Lapco Welding Shirts

LAPCO which stands for Louisiana Apparel Company began its manufacturing business in 1989 in Morgan City, Louisiana starting with the arm pads. 

Freddie Triche, the founder and now the CEO of LAPCO, was also a welder in the 70s and he noticed that the pipe welders were leaning on hot pipes when welding without any protection for their forearms. Seeing that these welders are risking their bodies especially their arms just to do their work, this gave Triche the idea of creating leather arm pads for them. 

The welders and their families praised Triche for his brilliant idea and his concept was inevitably a success. By word of mouth, the arm pads request began pouring in.

Lapco welding shirts

People Trusting

From mail to order arm pads and doing business in his  backyard, Lapco is now one of the most established family business known in the United States for manufacturing Flame resistant (FR) workwear as well as full line of welding apparel and non-FR safety products that are distributed not only in the US but all over the world. 

All of Lapco’s protective welding products are all necessities that essentially belong to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as FR rated welding pants, FR rated coveralls, welding caps, welding hats and Lapco doo rags for men and women.

Some of Lapco’s most popular products are their Lapco welding caps and Lapco welding shirts and these were proven to be very necessary wearing apparels regardless if you do MIG welding, TIG welding or plasma cutting. As Lapco continue to reap high success in manufacturing and selling welding apparels, it is also venturing on creating Non-FR welding shirts that are heavy-duty made.

Lapco remained to be a formidable brand in terms of welding apparels from the day it has created its first leather welding jackets. As an American brand, this company assures us that all the FR products that are made by Lapco can truly protect us from the welding risks such as spatters, smoldering slag, hot sparks and also from electric shock.

To show you how resilient Lapco welding shirts are, we have selected three of the most popular styles that will not only worth your money but will also provide you the safety coverage you need for your welding job. 

Popular Lapco Welding Shirts with Original Flame Resistant Features  

Lapco welding shirts

This Lapco Heavy-Duty Welder’s shirt is 100% made of cotton and made into denim so that it can be thick and breathe and can still protect you from burns even if it’s not FR rated. Its fabric is thicker than ordinary denim shirts while it has four rows of lock stitches on the front placket to avoid any slag from going in. 

It also has two front pockets with flaps to keep your small MIG consumables or TIG consumables right with you while these pockets are also double stitched to make them fully intact with whatever you want to keep inside them. 

Even the shoulder seams are double stitched so even if you bend, stretch out or do overhead welding there’s no risk of ripping its shoulder seams up. Well, some people worry that most FR rated welding shirts have plastic buttons on them but these array of Lapco shirts have stainless steel snaps that don’t get affected by heat, surely won’t melt and can provide the strongest attachment to the shirt. 

Lapco Welding Shirts


These kinds of Lapco welding shirts are built to survive any type of welding jobs while it offers you comfort and convenience in your movements. For this specific item, this is some kind of a heavy shirt because it is built for hard work and will stay firm for long because of its heavy-duty features. 

Most welding shirts don’t last a year with heavy use. But this one can and that was proven by people who have trusted Lapco welding shirts like this one. If you need to replace your medium-sized welding shirt, why not try having this Lapco shirt and be confident. Although it is a non-FR shirt, you can wash it with hot water and it won’t shrink much unlike with FR-rated workwear.   

Don’t get confused. When you see a tag of Lapco anywhere on a welding shirt but no FR print along, this is a non-FR welding shirt but a heavy-duty welding shirt that can also provide you the protection you need against welding hazards. So for this, if you are a welder, you can still feel positive wearing this on your job especially if you are wearing a welding apron over it.

Lapco welding shirts

Heavy-Duty Shirt

  • Made of 100% denim cotton
  • Heavy-duty made to withstand welding hazards like sparks and spatters
  • Double stitched on all seams to keep the fabric together even with heavy work
  • Two front pockets with flaps for welding consumables
  • Stainless steel snaps to eliminate the risk of melting when getting near the arc welding
  • Medium size to fit most body types
  • Trendy style you can wear it outside work
  • Comes in navy blue color to match any welding attire
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Made in the USA

Heavy-Duty Shirt

  • Can be stiff on first-time use
  • Not available in sizes

This is a Regular Large size for those who are a bit on the bulky body types and are looking for real FR rated Western welding shirts. Just like the first one on our list, this also has four rows of locked stitches all over its edges and there’s a Lapco FR tag on the front pocket to assure you that you’ll be wearing a flame-resistant workwear on your job that will be comfortable to wear with this one. 

Made of 100% cotton, all its seams are double stitched which include the pockets for welding consumables, shoulder seams, and sides. Even the flaps of its pockets are double-stitched to make this shirt durable in every aspect. To make this shirt fully resilient it was sewn together by a flame-resistant Nomex thread which is tougher than Kevlar in terms of resisting heat. 

For its buttons, you can see those white pearl snap buttons on its front that are made of stainless steel so even if you stoop while welding and get close to the welding arc, these buttons will not melt.

Lapco welding shirts

Almost all FR rated Lapco welding shirts are lightweight and yet very cool on the body. This item is a Western-style, color navy blue and very fashionable in style like you just want to wear it under your suite. 

People who wear this shirt say this is a loose but very comfortable shirt with longer tail and sleeves so this could be the perfect size for tall people. However, if this size doesn’t suit you, you can just click the link and will lead you to the product and you can choose your size from there. 

Some people find this shirt thicker than normal shirts which is expected because FR Lapco welding shirts are treated with flame resistant-materials to make them truly flame and heat resistant.


Western Shirts

  • FR rated

  • Made of 100% breathable cotton

  • Right size for taller and larger people

  • Heavily built but cool to wear

  • Double-stitched all over its seams

  • With two front pockets with flaps for consumables

  • Perfect to wear for MIG, TIG, Stick and plasma cutting

  • Stylish with classic design

  • Navy blue color to match the color of any workwear

Western Shirts

Some individuals find this large for their size but this comes with a variety of sizes


We always present to you welding workwear for men so we thought of including in our list this Lapco welding shirt that is 88% cotton and combined with 12% nylon twill for women. The twill can make the fabric stretchable, durable but can hang loose so that this FR rated welding shirt won’t hug a lady welder’s body but make her feel comfortable. 

Its size is regular medium but since women also have different body types, there are available sizes for this shirt once you check this at Amazon. Lapco has made sure that they will manufacture Lapco shirts for misses and for women that’s why this shirt comes in an array of sizes. 

We like this uniform style welding shirt because it has a more decent and classy feature and would look very attractive to women. It can follow the contour of their bodies but will not hug it tight. With a nice cut that will hang loose when untucked, this will give the convenience of comfort to women and won’t need to wear men’s welding shirts anymore. Women also like the uniform style of this shirt that fits the modern working woman and this Lapco welding shirt has just the right features.  

And because it is an FR rated welding shirt and made of combined cotton and nylon, it will stretch along with the movements of the welder. Also, it won’t tear up easily especially this is sewn with a Nomex thread that’s why it can protect ladies against any risks from their welding job much like what men’s welding shirts can offer. 

Lapco welding shirts

Advanced Comfort

  • FR rated

  • Made of 88% cotton and 12% nylon twill for comfort and flexibility

  • Follows the body contour but not hugging the body tight

  • Sewn with flame-resistant Nomex thread

  • Uniform style for classic working modern woman look

  • Color-matched FR buttons

  • Color won’t easily fade

  • Available in sizes

Advanced Comfort

Buttons are FR rated but not of stainless material


If you are to buy a welding shirt even if its FR rated or not, make sure it is made to protect you from the many hazards that welding could bring. However, there are not many brands that can assure you you’ll get the right shirt for full protection. Sometimes the FR tag is there but the shirt is just made heavy to make it appear FR treated. That’s why we have introduced you the Lapco welding shirts which are authentically FR rated.  

Lapco is an American company that got the experience, the right manpower and has the right materials to produce world-class quality FR and non-FR welding workwear. From the day it has ventured in manufacturing only quality goods for welders and all workers alike, it never fails to satisfy people. And it is not only creating workwear for men but also for women and smaller sizes for students who are learning the skills in welding. 

If you are a welder and used to buy welding accessories including welding workwear, you probably know welding shirts more than us and if that’s true, then we know you know Lapco’s reputation when it comes to manufacturing excellent protective workwear for welders.



Lapco is best in manufacturing quality workwear for all kinds of workers especially the welding apparels for welders. But if you need welding equipment, accessories, welding consumables, and other welding workwear, we also have them for you right on our site. We also do reviews for them so that you’ll know what you have to buy and what you are buying and we only do honest reviews. 

So try to visit our site and browse around from time to time and you’ll find out that we have all the things you require for your welding needs. We even have reviews for the best welding machines while we also provide tips on how to enhance your welding skills and introduce to you new items that can improve and quicken your welding tasks. 

We have  many Youtube videos for you to watch on how things in welding are done.

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