings are 19”, 21.6” and 24”. With this feature, you can be able to choose the distance of the wedge from the rack to the average length of the log you want to split. The nearer the wedge to the ram the faster you can split the logs and the more firewood you can produce.

This machine is also on a 2-handed operation so your hands will remain to be safe even though you are a newbie in log splitting. 

Basically, this unit is an upgraded version of the older model and the enhancement includes the upgraded rack and pinion. Now, these parts are made in a combination of metals like titanium, magnesium alloy, and chromium. This is to sustain the strength and durability of these parts while making the machine lighter and with a prolonged lifespan.

According to Powerhouse, the rack and pinion are designed to last for over 3000 hours of use and the company also promises to provide free replacements for these if they don’t last 10 years from the date of their purchase. 

 For the upgraded frame, this is now powder-coated much like what the industrial steel machines are coated with so this unit is now totally rust-free, easy to clean and can retain its handsome appeal even for years.

People like the machine’s compactness other than its special features. Since convenience is one of the factors that people seek in any machine, this unit is so easy to use, store and move from one place to another. Perfect for indoor use, its small size makes it an ideal machine to carry everywhere. It can even fit inside your car’s trunk. 

For some, this could be heavy at 150 pounds so if you want to use it on a raised platform, have someone to help you raise it to avoid straining your back.  

Some people use this machine with a generator as it runs on an electric motor that requires 110V so this product can be perfect for those who want to do small-scale wood splitting jobs inside their property that are planted with trees.  

People like the compactness of this machine and seriously, this is a fast log splitter that would fit any family’s need for a quick production for wood fuel. However, take note that this is not for hardcore, heavy-duty work because like all other electric log splitters, you have to be aware of the capacity of this machine. In short, this should not be used for large logs that are more than 12-inch in diameter. 

In terms of packaging, we have read a number of comments appreciating the packaging of this unit. Accordingly, the new orders are now coming in with lots of Styrofoam around the units and with thicker cardboards for support. Probably this is due to the damaged units that some buyers previously complained about and due to the mishandling of the machines during shipping. 

This unit comes to you fully assembled so you just unbox it and do the work. Warranty is 12 months. 

Best Electric Log Splitters

This gas-powered log splitter kinetic equipment has a splitting power of 34-tons and therefore should be included among the best kinetic log splitters that we’ve found . Boasts of its reliable 7Hp 4-cycle Kohler CH270 Command Pro Engine, it has a log splitting cycle of 3-seconds due to its heavy-duty flywheel that can do 450 RPM. 

Special Features

This machine is significantly built for strength, speed, and precision thanks to its powerful engine that can put up a 34-ton splitting power equivalent to that of a commercial hydraulic log splitter.  Unbelievably, it can split logs up to 27 to 30-inch in diameter and 21-inches long. Also, it has an automatic rack return to enable you to feed the logs continuously which makes your log splitting faster.  

The 8-inch tall wedge is designed to be an expanded version that can split the log without getting it stuck.

Starting the engine is also easy with its one-pull recoil starting system. Even during the very cold winter, there’s no problem starting the engine. On the other hand, this unit is also equipped with a Quad-Clean trademarked four-stage cyclonic air filtration system that will keep the engine clean from debris.

Now, if you’re asking if this has a log cradle, yes it does have a wide log cradle on each side to catch up the split log. There is also the jack stand that enables the unit to stand up at 43-inches high.

This unit is a heavy-duty type and weighs about 485 pounds. With a length of 114-inches and 33-inches wide, you can tow this using your ATV or garden tractor if you want to move it around your property. There’s the 2-inch ball hitch accessory for towing and the pneumatic wheels have chrome reams to make them tough and can be towed on all types of terrains.

This machine is CE certified and offers 3 years warranty on parts and labor.

Log splitters must not fail you, especially during the coldest months when you need firewood the most. However, gasoline-powered units do sometimes have the problem of hard starting on very cold weather.

According to some reviews, this Powerking 34-ton kinetic log splitter even though it’s gasoline-powered can be able to start even when it’s exposed to freezing environmental conditions. So we expect that it won’t fail your expectations with its one-time pull starting system. 

All of the features of this machine are very well regarded because this machine can really get the job done. Some people compare this to a commercial hydraulic log splitter because this machine is built for hard work, can withstand extreme weather conditions and is easily towable.

People are also totally impressed by how fast this machine can work. Yes, this is a single-hand operation machine so we want you to watch out for your other hand as this machine has a very fast rack and should be operated with thick hand gloves. 

If you are looking for a bigger log splitter kinetic machine that is gas-powered, we suggest that you check the specs of this machine first at Amazon. It also comes to you almost pre-assembled and you only need to attach the wheels and the log tray. 

The only downside we see with this machine is its bulky built but that is redeemable because this machine is designed for heavy-duty jobs. It is also gas-powered so this cannot be used near homes especially indoors unlike the electric kinetic log splitters.

Overall, this powerful 34-ton kinetic log splitter deserves your buy. Although we can say that this can be a bit expensive, you won’t feel sorry you purchased such a reliable machine that will make your life easier during the cold season. 



Log splitter kinetic machines are undoubtedly the fastest log splitters we have today. Though they are quite expensive compared to the powerful hydraulic log splitters, you are actually paying for their worth. The best things that you could get from them, however, are so vast. 

First, they are built to be fast. Second, they don’t require hydraulic oil, oil filters or anything which the hydraulics types require. Third, they are lighter, more towable, and have fewer parts so their maintenance requirements and issues are very minimal. And lastly, they last longer than hydraulics log splitters because of their basic parts. 

So if you are keen on finding fast electric or gas-powered kinetic log splitters, check these units first and expect to be impressed. Read reviews about them which can help you decide which among these 3 would suit your needs. 

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